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LLGBTQI+ & Body | Extension of submissions!





The LGBTQI+ community has always been searching for a safe space to express itself, but always fearing the potential criticism it would receive.

The manifold relationship with our body has always been a taboo topic, uncharted waters and a source of concern for a lot of people, something that gradually changes.

So, how can the complexity of the bond with the body we “live in” be expressed?

In the upcoming art exhibition, we want to invite the people of the LGBTQI+ community to freely express themselves and our goal is to welcome artworks, which will represent the connection with their body.

It is, also, desirable, that every piece of art be accompanied with some words or phrases that will reflect the psychosomatic state flowing out of every artist's respective painting.

Information & Guidelines
- The exhibition will be presented at the Pocket Star Gallery Lycabettus from 25 September to 8 October.
- Each creator or group is invited to submit up to three projects for selection.
- The submission of the participation will be at culture365.gr@gmail.com.
- The deadline for submission of projects expires on September 8, 2021.
- The application should include: a. Digital photos of the works - Project titles, dimensions, technique, year of creation, short description, words-phrases that will accompany the works | b. Short CV in text format (up to 100 words) and photo (optional) | c. Address, contact numbers, email, social media
- Participation fee: 50 € (up to 3 works). For selected projects ONLY.


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Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
50 EUR
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2nd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE “NO standART. ‘no holds barred?’”



International Association & Foundation ANIMA MUNDI


2nd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE

“NO standART. ‘no holds barred?’”

1 May/30 May, 2021, Online, worldwide


We don't have to be very insightful to see that the recent events around the world that brought us into a state of chaos did not come out of nowhere. Our generation is facing very big challenge. We are at the historical moment.

What does it happened with this planet, with the nature and humanity? The world is going through a state of shock, and this moment somebody is using to achieve certain goals. Is this what is called a ‘global reset’? And what does it mean?

If you search for this term online, you will come across a huge amount of information revealing the chain of coronavirus, its events, and their consequences. The shock created by the coronavirus (which is probably itself a “hoax”) to turn the world into a high-tech dictatorship that will take away your freedom forever: pharmacy, GMO, 5G, forced vaccine, biometric implants etc.?

Where did we wake up? What does it hidden under the words ‘new normal’? What does it mean ‘reset’? And what is under the words ‘no holds barred’?

We are separating and continue opening ourselves more and more to what is real and what has been an implanted program. At this time, we are under a very important passage for those who are ready to co-create in a new level, for there is a massive human gathering taking place.

Let us remember the Truth behind the many human illusions lets us finally dwell in the higher knowledge that we all possess within, and let us respect those who think different than us. The past no longer exists and the only way out is to move forward from living of old memories that only keep us attached to old scenarios in our current reality.

This year introduces time of changes where freedom, at all levels, will continue being our main task, for there is always more self-liberation if we desire to reach higher levels of consciousness, as there is nothing that takes us apart more from who we truly are.

IAF ANIMA MUNDI is organizing the 2nd International Contemporary Art Biennale “NO standART. ‘no holds barred?” and inviting:



educational and scientific innovators

to join an interdisciplinary program online.


THE DEADLINE for to send application is the 28th of February. THE SECOND DEADLINE to send application is 15th of March

The registration includes the fee.

For more information, rules and conditions please contact: www.iaf-animamundi.com, iaf-animamundi@gmail.com


Prizes Details: 

3 participants in will be selected by International Jury for the ANIMA MUNDI 2021 prize. Prize will include 1 year contract for promotion and different kind of possibilities which are mentioned in rules and conditions.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 







Interested in having your BIG screen moment? Interested in having your Art viewed by over 10 million people? Interested in showing your Art in New York city without the need to necessarily travel all the way here?

After a successful debut at Sotheby's in 2018, AD ART SHOW is BACK in a BIG WAY. During Frieze Art week (May 2020), AD ART SHOW will be showcasing artists from all over the world on the monumental SCREENS at the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center, one of the most famous architectural landmarks in New York City. The show is on for the whole month of May!

It is easy to apply. All you have to do is to submit 4 images of your Art (submit your photography or a photo of your painting, mixed media...think Instagram- what would you post on Instagram). Our renown Art selection committee will review it and if you are selected then you will be part of the show. (no commercial work please- only your fine Art).

This is a selling exhibition (fees apply).

Fortune favors the bold!! check it out.

Thank you.

MvVO ART team

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$75 and upon selection we have a few options to choose from as per the application
Contact & Links: 
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