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Contemporary Art exhibition "MiraBanART Showcase"





We are delighted to announce the next appointment with the Contemporary Art exhibition "MiraBanART Showcase"! 

"What if artworks could tell their tales?" 

Watch our art exhibition promo to get the kind of style we go for!  (Link: https://youtu.be/qbHB6rw64G8 )

Meet our painted characters which reinvent their narrative through lights and shadows!

Submit your artwork through filmfreeway and get the chance to join us in Milan! 

From the 24th till the 30th August at the beautiful space IDEA4MI in Zona Sant'Ambrogio, Via Lanzone 23, 20123, Milan. Can't wait to fill up this awesome, shiny space with your great artworks! 

MiraBanART Showcase, the art exhibition where artworks speak up their tales! 


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different based on artwork submission
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