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GRAPHÊ magazine, created by freelancers at South Bank Collective, will be published quarterly and feature commissioned work and work gathered through open calls. Our aim is to provide up-and-coming creatives with a platform to share their work, helping them expand their creative network by raising awareness of the art scene.

If you would like to submit work for the magazine see below the 4 topics which we are working on at the moment. We are interested in featuring thought provoking work from a wide range of creative disciplines, from visual artists to writers.


Please email the point of contact of each issue, attaching a brief description of the work including the general topic, the medium you are working in and how you see the work taking form in the magazine. If your work is film based or interactive, please send stills or QR codes and links to the interactive work. We can also feature moving image work on our magazine website or our social media pages.


14th May 2021, 6 pm


This issue will focus on topics related to the environment that are relevant in today’s world, such as pollution, climate change and the general relationship between humans and the environment. We aim for this issue to motivate our audience to preserve the natural wonders that remain.

We’re looking for people to submit thought-provoking work that raises awareness about the problems with the environment. This issue will have a conscious, visual discussion about how we can make even the smallest impact on reducing the effects of climate change.

Topics could include:

Portraying how the melting ice caps are affecting sea levels;

Documenting air pollution;

Creating photographs of the countryside that portray how much of the land is converted

into agricultural purposes.


Contact Grace Crawford at

Covid Travels

The limitations of travel during the pandemic and the rise of virtual travel. The purpose of this is to understand how Covid-19 has affected travel in a physical sense and created a demand for travelling through entertainment media as a form of ‘escapism’. With the travel bans in place, people have been forced to investigate their own immediate environment or turn to virtual travel websites to explore the world from the comfort of their homes. As the use of Zoom meetings became increasingly necessary, conversations with people abroad became more accessible. We will also be looking at the social behaviours of people using public transport during the pandemic such as social distancing, masks and physical interactions.

Even more, looking at the rise of food trafficking and parcel trafficking has skyrocketed the only people on the streets are food delivery drivers. The overwhelming number of people buy food online and shop for parcels online making Covid-19 pandemic a good thing for these company’s allowing them to grow while other suffer.

Topics can include visual work that depicts the change in:

Social interaction,

Public transport,

Virtual connectivity,

Deliveries / trafficking for food.


Contact Kit Rees at

Today’s Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist - the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

We’re looking for work that spotlights issues relating to the time we live in and how they affect us. With this issue we want to focus on how people see today’s world and its future, what kind of issues they face, how the current cultural, technological atmosphere affects them. What societal shifts we see today. What solutions could fix the current world?

Topics can include:

Big data;

Impact of Social media;

Surveillance capitalism;

Transhumanism (redefying what is a person);

Changing environment and our impact on it;

Pessimism and jadedness in the current generation;

Late-stage capitalism.


Contact Kajus Kerušauskas at

Wellbeing in relationships at home

Art has proven to be playing a significant role in promoting wellbeing. Different researches conducted by the Mental Health Foundation are clearly showing that arts in general have many positive and beneficial effects on our physical and mental health.

The creative industries were among those who were heavily affected by the pandemic and the lockdown. Тhe effects of the lockdown, physical and mental, are yet to be considered, recognised and analysed. The growing fears of unemployment, the furlough system, the loss of what we as humans consider as normal life and social distancing are just some of the few issues that have a direct or indirect impact on our wellbeing and relations at home.

We’re looking for people to submit thought-provoking work that raise awareness about the problems and the benefits related to our wellbeing.

Topics can include:

Wellbeing in relationships at home;

Positives or negatives of spending more time with our family during lockdown;

Exercise at home and exploring the “great indoors”;

Domestic violence;

Fear of isolation and social distancing.


Contact Viktor Kadiri on either of the following |

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We are interested in featuring thought provoking work from a wide range of creative disciplines, from visual artists to writers.

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