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Nature (Global & Online Exhibition) - Call For All Visual Artists


ST. LOUIS ART GALLERY OXFORD invites all visual artists from around the world to submit work for our 7th exhibition in Oxford, UK.


Theme: Nature

Work Medium: 2D Works - All Visual Arts

UK & International Artists

· All works must be artist’s original works and copyright.

· Do not submit captured images.

· Provide a short description of your work (250 words maximum).

· Provide your artist statement (300 words maximum), CV and your website link.

· Provide your work price and please state NFS if your work is not for sale.

· This open call is only for the online exhibition.



Multimedia Arts in Nature “Nature and Shamanic Cosmology”

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

Santa Caterina di Nardò and Porto Selvaggio Reserve Park, Italy

Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to announce the open call of NATURE AND SHAMANIC COSMOLOGY, for the III edition of Ionian Se-Art Residency Baroque Blue 2024, in Santa Caterina and Porto Selvaggio Reserve Park in South Italy.


ARTE NATURA is a thematic exhibition based on art inspired by the natural world. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery, May 9 - June 1, 2024 and is open to all artists working in any visual art media. All interpretations of the theme are acceptable, including landscape, fruits, vegetables, flowers and fauna and human figuration as part of the natural environment. Entry deadline February 29, 2024.  On-line entry form at

Open Call Exhibition: Urban Nature

Deadline for Submissions: July 17th

Exhibition Dates: Sept 14  to Oct 15,  2023

Treehouse NDSM is located in NDSM, an industrial area and former shipyard in the north of Amsterdam. Since it became a residential and business district, new buildings are actively being constructed and the number of inhabitants is increasing. The municipality of Amsterdam is currently carrying out different studies to define the future of NDSM. Landscape architects are looking into various options to bring more greenery to the neighbourhood, and an ecological map of Amsterdam Noord is being produced to designate which zones need to be protected. 

Conca Film Festival - Call For Short Film

Conca Film Festival Conca Film Festival is a cultural event that aims to promote emerging artists through a dialogue with the territory of the Roccamonfina Regional Park.

The theme that the artistic direction has chosen for the first edition of the Conca Film Festival is:


Describing and telling metamorphosis means to look at the continuous flow of different shapes in which living beings change each time.
Seeds become plants and then flowers, stones crumble and become wandering grains, going through the innumerable forms that everyone passes from the moment of its birth until the end of its life.

AIR: Commons, Chaotic Fluid, Inspiration

The Nature, Art & Habitat Residency: An ECO-Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Practice is an art program hold in Taleggio Valley (Italy) and Santa Ynez (California) that aims to unfold and display a sensitive culture that responds to nature’s needs and uses nature’s insights as a source of inspiration and as measure of impacts on available resources. The ultimate goal of NAHR is to uncover intimate links between all living organisms in order to support more resilient development where humans and nature can successfully coexist.


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