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SARDINIA 2019 - AiR - Exhibition - Symposium - Art Festival




International and Transdisciplinary Art Residency in a cultural heritage village in Sardinia, Italy.

31st May – 24 June 2019 – IVYnode is organizing the 2nd Art Residency Program with the theme “Su Bixinau”, the neighbourhood, in Nurri, a small village in the center of Sardinia.

Thanks to the precious collaboration with Fondazione Sciola, Local Municipality of Nurri, Proloco di Nurri and Archeogeo this 2nd Art Residency will include an Exhibition in the Monastery of Santa Rosa in Nurri, a Symposium during the Festival Sant’Arte in San Sperate, and a 2nd Exhibition in San Sperate curated by Fondazione Sciola.

The theme of the Art Residency is ‘Su Bixinau’, Sardinian for ‘the neighbourhood’.

The character of the Residency is Transdisciplinary and it is open to artists, researchers, writers or everyone who wish to be integrated in an unique place where is still possible to appreciate authentic aspects.

The participants will live in houses in the village of Nurri, in a calm environment rich in history and beautiful landscapes. During the program the artists will have the possibility to work and exhibit in the Monastery of Santa Rosa  in Nurri, dated XVII century, a perfect surrounding for side specific work and temporary installations. The participants will have the possibility to keep in touch with locals and artisans, who still preserve an ancient knowledge of old techniques that are risking to disappear. Thanks to the professionalism of Archeogeo, the artists can visit archaeological settle, exploring the territory and connecting with the nature, which can also be inspiring for landart projects.

If your art practice embraces community interaction or collaboration in some way, if you like cultural exchange programs and discovering local traditions, if you are interrested in temporary public art or site specific installation, sustainability or other models of art as social practice, this is the residency for you.

The artists participating in the Art Residency in Nurri will have a unique opportunity to be part of the Symposium “Su Bixinau” during the Festival Sant’Arte, guests for 3 days of the Fondazione Sciola, to exhibit their work first in the Monastery of Santa Rosa in Nurri and then in San Sperate, during a 2nd exhibition curated by Fondazione Sciola.

For more info about all the program we invite you to visit our page IVYnode.


How to apply
The program has a transdisciplinary approach. Emerging and established artists working in 2 and 3D media, performance, video, photography, sustainable materials, food, but also researchers and writers who have an interest in social practice, collaboration, cultural exchange program or research are invited to participate.

– Summary of proposal (description of the work you would like to do, including the type of materials you would like to work with. (max. 300 words)

– How your project (motivation) fits the theme “Su Bixinau” (the neighbourhood) (max. 300 words)

– A bio, web link, or other information about your art work or research

The selection of the artists is based on the curriculum, motivation letter and proposal.
DEADLINE:  15 of March


Program fee
The program includes:

– 3 days in San Sperate during Sant’Arte Festival and accommodation in shared dormitory at Scuola degli Scalpellini, guests of the Fondazione Sciola.

– Symposium “Su Bixinau” during Sant’Arte Festival

– 3 weeks in Nurri, accommodation in shared rooms in private houses.

– Exhibition in the Monastery of Santa Rosa in Nurri

– Second exhibition in San Sperate end of June or July (to be decided yet)

The organization does its best to support projects, providing guidance in acquiring materials, seeking information, making connections within the community.

IVYnode is a non-profit network and tries to keep the fee and expenses of the participants at the minimum.

The fee is 850€ and covers the cost of accommodation and the use of the studio. Artists must cover the cost of their own art supplies, food and transportation and to contribute to gas costs if we go somewhere by car. Cooking and cleaning are also the responsibilities of the artists.

At the moment we are not able to provide any funding but we will be happy to assist you by writing official letters of invitation or any appropriate documentation.

Contact & Links: 






Intermission invites artists to engage with two diametrically opposed public and social contexts; the Reinickendorf Town Hall in Berlin, Germany, and the historical centre of Paduli, Italy.

With the call for the exhibition at the Reinickendorf Town Hall we challenge artists to intervene in a space that is defined by its function as a public institution.

The most representative artists will be selected for an art residency that will take place in Paduli, IT, in the hinterland of Naples. Heavily damaged and depopulated by a tragic earthquake in 1962, Paduli  lays on the opposite side of the spectrum of institutionalised places. It will be the ground zero for artistic interventions that aim to define a new interpretation of human space and establish a new connection among various elements of the urban fabric.

We invite artists to apply for Function.Anomy within the 15th of January 2019 23:59PM, Berlin time. There is no application fee.

