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The Craft of Directing 2 - Creating the Space for Acting


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Course for emerging and experienced directors - Part 2

Creating the Space for Acting

Young Directors are full of ideas, concepts, imagination, energy … but there is one problem: how to transform it into a stage language, how to communicate with actors, how to organise one’s own artistic energy?

Jurij Alschitz, who has staged a multitude of performances all over the world, will reveal the secrets of his experience as well as the innovative tools for the new dramaturgical formats of 21st century theatre. He has choses three most important subjects for directors:

The performance as a space of events

We may have to repeat what we mean by a classical event, but we all know that the understanding of “event” has changed. Above all, the way we deal with it has changed.
Today we speak of the sphere of events, or of pixels of a performance … or of the non-event as the principle of artistic narrative … or of a performance as an explosion of images …
We are thus approaching so-called quantum cognition, which leads us to non-linear thinking. This cultural phenomenon is already anchored in young art production. How does one deal with it professionally? What does this mean for the art of directing?

Seven secrets of unfolding text and action

Text analysis is a cold word and yet it is the source of energy par excellence. What keys do we have at our disposal? Concepts have conquered the stage. Exciting as they may be, from the point of view of acting energy, they have quite a short life span. So how can we generate the vitality of the ideas that exist behind them so that they become the driving force of the play?

The mastery of conducting rehearsals

Are there rules for the relationship between actors and directors? Which ones lead to trustful creative work? How can the process be organised? What rehearsal methods do I have at my disposal? It is precisely because rehearsals in theatre and especially in independent companies are conducted in a non-hierarchical way that the question of the artistic sovereignty of the director arises in a very special way. It is the art of setting tasks, of mobilising the actor’s imagination, of forming an ensemble for a common artistic vision. 

3 sessions of 3 hours, Friday 3-6 pm UTC+1
If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you can watch it online until the next one.
The whole course is divided in three parts, each topic can be attended separately.

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3 + 10 + 17 December 2021
120 €
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World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute

World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT
research centre of the International Theatre Institute

Get YOUR Play Produced--Long Island’s Studio Theatre Announces Playwriting Class


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Author, journalist, and multi-published fiction writer Meagan J. Meehan has just announced the debut of her first hybrid offline/online playwriting class which was created in collaboration with Long Island’s Studio Theatre and Artistic Director David Dubin. The twelve-week long class will begin on Wednesday, September 4, and run until Sunday, November 24.

The class runs for 12 weeks, primarily online as it is specifically designed to accommodate people with busy schedules. The class begins on Wednesday, September 4. For the initial class, participants will meet at Studio Theatre in Lindenhurst at 7pm and have a chance to see the stage where their work will ultimately be presented. Although this initial in-person meeting is not required, it is very strongly recommended. 

Aside from the optional initial meeting, the first eight weeks of the class will be conducted online and will be dedicated entirely to the playwriting process. At the end of the class everyone will have completed a short play or a stand-alone scene from an original full-length production. No set times to attend are required during the online weeks, meaning that each student can make their own hours to fit their schedule. 

The final four weeks will be held at theater and are dedicated to casting and rehearsing the plays. By the conclusion of the class, every play will then be presented on Studio Theatre’s famous stage via a one-act play festival that will run on the third weekend in November to celebrate the conclusion of the class. Although the plays will be performed by professional actors, if a playwright chooses to star in their own piece that is also permissible. 

Meagan J. Meehan is a published author, poet, cartoonist and produced playwright who presently works as a journalist and an art and writing teacher. She holds a Bachelors in English Literature from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), a Masters in Communication from Marist College, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning (a form of Educational Psychology) from University at Buffalo (SUNY). 

Meehan has designed and taught several creative writing classes that end with every participant’s story being published in either a printed anthology or in eBook form. To date, she has hosted fully online Horror writing classes, a children’s book writing course, and will be launching online classes for the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller/Crime, and Romance in the near future. This is her premiere playwriting class. 

For the full twelve weeks, which includes the writing, casting, rehearsing, and production, the price is $485. Payment plans for as little as $40 a week (less than $6 a day) are available. There is space for 12 students in the class. Participants are accepted on a first come, first served, basis. If more than 12 students wish to sign up, we can put them on a waiting list. If this initial class is successful, we will launch it again in the Spring.

Meagan J. Meehan launches her “Worthwhile Writing” classes under the umbrella of her fledgling non-profit organization Artsy Cr8tive Initiatives. Anyone who is interested in signing up for the class should email Meagan at 

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12 Weeks (September 4, 2019 to November 24, 2019)
$485 for 12 weeks (payment plans available for $40 a week or under $6 a day)
Anyone who wants to learn how to write a play--and then see it produced on stage--is welcome!

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Anyone who is interested in signing up for the class should email Meagan at  

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