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GHMP Art Book Fair

GHMP Art Book Fair
The fourth annual sales fair focusing on literature about art. Over the course of two days, it will offer a platform for galleries, art schools, internet portals, magazines, publishing houses, authors, book and fanzine creators, collectors and above all book lovers. The fair will include a varied accompanying programme for both children and adults. Entrance for visitors is free throughout the fair.

The sales fair will take place in the premises of Troja Château on:
Saturday 14 September 2024
Sunday 15 September 2024

Meus Fluídos open call

Meus Fluídos is a marketplace of tears

in a patriarchal, neoliberal and neocolonial world the sale of fluids satirizes the manifestation of crying as a commercial product. Meus Fluídos is the return into merchandise of a once silenced weep. 

this project is an investigation into women's emotions. Meus Fluídos invites women around the world to share the reasons and experiences from which their tears come. 

based on the answers collected in this form, a diagnostic methodology of our emotions will be developed and applied in the format of a 'scientific' handbook that explores the symptoms that we experience on a daily basis.

this project does not involve participation in the website and e-commerce.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair 2024

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is an annual independent publisher event that takes place in Vienna, Austria. It is focused on showcasing self-published publications and independent works in the fields of art, design, literature, culture and more. The fair provides a platform for artists, writers, and publishers, galleries, institutions and bookshops: to present and sell their works to a wider audience, as well as to network and connect with others in the scene.

Call to Artists: Collage Publishing Workshop

Consider this: The book, not the gallery, is the best place to experience collage. This sentiment has broad implications for how collage artists work and how their work is received by an art world whose orientation is decidedly fixed on the gallery wall. Can the book provide for the functions that the exhibition has provided to artists for so long? Will the public accept a book as an experience of artwork or even as an object of art in and of itself? Unlike an exhibition where only original work is on display, a book depends on reproduction for its distribution. And if we now accept the book as on par with the exhibition, how does that affect how we think of the history of art publishing that has come before? These are the questions we seek to answer.

101 contemporary artists and more.../ book edition, Vol 3

Collect Art continues publishing books of '101 contemporary artists and more...', which include painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, textile, illustration, collage, digital art, installation, architecture, and in addition literature, researched-based texts, fictional and non-fictional stories, poems and short stories.

So, we are looking for writers and artists, working in different media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary jewelry, textile, installation, illustration, mixed media, photography, digital art, researched based texts, poems & short stories.  


Eligibility: Open to all nationalities and to any aged 18 and above

There is no theme.


Open Call: Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair 2023

Open Call for Exhibitors // Apply Now! | Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair 2023

We are now accepting applications for Fanzineist Vienna from artists, independent publishers, art spaces, galleries and institutions.

Join us on May 26-27-28 at Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Semperdepot) for a dynamic and inclusive celebration of the art of publishing.

Application Deadline: 23 April, 2023 // 23:59

Spread the word and share this opportunity with your friends and communities. We can't wait to see your applications!


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