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To have your work seen by industry executives, agents, distributors, and producers around the world
Submissions are open to short form from every genre - including advertising, short film, documentary, experimental work, music & fashion video etc

How to submit
1: Submit video's information
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2: Email your video file to "bestpicture(at)artjobs.com" through wetransfer 
( Put video title into the "Message" field )


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Submission : $29.99 USD
Length : Videos need to be 5 minutes or less. the average video we feature is 1-3 minutes.
Premiere Status : No premiere status is required, however, we give preference to videos that haven’t yet premiered online. 
Rights : We require videos to have all necessary rights and releases secured for us to feature them including music.
Free to View—We only select videos that are free for audiences.

Selected Videos

  • Video will be promoted extensively through our networks and our wide-spread social media
  • Artist's links and video works will be listed in the directory of BestPicture & ArtJobs permanently for future reference
    Videos will be listed on BestPicture's youtube channel and website for international audiences 
  • The winning video will be seen by industry executives, agents, distributors, and producerss etc...
  • Artist will be promoted to major news outlets through our PR agent
  • Artist will automatically be considered for any future video projects from BestPicture & ArtJobs


  • Submitted vidoes can be available for public viewing on the BestPicture & ArtJobs's website and social media
    including in relation to promotional activities for the business. 
  • All display videos will be credited with their artist name

Have a question? 
send us an e-mail to support(at)artjobs.com


  • All fees must be paid by credit card or paypal
  • Submission fees support the administrative costs and and helping provide opportunities for artists
  • Submission fees are non-refundable
  • All jobs inquiries will be referred directly back to the artist