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Sarah Muirhead | 'SCOPOPHILIA' | Art Exhibition 4 Oct – 4 November 2017




Following her previous sell out 2015 show 'Bonded' at Leyden Gallery, these new paintings are exhibited for the first time in Muirhead’s eagerly anticipated second solo exhibition. 

For over a year, Muirhead has been working on a collection of images that explore the fetishisation of people we adore or lust after. In her current series of work titled ‘Scopophilia’, Muirhead explores both the beholder’s gaze and the corporeal process of painting.

Through a psychoanalytic lens, Muirhead’s paintings focus on depictions of professional extroverts (often performers) who offer an expanded creative field by which to illustrate the feelings and desires of an introvert – namely the artist.

“Each subject appears realistic, touchable and tangible but their incarnation is unreal, unreachable”, says Muirhead. 

This idealised subject at once appears frozen — as if a beautiful mirage — yet is also physical and bodily. Her subjects become objectified, dehumanised icons, and as such revisit and reconfigure an ancient visual path littered with tormented and beatified religious icons, and the love they engendered.  

The new series of paintings in ‘Scopophilia’ represent the artist’s attempt to paint and draw her own voyeuristic tendencies, recording and celebrating her beautiful friends who represent different sub-cultures, creative movements and alternative expressions of self. This latest work is part of a long-standing practice and a wider meditation on the representation of gender and sexuality. It examines the concept of ‘a perfect glass wall’ between us and the people we observe. 

As Muirhead says: “I want there to be a glimmer of the real person being objectified, idealised or fetishised. The representational side of the work should still be a kind of documentation of people under my spotlight.”

Open Arts & Music Festival: Call for Art Vendors




Opportunity: Open Arts & Music Festival: Call for Art Vendors

Organization: Glendale Arts - Glendale, CA


The Open Arts & Music Festival (OAM) is a free, all-day event in Downtown Glendale on September 16, 2017, featuring music, artists, food, drinks, activities for children, and businesses partners in the city of Glendale and outlying areas. 

Our focus for the Arts Market at OAM17 is to highlight artists and arts organizations based in the greater LA area. In addition to featuring various art projects and practices, Arts Market vendors are encouraged to offer one (1) all-ages workshop, demonstration, and/or hands-on activity throughout the day. 

Want to be an Arts Market Vendor? 
---> APPLICATIONS DUE: Sunday, July 16th

For more info, visit

Fee Detail: 

ArtGeminiPrize 2017


ArtGeminiPrize 2017 5th Edition : PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, SCULPTURE

£5000 cash prizes plus Exhibition at Asia House, London

Call For Entries

To enter visit

Fee Detail: 

small work - BIG TALENT


TITLE: small works-BIG TALENT

THEME: Open - Limited to 16 Inches
November 3, 2017
SHOW DATE: December 7th thru December 29th

SMALL WORK – BIG TALENT “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Las Laguna Gallery is looking for small works with big impact. There is no intended theme for the work; it just needs to fit the criteria of being “small art”.

All mediums and subjects accepted. No works over 16 inches on either side, including frame, if framed.

All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur and multiple art mediums will be considered in this call for art. From photography to fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, ink, graphite, pastels, etc.

The work must be able to be hung on a wall to be considered.
Outside Dimensions including frame is 16 Inches in any direction. Works larger than 16 Inches will not be accepted.

Fee Detail: 


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