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The New Artist | Open Call- Exhibition Opportunity

In the past century, humankind has witnessed unprecedented innovation and transformation- from towering skyscrapers to moon landings, from the rise of social media to the evolution of human rights. But what about Art?


In our fast-paced society, where time feels increasingly scarce, artists face an ever more challenging path. The relentless pace of change demands a state of constant transcendence, a theme profoundly echoed in contemporary art.


This exhibition aims to explore into these trends in contemporary art, fostering a dialogue between artists and viewers. We invite you to join us in this exploration, where the pulse of today's art world meets the timeless human quest for meaning.


Gallery Space



Call for Submissions: "Sigil" - Art, Magick, & Alchemy

Echo Park Art Gallery is thrilled to announce our upcoming juried group exhibition, "Sigil," exploring the themes of art, magick, and alchemy. We invite visual artists and sculptors from all backgrounds to submit their work for consideration.

Submission Details:

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