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#artist #talk #exhibition

Artist talk with Khosro Berahmandi




“The depths of art remain in buried eyes that make the gravid earth carry its work.” -Khosro Berahmandi                       

On October 19, Friday 6-8pm, internationally renowned artist, Khosro Berahmandi will be visiting Queen Gallery to talk about his recent series of works displayed in his exhibition, Bone of the Moon (Oct. 17-27, 2018). Expressing the visual aesthetic that is the hallmark of his work, he remains faithful to his pictorial lexicon that put him in the forefront of contemporary artists. His intricate artworks continue to enthral the public.                                                                       

Join us at Queen Gallery to hear, from the artist himself, the inspiration behind his works and how his journey has shaped his masterful expressions in art.                                 

The opening reception of the Bone of the Moon exhibition will be on October 17th, 2018. The Exhibition closes on October 27th 

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