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IncuArts invites artists to submit work for Persist, Persevere, Be- an exhibition exploring ideas related to perseverance in the face of discrimination. Persecution can come in the form of discrimination based on gender, culture, race, sexual orientation, disabilities and more. For this exhibition, we ask artists to respond to this topic. How has persecution affected you? Your work? How have you persevered? Is being an act of defiance? Is your work the proof of perseverance? 

Women, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and other community members who embody this experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Artists of all media are encouraged to apply.


  • Entry Deadline: April 19, 2021
  • Selections Announced- April 26, 2021
  • Exhibition Dates -May 1, - June 15, 2021
  • $30 ENTRY FEE- (includes a free 15 minute portfolio or application review session)
  • Submit up to 5 Images for  $30.
  • Submit up to 2 videos  for  $30.
  • Mediums Accepted: Original works only, produced in the past 3 years

All artists applying for calls for entries with IncuArts Gallery will receive a FREE 15 minute portfolio or application review. Receive feedback on your work or show application. Learn how to make your exhibition applications more competitive and gain valuable insights into the selection process.

All selected artists will also be featured in a write up on our selected social media channels with over 3,000 followers.

Each artwork will be considered based upon the merit of individual images submitted by each artist. Strict theme based entries are not necessary- the theme is a jumping off point. Persist, Persevere, Be is meant to start a visual discussion. A brief artist statement reflecting your ideas and how your identity is related to the exhibition theme is suggested.

Selected artists will have their work featured in the online exhibition and via social media platforms.


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Artist Opportunity




We are the ‘Asking for it’ exhibition. Our aim is to create a place for people to share and feel and come together over adversity. Through expression of art - in a variety of mediums such as film, photography, poetry, art and sound - the exhibition will take the viewer on a journey from the beginning to recovery and survival. Titled ‘Asking for it’ the exhibition not only looks at the experiences of the survivor but the societal judgements and miseducation around the topic of sexual abuse/violence.

As people who have had these experiences, we have both understood the difficulties of going through this and coming out the other side. We felt passionately that there should be a place that this topic could be openly discussed and expressed through art, from artists who have been through this journey or are still going through this. We believe that art is a powerful tool to express and empower artists and viewers, while educating those who have not experienced this. 

We are looking for submissions from any art form may that be spoken word, film, photography, poetry, art, audio, music, etc in response to sexual assault/violence. Submissions are open to anyone and everyone of any gender, race, location and age (18+)

Please note that submissions is not an opportunity to talk about triggering events as we are not professionals or a service/organization. If you would like to talk and open a conversation about anything that has happened to you or people that you know please talk to your family, friends and GP, or if you feel uneasy about those options there are counselling methods.

Asking for it exhibition is a safe space where artists can express and respond via art. We respect every single artist and individual who has been through any stage of assault/abuse, whether that is mentally or physically, small or big, something you have endured or you know someone that has been through similar experiences.  If you would not like to proceed at any time throughout your application we admire your bravery and respect your decision and can opt out at any time.

Our confidentiality is kept between an email based communication and is always protected. We will always ask for your consent when sharing your material. Unfortunately we can not guarantee payment at this point as we are a small organisation, however we will be fundraising during the exhibition and the money collected will be equally split amongst the artists whose work is shared at the exhibition.

We will work individually with each artist to facilitate how their work will be delivered to the exhibition. Please note that digital medium submissions are international, however due to being a small organisation and transportation costs physical mediums can only be submitted from the UK base only.

It is your choice as an artist if you present your name or stay anonymous.



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