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It's Still Political




Title: It's Still Political
Medium: All*
Deadline: October 10, 2019
Artist Notification: October 17th, 2019
Exhibition Date: November 7th, to November 29, 2019
Artist Gallery Split: 65% Artist, 35% Gallery
Entry $35 for up to 3 images  
Though often divisive and inflammatory, we can't avoid politics in today's world.
The intrinsic beliefs and opinions that shape us as human beings can almost always be seen in a political light.
For our show this month, we seek art that express all things political, regardless of party or belief systems.
This exhibition hopes to explore our continued political discourse with the use of imagery to make the point of our current state of the nation.
The artwork may be literal of a politician or political issue or opinion, or it may be figurative and interpretive. It's political, but we value all beliefs and the manner in which these can be expressed, artistically.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$35 for up to 3 images
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Bushwick living and working space for Artists

Space776 Residency program is located in the center of Bushwick, Brooklyn beside the Space776 Gallery. Residency artists can live and work in the location for two months to six months term. Participating artists have monthly open studio meetings with Space776. We will also record a video documentary featuring an artist interview about their work. Along with many other opportunities to showcase their work, such as a chance to show their new works at the Space776 Gallery.

We have 600 sgft storefront and 800 sqft living and working space at the back. The listing is about the back space and two people will share the space. The space includes kitchen, bathroom, one living room (Working space) and two rooms for living. Each artist use one room. The monthy price of the rooms are $1200, and $1300. $1300 Space has a back yard too. Both rooms are available Starting August 2019

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MiraBanART Showcase





Welcome to MiraBanART Showcase, 
an alternative Itinerary, Contemporary Art Exhibition running throughout Italy!

MiraBanART Showcase aims to reinvent the way we enjoy art exhibitions by combining an interactive artistic space with a traditionally contemplative one. 
That is why, we welcome the following artworks in our exhibitions:

- Photography (Abstract & Surreal Genre) 
- Painting (Abstract & Surreal Genre) 
- Illustrations (Graphic Art, Drawings) 
- Digital Art (Experimental Short-Films, Video Art)


MiraBan is a UK Limited Trade Company specialized in Visual and Fine Arts, particularly film, painting, photography, and illustrations. 
MiraBan promotes film funding opportunities, art exhibitions, and multiple art contests to create business connections between artists. 
Our goal is to support Art in its various forms, providing a rewarding experience for our competitors.

Fee Detail: 
12 £
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