Canto Cutie is looking for art and literature for Volume 5




Canto Cutie is an art and literature zine that features the work of the Cantonese diaspora. Artists and writers who identify as Cantonese can submit their work at We are looking for visual arts, photography, short stories, poetry, and more. Submissions about the protests in Hong Kong can be kept anonymous. We publish for a bilingual English and Cantonese speaking audience. Free to submit. Deadline: June 1, 2022.


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Residency in Colombia - Last spaces available for March-April 2022




Announcing artist residencies designed for the reopening of Colombia; for visual artists, musicians, writers, architects, clay artists, performers, and other makers.

We’re not quite out of the woods on the COVID epidemic, but international travel has been reopening all around the world. Back in March ‘20, we went into lockdown with 13 artists and learned a lot in the process. Since then, we’ve hosted another dozen or so artists with extra precautions to keep everyone safe, yet maximize the artist’s experience. We believe that a key part of the AIR experience is the commensality – those wonderful conversations we have while sharing a glass of wine and a good meal, along with the freedom to focus on your work.

Fees and support

750 USD per month. This doesn’t includes transportation or art materials

Residency length: We encourage the artist to come for at least 3 months, anyways you can choose to take the residency for 1 month as a minimum.

Fees: The fee per artist is $750 US per month which includes all meals, private room and bath, and studio space. Artists are responsible for their own materials and transportation to and from ArteSumapaz. We have a special car and driver available for pickups from El Dorado Airport in Bogotá for about $100 US.


Private room with bathroom 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Clay & kiln

Charcoal (Rustic but functionable for drawing)

Printing Press 

Book binding tools

Drawing benches

Aerial silks

Studio / Workspace

Various types of studios are available (Music studio, fine arts, dance, writing, and sculpture). Shared and private, depending on availability  

Expectations towards the artist

Cleaning of their room and studio space during the residency

We often encourage the artist to participate in Open Onces/Open Crit. It’s 100% voluntary 

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Banff Centre | Cultural Leadership Online 2022





This experiential learning opportunity supports future-focused leaders as they navigate shifting contexts and undertake transformational change at the level of system, organization, and self. Grounded in the teachings of Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing, and the vital role of art and artists in society, Cultural Leadership - Online brings together a community of change agents and community builders that reflect a diversity and intersectionality of lived experiences and leadership practices. Through this online program and in an extended community of inquiry, practice, and care, participants will approach leadership as a collective capacity and explore how to imagine and facilitate resilient new models.

What does the program offer?
Participants of Cultural Leadership - Online will:

  • Engage in faculty mentoring, peer-to-peer working groups, and critical self-reflection to examine the relationship of self to system and learn to respond to an evolving cultural context
  • Develop deep listening skills and an appreciation of Indigenous wise practices
  • Design governance and business models that are equitable and sustainable
  • Cultivate the ability to navigate uncertainty, embrace paradox, and make wiser, more responsible decisions
  • Debate and challenge assumptions around the role of cultural leaders and institutions in our ecology
  • Learn how to form and sustain values-based partnerships and alliances
  • Build the capacity to articulate vision, measure the intangible, and inspire through authentic storytelling
  • Explore the power of place, the digital moment, and a hybrid future for the arts
  • A core ensemble of facilitators (including the program director) will be with participants throughout the program as learning coaches. In addition, for each session and topic area, participants will be joined by guest lecturers and faculty, domain experts, experiential educators, and artists from across disciplines, sectors, and the world.

Who should apply?
This program is designed for those with active leadership roles in Canada’s cultural sector, working nationally or internationally for Canadian institutions, entities, or independently. We welcome artists, administrators, policymakers, education and engagement specialists, creative producers, and community-based cultural workers to apply. Our cohorts are outspoken, active, and recognized advocates within their respective artistic or cultural communities who are actively pursuing projects of increasing scale and complexity.

This program is inclusive of and welcomes applications from all gender identities, sexual orientations, race, creed, age, national origins, economic positions, and physical and mental abilities.

*Participants will receive 100% scholarship to cover the tuition fees. 

Program Dates: January 10 - March 31, 2022
Application Deadline: November 16, 2021
Learn more and apply online:

Prizes Details: 

*Participants will receive 100% scholarship to cover the tuition fees. 

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Blooming Arts Festival




LINDEN, Tenn. - The charming town of Linden, Tenn. is pleased to invite artists and makers to the 14th annual Blooming Arts Festival, March 25-26, 2022. The Blooming Arts Festival is Linden’s annual signature event and one of the region’s leading outdoor festivals. More than 150 artists registered in 2021. Festival attendance (pre-pandemic) reached in-excess of 10,000. The robust turnout ensures vendor success, while offering something for everyone both in selection and in price. 

“We anticipate our 2022 festival to be the best yet,” said Hayley Byrd, executive director, Blooming Arts Festival. “Artists and festival goers, along with the people of Linden, are ready to resume some normalcy, and that includes special events, outdoor festivals and small-town fun.”

Linden’s downtown Main Street features wide sidewalks, retro lampposts, restored architecture, and beautifully landscaped trees; the perfect backdrop for showcasing creative arts and crafts. Past exhibitions have included fine art - oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, clay sculptures and photography. Fine hand-crafted artisans bring stained glass, leatherwork, jewelry, glass, furniture, fiber, quilting and numerous other displays of creativity. 

