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Write Around Town: An Online Writing Course (14 Sept - 26 Oct)


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Urban Writing Explorations: 14 September - 26 October, 2018, £160

This 6-week course will prompt you to venture out and create stories in your regular haunts as well as in unexpected places. Reinvigorate your creative practice through close observation and, through insightful feedback, gain a clearer sense of what makes your writing voice unique.

Write Around Town is a practical and thought-provoking online writing course to deepen your understanding of place in both fiction and creative non-fiction. The course will introduce you to new ways of turning the urban landscape into stories, and look at how to use what's around you to enrich what you're working on already. Devised to stimulate your creativity and keep you writing, the course will include practical exercises, critique, craft tips, and a close look at relevant literary texts.

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6 weeks

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Shaun Levin

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