Hindsight: Untold Stories from 2020




Hindsight is a book about 2020, written by people like you.

It’s rare to look around and say, “This is going to be written about in history books.” But in 2020, that was about the only thing we could count on. It was year unlike any other, for which there was an endless stream of descriptors: “unprecedented,” “the new normal,” “dumpster fire.”

But history books don’t capture the details of what it was like to live in a year when the earth stood still. They can’t describe the way hospital units came to resemble war zones or the way a cough turned heads on the subway.

So we put out a call for stories from 2020. We received hundreds of submissions from people in more than 28 countries about their lives during that trying time. Teachers and students, fathers and mothers, nurses and lovers — everyone had a story to share.

We have done our best to compile an anthology of stories that is equal parts fascinating, diverse, and authentic to the experience of living through 2020. The end result is Hindsight, a book of true stories about 2020 written by everyday people.

We are temporarily reopening our submission window in order to fill some gaps in our editorial lineup. These gaps concern two major events in 2020 for which we have not received narratives that meet our editorial goals: the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Please see the descriptions below for more information on the stories we are seeking about these events.

Black Lives Matter — In the wake of George Floyd’s death in May 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement swelled to never-before-seen levels of support. Over the course of the summer, protests cropped up in virtually every major U.S. city as well as many suburban neighborhoods and small towns. We are looking for people whose stories capture this perspective in time. You needn’t be a leader of your local chapter to contribute (although that we would certainly like to read that story), only someone who participated in the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and can speak to the motivation, emotion, and experience of that period.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election — The months leading up to the 2020 presidential election were some of the most dramatic, unsettling, and unprecedented in history of U.S. politics. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, President Trump and future-President Biden traded barbs in an altogether demoralizing debate, and the country held its breath for days after President Trump contracted the coronavirus. We’re looking for voices that can capture the tumultuous period in time. Whether you cast a ballot, worked the polls, or campaigned for a candidate, we want to hear your perspective on this period of political history.

Submissions close again on August 12th, so don’t delay in sending your story! 

To submit your story or learn more about our requirements, visit our website at https://www.hindsightbook2020.com

We look forward to hearing your stories on these subjects!


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Hindsight: The Untold Stories of 2020




Hindsight is a collection of stories about 2020, written by people just like you. We’re seeking stories from around the world that capture what it was like to wake up every day to a new normal — whether that means navigating emergencies as a first responder or tying the knot over Zoom. We're particularly interested in material that gets up close and personal with the struggles of 2020, rather than headlines or commentary on current events.

Hindsight is an independent, one-time publication. Content will be made available in two forms: Some stories will be shared on our website; the very best submissions will be compiled into a print anthology, which will be published in 2021.

Submission fee: None

Length: Up to 2,000 words

Deadline: Rolling

Compensation: Writers whose work is selected for the print anthology will receive a complimentary hard copy of the book, as well as a digital file.

To learn more, please visit our website: www.hindsightbook2020.com.

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Writers whose work is selected for the print anthology will receive a complimentary hard copy of the book, as well as a digital file.

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Zeitgeist 2020





Zeit·geist/'tsit?gist,'zit?gist/ Noun: The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. "The story captured the zeitgeist of the year 2020." 2020 has been a year of great change and upheaval. We are looking for works that give us a glimpse into the events of 2020, whether they are reactions to events from a global, national, regional, or even individual scale. Please share with us your artistic reflections on this significant year thus far as this show will visually capture the defining spirit and mood of 2020. This will be a juried show that will run from 2 Oct - Dec 18 and will have a best in show prize of $500!

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists from any country are welcome to apply with works in any medium: painting, sculpture, video, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, mixed media, installation and more. A university degree is not required to participate in our open call. 

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 1-5 images of individual artworks, a short bio, CV, and artist statement, website or social media link, and your contact information. Please see our application form for further details. 

SUBMISSION FEE: $25 for 1-5 images of individual artworks (non-refundable*) 

Awards- $500 cash prize and an award certificate will be given for Best in Show.

All accepted works will be displayed with the artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, and a link back to their website, or email address if they do not have a website.

Judging Criteria- Originality, interpretation of theme, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium

Jurors- Matthew Pring, https://matthewpring.com/

  Emily Strong, https://emilystrongfineart.com/

Important Dates:

Deadline to submit work- 11:59pm ET September 27th, 2020 

Accepted artists will be notified- October 1st, 2020

Show opens - October 2nd, 2020

Show closes and is archived - December 18th, 2020


Please read the format requirements carefully to avoid errors with the form.

Send any questions or concerns you may have via email to emilystrong@manifoldglobal.com


Artwork images, bio, CV, and statement must be uploaded directly to the form 

Artwork does not have to be available for purchase. 

Image Requirements- 

Artists must ensure high quality of images, we recommend 300 dpi jpeg or png

Image should not exceed 5MB.

Image should not contain any frame, mat, or watermark.

Image should be clear and in focus, this represents your work and it will be displayed and judged the same way it is received. 

After completing the entry form, you will be directed to the payment page. The entry fee must be paid in full for your works to be entered.

Sales- All sales are conducted solely between the artist and the buyer. Manifold Global does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission.

Usage Rights

By submitting your work, you, the artist, agree to allow Manifold Global to use your image for the following purposes. Manifold Global may use your image for the art exhibition it is submitted to as well as any future show for marketing, promotional, and display purposes. You, the artist, also agree to allow Manifold Global to archive your image as part of a show. This will be available for public viewing on our website. (www.manifoldglobal.com) Your image will include your name, title of your work, and your website, if applicable.

The artist shall maintain all copyrights of any image that they submit to Manifold Global. Images will not be resold, exchanged, copied, or downloaded from this website.

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$500 cash Best in Show prize
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$500 and a certificate will be awarded for Best in Show


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