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Call for submission: Visual Art, photography, poetry, and writing, for a book on collective rebellion.

In the ongoing fight for power among world leaders, the innocent bloodshed of victims, and the outstanding resilience and unity people have shown, we bring you: 

An initiative supporting inspiring strong-hearted individuals, who are an example of how wartime/uprising affects place, structure, land, culture, and individuals.

Governments see people who speak up as mutants, anarchists, and disobedient... and in turn, those same governments inflict disastrous mutations upon their people. This is a chance to give a voice to the rebellion against corrupted and abusive political powers, it is a search into how the psychology of humans changes when their environment, their rights, and their reality, are invaded and they have to stand up for it. Everything becomes meaningless except their unified resilience.

A chance for everyone to share their art or poetry/writings, revolving around political injustice, warfare, oppression, freedom, rebellion, changes, mutiny, and revolutions.

The invasion that occurred in Ukraine brought a humanitarian crisis to light that has been seen all around the world. In the face of all of it we encourage people to express, revolt, and share the fire they have inside of them, to speak up and freely make their voices heard. This project is a book made up of art and poetry by the people, for the people. A collective artistic revolution. 

All profits from this book will be fully donated to support and aid charities working in Ukraine.


Culturally Arts Collective is a nonprofit organization for arts education, outreach, and exhibitions based in the United States. We strive to promote a culture of artistic innovation upholding the academic integrity of the arts, uplifting contemporary expression, and challenging the status quo.

We are currently looking to shine on a light on the people and let them speak their minds and express themselves fully.

Prize Summary: 
Art publication, art book publication
Prizes Details: 

Get your art, photography, poetry, and writing published and contribute to support aid charities working in Ukraine. Get your work seen and join a community of arts advocates. 


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Marvelous Art Gallery is accepting Submissions for the Marvelous Artists Book Vol 3!



Marvelous Art Gallery is accepting Submissions for the our Marvlous Artists Book Vol 3!

Marvelous Artist's Book: Collective Art Book Series No.1 and No.2 has been published and reached top #100 in Amazon Art Book directory!

You can see our Books on Amazon. Link is here :


Also we've released our "Dark Artists Book" with Amazon on November. Link is here :


In each Book, we worked with 25+ International Artists working in different disciplines. 

Now we are accepting artworks for our Collective Art Book Series Vol 3. If you’re a painter, photographer, sculptor, digital artist, performance artist and any kind of Emerging/Professional Artist we want to hear from you! Your Artworks, your biography and your links will be publish on our Book. You will get worldwide recognation. Also you will receive exposure on our Instagram and join our community of our artists.

Send your submission via form on our Website or you can send your submission via e-mail to us.


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OPEN CALL | Artist Books and Photobooks with Al-Tiba9



Al-Tiba9 announces its first call for Artist Books and Photobooks.

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art magazine is a leading publication in the contemporary art world, distributed and collected worldwide and showcased in art fairs around Europe.

With our first call for submissions for art books, we encourage artists, galleries, museums, and art institutions to submit their publications. Selected Artbooks will get the chance to distribute their art books through Al-Tiba9, both on our online bookshop and in-person booth at established art fairs.

Al-Tiba9 Art Contemporary Art features visual artists, architects, and designers from all over the world. We welcome submissions from any of these fields, especially for publications that are innovative and forward-thinking.

The featured artists benefit from international exposure to our art network of museums, art fairs, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the world. The hard books will be presented physically at one of the most influential art fairs, ARCOmadrid and ARCOlisboa, and at the Barcelona artist book fair. Additionally, the artist will benefit from a global promotion through our website, online shop, as well as our newsletter and social channels.



  • Selected artists get featured in Al-Tiba9 online shop and distributed internationally.
  • Selected artists, if meeting the requirements, can also get promoted on Al-Tiba9 corner inside ArtLibris digital and physical bookshop.
  • Selected artists, if meeting the requirements, can be represented by Al-Tiba9 inside artist book fairs and events.
  • Selected artists benefit from the international exposure in the Al-Tiba9 network.
  • All selected artists will be promoted on our website, social media, and newsletters.
  • The selected books are distributed worldwide and available for purchase HERE.


  • Artists, galleries, museums, and art institutions are eligible to apply their publications. All techniques are welcome.
  • Visual Art oriented publications ONLY. Other types of publications will not be selected.
  • Published books ONLY. On-going projects will be rejected.
  • Online publications are not accepted.
  • Bookshops are not eligible to apply.

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Uncreatively Writing / SEND US YOUR TEXT / Receive a prize / NO FEES







Uncreatively Writing is an ongoing project between Igor Guedes and Uni So, in which certain parts of pre-existing digital texts are erased to create new meanings. Together, the artists use this method of writing to explore and suvery different social matters not limited to LGBTQI+, gender rights, and racial issues.


We are currently looking for a new text to work with that is less than 750 CHARACTERS.


The theme is open-ended but we are especially keen with social subjects. We often work with excerpts from literature, transcribed conversations, and even Whatsapp conversations. 

The selected text will be reinterpreted into two different versions by the Uncreatively Writing team, which will be uploaded on the instagram page as a triptych. And we also have a gift to send out to you: a custom made bag with the reinterpreted texts of your submission and a aprint out of the triptych. 


In order to receive your gift, 


  1. Follow @uncreativelywriting 
  2. Send us a DM with your text ( less than 750 characters ) and please cite the source !
  3. Read and like three of our posts so you have an idea of what our work is


We will announce the selected text on the 31st of January on our instagram page. 

We look forward to collaborating with you !

Prize Summary: 
Custom made tote bag, triptych

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Submissions for the Collective Marvelous Artists Book

Artistic field:



We are a Physical Art Gallery. But we are doing an Online Exhibition in this quarantine time. We are working Internationally with selective Artists. 

We are now accepting art submissions for our Collective Art Book Series No:1 of the our Book "Marvelous Artists". We have free entry but only participation artists will pay a 30 € fee for 4 pages. We are giving 4 pages of each artists. This book will be open to Worldwide Shipping through the Amazon.

We are publishing our Magazine since May, 2020. You can see our November Issue in here :

Artists are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, film (only jpg + link to video) etc. All visual art mediums are welcome.

Visual Art Guidelines :

We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.

Artwork must be 300 dpi colorful or black and white.

All artwork must be at least 8.5’’ x 11’’.

Written Guidelines :

We accept submissions in DOC, DOCX, and RTF formats.

For poetry, up to four poems, one per page

Prizes Details: 

Submissions are free. But if our Jury has selected to your works, then we have a publishing price, € 30 for 4 pages.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

1001 Lies You Should Say Before You Die




What is the truth?
What is the lie?
Are you telling me the truth? Are you lying?

Can I create my own reality through the lies?

This project is an invitation to people around the world who’d like to share their lies.

Lying seems the easiest way to save the moment that we suffer in. However, finding the best lie to say is not easy. With dozens of lie we live, we pick only one of them for salvation.

Share your lie. What did you say? No one wonders the truth.
As we want to read the book of travel before we go for a vacation, we need a creative lie guide for better life experience. Submissions to be published as a guide book.
Share your best lie in order to create a best lies book.

Include your best lie as an ONLY ONE SENTENCE, email to , submissions to be published with no name/name tag.


Entry Fee:

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