RAICES (Roots)

RAICES (ROOTS), a national juried art exhibition that celebrates the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Latinx/e and Hispanic communities. The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition welcomes artists from all backgrounds to submit artwork representative of the diversities, experiences, cultures, and traditions of the Latinx/e and Hispanic communities in the diaspora. Artists are not required to be of Hispanic heritage. All creations must be unique and original.

We welcome Natalia Viera Salgado, Curatorial Consultant and Associate Curator at the National Academy of Design, as show juror.


Grant Open Call for 3 Artists

Visual Artists 18 years and older from any country  with any medium are eligible to submit. Once the deadline has passed we will then review your submission. Winners will be interviewed and featured on our website and will receive a one time $500.00 grant. It will also be archived on our website and promoted on our social media.

Hidden Eyes Open Call for Art

Humans are curious – and looking into each other's lives is a source of creativity. Though we may not be aware of it, we are all voyeurs. We obtain gratification from observing others. There is excitement in looking into other people’s lives, peeking into their worlds, guessing their stories and thoughts. Through a window, behind a bush, from a bench in the park, or a table at a cafe: other people’s scenes are a pretty amazing show. We're always looking to the Other because we're storied beings – because we make sense of our lives in relation to others.  

What art emerges when you look at other people's reality? 
How does peeking at others ignite your creative process?
What emotions steer your art in the act of contemplating others?

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