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Top 3 Tips for Selling Art in a New Art World - Free Online Event





Do you want to achieve consistent art sales? Move from part-time to full-time?


Join our free taster online session on Friday the 7th of October at 11:00, to learn the top 3 tips for selling in a new art world. We will go through mistakes artists make when trying to sell their art and what you should do instead.


Our session will teach you why visibility is important for: 

· Building a loyal customer base 

· Building your brand 

· Working with Curators and being selected for Exhibitions 


The VAA offers an exclusive Mentorship Programme that’s carefully curated to provide you with the tools to sell more art.


We offer professional expertise on all aspects of your Art Career, including: Career Coaching, Critical Feedback, Marketing Insights, Pricing, Selling, and exhibiting, as well as much more.


To see if mentorship is right for you, book a space on our FREE Meet your Mentor taster session. Here you can meet our Artist Mentor and learn how you could level up your business. Micro-session lasts for 40 minutes.


To learn more about Visibility for Art Sales, book a space on our online FREE taster session. 


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Fri, 7th October 2022, 11:00 – 12:00 BST
Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tougei (Pottery) with Emi Fujisawa





Join ceramist Emi Fujisawa for an introduction to the many and varied methods of using clay to produce functional and artistic works based on your very own projects. This will include pinch pots, coiled pots and slabbed pieces. Decoration of work will be explored through the use of slips (coloured liquid clay), glazes and experimentation with surface texture.

Students with some previous experience in ceramics making will have an opportunity to build upon their skills already developed. The emphasis of these workshops is learning in a fun and sociable environment, with each individual working at their own pace doing what they enjoy most. Students are encouraged to investigate new ideas, techniques and the work of contemporary and historical makers if they are so inclined.

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Wednesdays 6.30–9.30pm (Five Week Course)
Wednesday, June 1, 2022 to Friday, July 1, 2022

Host & Provider:


Milton Keynes Arts Centre
Milton Keynes
MK14 5DZ


Laboratorio de Experimentación Solar




El Laboratorio surge a partir de la exhaustiva reflexión sobre la creación de obras artísticas basadas en la luz como materia primigenia.
A lo largo de cinco encuentros, exploraremos el vinculo con la luz solar y sus ilimitadas posibilidades a la hora de crear nuestra propia pieza de light art, contemplando el espacio que nos rodea. Utilizando diferentes artistas como fuente de inspiración, debatiremos sobre los procesos creativos propios y la simbiosis entre artista y tecnólogo presente en las obras de Light Art.

Más info
Los encuentros iniciarán el 06/03.
Las reuniones serán semanales los sábados 11 hs ARG GMT -3 (chequea tu horario aquí). Cada encuentro tendrá una duración de 2 hs.

El Laboratorio está dirigido a lighting designers, artistas plásticos, artistas lumínicos, arquitectos, interioristas, diseñadores industriales, educadores y todos los entusiastas de crear con luz.
No es necesario tener conocimientos previos de electricidad para participar del curso.

Ofrecemos un descuento del 20% de la matrícula para trabajadores de la Cultura y la Educación.

Quiénes somos
Sophya Acosta Lighting Design Studio somos Sophya Acosta, Lía Bianchi, Luciana Suppicich y Fran Varela, un equipo de cuatro
iluminadores con base en Bs As. Diseñamos iluminación para obras de teatro, ópera, musicales y performances. Paralelamente a nuestra búsqueda dentro del campo de la iluminación teatral, nuestras investigaciones incluyen el campo del Light Art, realizando obras donde la luz es el eje central y fundante de la construcción.
¡Somos unos apasionados de la luz en todas sus formas y colores! Creemos firmemente que la luz puede transmitir emociones y transportarnos a mundos diferentes, queremos ser embajadores de luz y compartir con el público general la belleza de nuestra profesión.


5 encuentros
Saturday, March 6, 2021 to Saturday, April 3, 2021
Upon Request

Para más información e inscripciones escribenos a

Pop Philosophy presents - The Inner Theater: Poetics of Self & Other


In a time when we are quarantined from others, separated from the world yet utterly unable to be separate from what’s happening in it, how can our imagination provide relief, pleasure, play, companionship and presence?

In this workshop hosted by collective.aporia, let’s have affairs with alter egos, witness the strangeness of the self, listen well, and process the present melodrama with our bodies and minds. This workshop will involve interactive readings.

[Please note that this is a two month workshop. Participants can sign up for December, January, or both.]

The goals of this workshop:

  • collaborate with the absurdity of this moment 
  • create an alter ego to play with
  • write, create, imagine, express, perform  
  • get out of our comfort zones, ask tough questions
  • connect to self and other
  • engage with our bodies to process


  • paper & pencil or pen (we encourage writing by hand)
  • hashtags: #letsgetfamous #yourefamous #werefamous #risingstar #beastar


Gabrielle Lessans and Danielle Ferrara are friends, poets and escapologists. Their collaborative contributions to the community include co-teaching college seminars, running memory care workshops and organizing underground poetry parties. Along with poet Marie Conlan, they founded Nocturne School of Lucid Writing.

Dani (MFA, Creative Writing & Poetics) is an experimental writer who wishes to obey nothing but the wild, all-consuming power of imagination. She feels called to seek joyful fascination in the face of finitude. From pseudoscientific philosophy to trance and shadow writing, her poetics engages with a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Gabrielle (MFA & RYT) is an experimental poet who fixates on dream, space, desire & birdsong. Certified in over 600 hours of mindful, somatic, & intuitive training, she orients toward the hearth where deep play & healing most intersect. Her pedagogy mirrors her poetic process; in that both tend to hinge on a contemplative, gentle humor toward the bodymind & other. 

