LLGBTQI+ & Body | Extension of submissions!

The LGBTQI+ community has always been searching for a safe space to express itself, but always fearing the potential criticism it would receive.

The manifold relationship with our body has always been a taboo topic, uncharted waters and a source of concern for a lot of people, something that gradually changes.

So, how can the complexity of the bond with the body we “live in” be expressed?

In the upcoming art exhibition, we want to invite the people of the LGBTQI+ community to freely express themselves and our goal is to welcome artworks, which will represent the connection with their body.

2nd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE “NO standART. ‘no holds barred?’”

International Association & Foundation ANIMA MUNDI


2nd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE

“NO standART. ‘no holds barred?’”

1 May/30 May, 2021, Online, worldwide


We don't have to be very insightful to see that the recent events around the world that brought us into a state of chaos did not come out of nowhere. Our generation is facing very big challenge. We are at the historical moment.

What does it happened with this planet, with the nature and humanity? The world is going through a state of shock, and this moment somebody is using to achieve certain goals. Is this what is called a ‘global reset’? And what does it mean?


Interested in having your BIG screen moment? Interested in having your Art viewed by over 10 million people? Interested in showing your Art in New York city without the need to necessarily travel all the way here?

After a successful debut at Sotheby's in 2018, AD ART SHOW is BACK in a BIG WAY. During Frieze Art week (May 2020), AD ART SHOW will be showcasing artists from all over the world on the monumental SCREENS at the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center, one of the most famous architectural landmarks in New York City. The show is on for the whole month of May!

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