Kicking off the festival season in Tennessee, the staff of Blooming Arts 2022 looks forward to a great event. In addition to arts & crafts exhibitors, a full schedule of live music is planned for both days plus the always-popular Kids Zone, complete with rides and many fun activities. Blooming Arts Festival is free and open to the public


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GLUE - New Curator Platform



Folkestone Fringe announces the launch of a new curatorial platform, GLUE. Created in response to a year of cancelled degree shows, inaccessible studios and cuts to staff and budgets. GLUE tackles reports of dwindling opportunities for art students and facilitates exhibitions alongside the international Creative Folkestone Triennial.

GLUE launches with an open call running from 1st June - 1st July 2021. The open call welcomes submissions from artists, curators or collectives who are final year students, recent graduates and postgraduate students from UK art schools or alternative programmes.

We're seeking artists, curators and collectives who are energetic and entrepreneurial. This open call is for people who may have missed out on the catapult moments that degree shows can provide, and are looking to create opportunities that define their futures.

Part of the Folkestone Fringe Triennial programme, the commissions are for two separate contemporary exhibitions in Folkestone, the first taking place throughout September and the second taking place throughout October. Capitalising on the energy of the Creative Folkestone Triennial, GLUE requires proposals that are innovative and ambitious. We will be selecting two proposals for these opportunities.

Follow the project as it grows #GLUESouthEast

Prize Summary: 
£1800 fee per exhibition
Prizes Details: 

Alongside production, marketing and logistics support from our team, you will also recieve mentorship from select cultural professionals. Your exhibition budget totals £1800. You can choose how to distribute the funds; one example would be £300 for curator and £300 each for 5 artists


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OPEN CALL: Artist in Residence at Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague




Our resident Soyoung Bae during her performance ~ I missed you last night and the old lady at the window, AiR Petrohradská kolektiv 2019

Artist In Residence 2021 

Petrohradská kolektiv announces an open call for artists to participate in an international program Artist in Residence for the year 2021.

The residential program is intended for active artists, creators, and theoreticians, who desire independence and want space and technical support for working on their projects. That’s what the Petrohradská kolektiv AiR program offers in the heart of a multi-genre cultural center in Prague. The goal of the program is creating an open platform for international artistic dialogue, interconnection of different cultures, and support for emerging artists working with diverse media.

Residence is an opportunity for independent professional development, artistic exchange, networking, and experiments. Since accommodation and a studio are included, we prefer applicants from outside of Prague.

The resulting outputs of the residences will be showcased in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery at Petrohradská kolektiv complex. The main theme of the exhibition program of the gallery for 2021 is Chaos, therefore we ask the applicants to take this into account when applying with their projects.

Who are we looking for?

Residence is intended for creators with an interest in creative sharing and participation in the field of Prague contemporary art scene.

Prospective residents should introduce us concrete projects that would be realized within their stay in Prague. The final result of the residence is traditionally showcased in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, which is part of the Petrohradská kolektiv complex. Anyway, the form of the output can be adapted according to each project’s nature.

What do we offer?

  • Accommodation and a studio in the Petrohradská kolektiv complex
  • Covering the travel and material costs (up to 200€)
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Exhibition in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery (or an alternative)
  • Free entrance to all the events organized by Petrohradská kolektiv

The original idea behind Petrohradská kolektiv was to make a community space for creativity and art practice, where there’s a place for both efficient working and pleasant relaxing, where you can focus on your own projects and then take a break without the necessity of leaving the building. 

Within the AiR we provide technical support, promotion, and curatorial assistance. Travel and material costs are covered up to a maximum of 200€.

We know that a convenient working environment is fundamental, therefore within the residence we provide a shared studio with a workshop with basic equipment with an area of 60 square meters, a photo/video studio, and a recording studio. Each project requires different technical equipment, therefore the technology needed is consulted with each resident individually.

Each resident gets a private room in a 3-room apartment with a common area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The apartment is situated on the ground floor of the Petrohradská kolektiv building.

Petrohradská kolektiv organizes many cultural events within its complex. All of the selected residents get to attend these events for free.

Within the residential program, which works in parallel with these events, there’s an opportunity of collaboration with other artists and mentors from different cultural backgrounds. Thanks to that, residents can actively participate in various programs of Petrohradská kolektiv.

Residence conditions

Participation in the residential program requires communication skills in English or in Czech.

Each resident is obligated to prepare a final report of their stay including a photo documentation.

Residents of the AiR program of Petrohradská kolektiv are required to spend at least 75% of the duration of their stay in the place of the residence.

The stays include an author’s presentation (or its online equivalent) and an exhibition output or else

The residence must be completed within the specified period and it is not possible to interrupt it.

Because of the current situation, the stay is conditioned by submitting a confirmation of a negative test result for COVID-19. The cost of the test is not covered by Petrohradská kolektiv, but the resident themself.

Residence duration

AiR 2021 will take place between May 1 - November 30 2021.

When applying, please let us know about your preferred dates.

There are two types of residence:

1. Fully covered residence:

The fully covered residence doesn’t require any fee paid by the resident. All costs of accommodation and equipment described above will be covered by Petrohradská kolektiv.

The duration of the fully covered residence is 4-6 weeks, when the resident must finish their project and prepare it for the presentation in a form of exhibition. 

In the first round of the selection procedure, a maximum of 6 residents will be selected for the fully covered residence.

2. Residence covered by the resident:

For applicants who are not selected in the first round, there will be a possibility of joining the second round of selection procedure.

Applicants, who are selected in the second round, will be offered the same type of residence of a duration of 1-2 months for a 700€ fee per month, which will cover the costs of their stay. The projects within this type of residence won’t be showcased as a part of the program of Jedna Dva Tři Gallery.

There will be up to 12 residents chosen for the paid residence in the second round.

Petrohradská kolektiv can provide confirmations in forms of acceptance letters to prospective residents applying for external financial funding of their residence.

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