The exhibition will take place between 28th of March and 16th of May.

The 1-4 weeks residency will start the 2nd week of June and end the 2nd week of July.


What is Intermission

Intermission is a collective of artists from international backgrounds.

We support artists establishing autonomy from business-driven intermediation and promoting the critical understanding of their work.


Contact & Links: 

Open call for the 12. Arte Laguna Prize




Open call for artists: 12th Arte Laguna Prize is now open for entries

The 12. edition of the Arte Laguna Prize is open for entries, to showcase and promote your creative talent!

9 Contest categories: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art and this year's new entry, urban art.
The theme is free and there are no age or nationality restrictions.

The international jury will select 115 artists for:
- the final exhibition in Venice in March 2018
- 5 cash prizes of € 7,000 each
- 3 personal exhibitions in international Art Galleries
- 3 collaborations with companies and art management platforms
- 11 Art Residencies
- 3 International Festivals
- 1 Sustainability and Art Prize
- publication in the official catalogue




Prize money
€ 7.000,00 Painting
€ 7.000,00 Sculpture and Installation | Virtual Art
€ 7.000,00 Photographic Art | Digital Graphics
€ 7.000,00 Video Art and Short Films | Performance
€ 7.000,00 Land Art | Urban Art

3 Artist in Gallery Prizes
Realization of 3 personal exhibitions in international Art Galleries including: set-up, grant of € 500 and a dedicated digital catalogue.

-Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg Germany
-Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto Portugal
-Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel

ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability) of glass
Prize of 3,000 Euro for the winning project that enhances glass as part of the RRR strategies (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce).

11 Artist in Residence Prizes
Art Residency programs in Italy and abroad in order to provide a space and time to experience a new culture, create new works and participate in new activities in a multicultural environment.

-San Francisco Art Residency, San Francisco USA
-The Art Department - Casa dell’Arte International Artists' Residency, Bodrum Turkey
-GLO'ART, Lanaken Belgium
-Espronceda, Barcelona Spain
-Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata India
-Artistic Serigraphy Fallani, Venice Italy
-Farm Cultural Park, Favara Italy
-Arte Sella, Trentino Italy
-The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai China
-Maradiva Cultural Residency, Flic-en-Flac Mauritius
-Murano Glass Art Residency, Murano Venice, Italy

3 Business for Art Prizes
Collaborations with companies and art management platforms, meant to connect creativity with the business world.

-Zanetto Craftsmanship, Padua Italy: Prize of 2,000 Euro for the winning product design for a vase which will contain at least one noble metal sheet, and realization of the project.
-Biafarin, Canada: 12 Gold Membership Packages for 12 artists, 12 Biafarin Blue Membership Packages. Prize of US$ 4,000 to 4 selected artists (Each US$ 1,000)
-Artmajeur, France: Promotion of 1 artist through the platform and the services of the portal For the finalist artists: a free Platinum account, for 1 year

3 Festivals & Exhibitions
International collaborations with Festivals and Organizations to create a network where artists, visibility, and new projects meet.

-Art Stays, Ptuj Slovenia: participation in the Festival and 7-day stay
-Art Nova 100, Beijing China: exhibition of the 10 finalist videos in Summer 2018
-Open International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice Italy: participation in the exhibition for 1 month


The major collective exhibition will take place in the historical location of the Arsenale in Venice in March 2018: 30 works of painting, 25 sculptures and installations, 25 works of photographic art, 10 videos, 5 land art works, 5 works of urban art, 5 works of virtual art, 5 works of digital graphics, 5 performances.which will be performed live during the exhibition’s opening ceremony.



The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by an international jury composed of 11 members subdivided into the contest categories.

Igor Zanti
(Italy, Curator and Art Critic)

Domenico De Chirico
(Italy, Independent Curator)
Caroline Corbetta (Italy, Independent Curator)
Denis Curti (Italy, Artistic Director of Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice)
Nicolangelo Gelormini (Italy, Film Director)
Emanuele Montibeller (Italy, Artistic Director of Arte Sella in Trentino)
Simone Pallotta (Italy, Curator of public and urban art)
Nadim Samman (Great Britain, Curator and Art Historian)
Manuel Segade (Spain, Director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid)
Ekaterina Shcherbakova (Russia, Independent Curator and Art Critic)
Eva Wittocx (Belgium, Senior Curator at M-Museum in Lovanio)



Fee Detail: 
55 euros
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