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Open Call /imagine...Digital Soul Silicon Valley International Digital Art Exhibit

Digital Soul


ArtX Gallery, founded in the technological heart of Silicon Valley, invites artists to join the "Digital Soul" exhibition. And it will be part of GenAI Summit with Microsoft as an anchor sponsor, expecting around 10,000 visitors daily. This event challenges you to envision and interpret the nature of a digital soul through your unique artistic lens.


Exciting news! We're delighted to welcome Cassandra Herzberg as the new jury for our residency in the metaverse. Calling all artists to submit their applications now! https://bit.ly/4de4E7A

Dragonfly Open Call - Exhibition and Performance

After a bright, positive and colorful “PINK” exhibition AVE22 MetaGallery would like to invite artists to ponder on how short life and beauty are.

Please welcome to participate in our “Dragonfly” open call - an exhibition and a performance in one.



Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

Their lifespan though in the order of five weeks or less, and some survive for only a few days.

We are going to do something similar to the artworks at this exhibition.


All the artworks that we will exhibit will be minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by us, AVE22. 

We will list in the description that your artwork was created by you.

Call for Artists: Natively Digital

We invite artists of all disciplines from around the globe to submit their original, previously unpublished digital artworks for an exciting opportunity to collaborate with TAEX — a platform for research, production, and co-creation of innovative forms of digital art.


We invite artists from around the world to participate in our upcoming exhibition on the theme of "Perception." This open invitation seeks to show different interpretations and perspectives on how we perceive the world around us. Through various forms of visual and conceptual expression, we aim to explore the multifaceted nature of perception, challenging conventional notions and broadening our understanding and approach to life.



What does the future look like to the artist? 

Ancient and recent history have saw artists become the catalysts of change that lead the way through various political, cultural and socio-economic developments; with the most recent and controversial development being the introduction of NFTs and digital art into mainstream society.

Alongside this interconnected relationship between artist, artwork and their society, the artist uses the visual cultural means available to them. The process of creating, of finding peer support, or any sculpted form become dependent on the level of development of the society the artist occupies.


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