"WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP

Hi All!

My name is Lyndon Watkinson. I am a Digital Artist who runs Art Publication Opportunities under the SU4IP♲ alias. I would like to share with you that my newest opportunity: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP, which is now OPEN for submissions! Welcoming all works responding to or related to feelings or experiences of lightness, airiness, ethereality, floating, spaciousness, etc.

I invite you to push the boundaries of what weightlessness means, and how it can be portrayed in art practice! This opportunity can be accessed via CuratorSpace here: "WEIGHTLESS" - Artist Book by SU4IP | Deadline: 01/06/2023

Participants will receive a copy packaged and posted to their address

Hidden Eyes Open Call for Art

Humans are curious – and looking into each other's lives is a source of creativity. Though we may not be aware of it, we are all voyeurs. We obtain gratification from observing others. There is excitement in looking into other people’s lives, peeking into their worlds, guessing their stories and thoughts. Through a window, behind a bush, from a bench in the park, or a table at a cafe: other people’s scenes are a pretty amazing show. We're always looking to the Other because we're storied beings – because we make sense of our lives in relation to others.  

What art emerges when you look at other people's reality? 
How does peeking at others ignite your creative process?
What emotions steer your art in the act of contemplating others?

OPEN CALL BFA/MFA Talents (Visual Arts)

Open Call for BFA/ MFA talents. is an exclusive online marketplace that is now accepting applications from artists for the selection process.

The curated online platform offers FREE representation and advertisement opportunity, connecting the eligible artists to a group of international collectors. 

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