Gabrielle and Danielle have remained in a state of perpetual shmooz since meeting at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Often, they masquerade as fictional former child stars Pam Swart and Perpetua Shnee, AKA Pop Philosophy. They have yet to receive free coffee on their shared birthday.


  • This workshop runs from December 1, 2020-January 31, 2021. 
  • All workshops are online, donation-based, and open to all mediums, languages, and skill levels. 
  • Workshops consist of one video per week for each week in the month. Videos are 45-60 minutes long, and are shared on a private YouTube account.
  • Class discussions are held via Slack.
  • All readings, creative prompts, and shared artwork will be exchanged via a private Google Drive folder.
  • All workshops are designed for you. Dedicate as much or as little time to the workshop per week as you'd like.
  • This workshop is taught in English, but collective.aporia offers subtitles for the workshop videos in over 60 languages. If you have questions about language accommodations, please feel free to email us at 

Hope to see you there!

[Image credit: Gabrielle Lessans & Dani Ferrara]


December 1- January 31 (Rolling registration)
Donation based

Host & Provider:


Open Call- Paid Workshop Facilitator



We hope you have been well and are finding moments of joy in the craziness of these times <3

Collective.aporia is currently seeking facilitatators for our 2021 online workshops: 

What is collective.aporia?

Collective.aporia is an international, online arts collective focused on fostering radical peace and creativity through accessible arts workshops, *apo-press, and professional development support. We began our journey in August 2019, and have already seen substantial growth, including fully-booked workshops, an increase in global followers, and the ability to expand our reach in the community, such as with our Innisfree Workshop Series. You can read more about our mission in our manifesto.  


What would facilitating a workshop entail?

Our workshops are a month long and require the facilitator to record four 45-60 minute videos (one video per week). We also ask that you be available for at least one round of feedback for the participants, as well as help facilitate discussion on the designated Slack channel at least once a week. The topic of the workshop can be about anything you are interested in, as long as it aligns with collective.aporia’s overall mission for inclusivity, creativity, and accessibility. 

In addition to the four videos, you will be asked for the following: 

  • A promotional video (less than 2 minutes) introducing yourself and the workshop
  • A workshop description, including goals, materials needed, the amount of participants you would like, etc. 
  • Your photo and bio
  • A marketing image with a CC license. If you cannot find one you like, we are happy to provide you with options. 
  • A required debrief/feedback meeting at the end of the workshop

Collective.aporia will take care of all the marketing and promotion for the workshop, but we do encourage you to share the posts on your own social media platforms. 


Will I be paid?

YES! One of the main goals of collective.aporia is to actually pay artists for their work. That being said, we operate as a small nonprofit, meaning we survive on donations. All donations given by your workshop participants will be split with you 50/50 in a co-op model. Our 50% goes back into the collective to pay for marketing and operation expenses, as all of the collective.aporia team works on a volunteer basis. You will receive your stipend after the debrief/feedback meeting at the end of the workshop. 


Where do I sign up?

If you would like to facilitate a workshop, please send the following details to with the subject "Workshop Proposal":

  • A short (2-4 paragraphs) proposal explaining the idea for your workshop, how you will engage participants working with different art mediums, and at least 2 overall goals. Please also inlclude how your workshop relates to collective.aporia's overall mission. 
  • A short explanation of your prior teaching experience and pedagogical values. It is okay if you have never formally taught before. Explain the experiences that you believe have prepared you for leading a workshop. 
  • A short bio.

Thank you again for your interest. We are sending lots of love and magic your way. 






One Month

Host & Provider:


Building Your Own 4x5 View Camera with Drew Nikonowicz




Join photographer Drew Nikonowicz for a two-day workshop intended for photographers interested in learning about large format photography, while building their own 4×5 View Camera – courtesy of Standard Cameras. This DIY approach will lead to a deeper understanding of image-making both inside and outside the camera. Regardless of your background, this workshop will leave you with all the knowledge and tools you need to successfully shoot with a large format camera. Drew founded Standard Cameras in 2018 as a platform to empower photographers everywhere to improve their skills through affordable equipment and valuable educational content.

Participants will begin by assembling their own Standard 4×5 as a group, while familiarizing themselves with their new 4×5. After assembly is complete, they will have an opportunity to practice making photographs with both a standard film back and Polaroid film back. Large format is a slow process, which forces the user to focus on each image in a radically different way. With Drew’s guidance, participants will receive advice on how to approach image-making with large format through hands-on practice, and later discussions on compositional and conceptual considerations while shooting. Participants will take home a hand-made Standard 4×5, several Polaroid photographs, and information on large format equipment.

Film, lenses, and additional equipment will be provided.

Drew Nikonowicz (born in St. Louis, Missouri, 1993) earned a BFA degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2016. His work employs analog photographic processes as well as computer simulations to deal with exploration and experience in contemporary culture. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally. In 2015 he received the Aperture Portfolio Prize and the Lenscratch Student Prize. In 2017 Nikonowicz completed a one-year residency at Fabrica Research Centre. He now lives and works in the United States in Saint Louis, Missouri as an artist and owner of the company Standard Cameras. His first photobook, This World and Others Like It, was co-published by Yoffy Press and Fw:Books in 2019.

Film for this workshop has been generously provided by Kodak Professional.

Tuition for this two-day workshop is $700 and includes one Standard 4×5 Camera. Tuition also includes 4×5 sheet film and Polaroid film, and lunch and light refreshments for both days.

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2 days
Saturday, October 19, 2019 to Sunday, October 20, 2019

Host & Provider:


Aperture Gallery

547 W 27th Street, Floor 4

New York, NY 10001




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