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Publication in the Artwork Gallery Magazine. Issue 6, New Horizons

About Issue – Concept for Open Call:

Our magazine is turning exactly one year old, and you have the opportunity to be featured in the anniversary issue! We’ll strive to make it even more interesting and high-quality – join this journey and become a part of history!

For this issue, we’ve decided to dedicate it to new horizons—plans, development, and possibilities. Let’s collectively consider how we bring our ideas to life through art, what remains stable and traditional, what transitions into new dimensions using digital technologies, AI, online residencies. Where is the boundary between the material and immaterial? Are you an artist of the traditional school, preserving techniques of past generations, or are you keeping up with the times?

Open Call: Publication in the art magazine. Issue 3, Color vibe

It will be digital and print options A4

About Issue:
In summer, everyone wants more colors and warmth. We invite you to think about what color means to you. Each artist feels color in his own way. It’s about emotions, feelings, about something minimal or maximal.

In this edition, we will gather artists of all genders and from around the world.

The magazine will publish interviews and the works of selected artists.
If you have a series with a strong concept with a series or project, or already have a recognizable style over the years, please submit your work!

"WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP

Hi All!

My name is Lyndon Watkinson. I am a Digital Artist who runs Art Publication Opportunities under the SU4IP♲ alias. I would like to share with you that my newest opportunity: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP, which is now OPEN for submissions! Welcoming all works responding to or related to feelings or experiences of lightness, airiness, ethereality, floating, spaciousness, etc.

I invite you to push the boundaries of what weightlessness means, and how it can be portrayed in art practice! This opportunity can be accessed via CuratorSpace here: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP | Deadline: 01/06/2023

Participants will receive a copy packaged and posted to their address

Open Call: Publication in the art magazine. Issue 2, Connections

What we are looking for:
This issue is devoted to connections – international, personal, and family. It is about relationships, societal statuses, conflicts, and different perceptions.

In this edition, we will gather artists of all genders and from around the world.

The magazine will publish interviews and the works of 24 selected artists.

Interview with an Artist:
If you are interested in publishing an interview in this issue, we have a special offer – submitting an application is free, if your application is suitable, there is a paid publication option. Check Open Calls opportunities on our website.

CALL FOR ARTISTS - Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine ISSUE13


Artist Feature Interview Article

Open Call for Artists!

We’re excited to announce our first-ever art competition. The theme for this open call is ‘The Future of Art’ - 

We encourage all artists to submit their best work that celebrates and experiments with the idea of the future. 

Our curatorial panel will select three artists for a feature interview and article shared on our publication and channels. Winners will also get a featured spot for their artwork for our platform’s launch. 

These features will be a special pre-launch initiative, opening up the question of the future of art. Our platform is the first social network and digital marketplace - empowering creatives to reinvent the future.


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