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R.A.R.O. en red. New program 2020/2021 Art and tecnology




Simultaneously to the residencies we carry out, we generate a virtual program designed for artists from anywhere in the world who works with crossings betwen art and tecnology who want to deepen both technical and conceptually in their work.


Our goal is to deepen the artists professionalization giving them the opportunity to have a personal feedback on their work from the R.A.R.O.  ateliers they choose. 


The program will have  the participation of Jazmín Adler, Espacio 404 directed by Paula Guersenzvaig and Sebastián Pasquel and HIBRIDA

Laboratory directed by Mercedes Lozano and Paloma Violeta who Will share their theoretical anD comprehensive point of view on the participant's work. 


The artists will also be provided with the advice of the R.A.R.O. team made up of artists, curators, publicists, historians and cultural managers.

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