We welcome artists and organizers from diverse practices and backgrounds, researchers, curators, and critics for 1-3 months.


You will be immersed in Lisbon’s vibrant underground artistic community. Engaging in our eclectic program of events, schedule of exhibitions, and collaborating with community members.


Either as a resident or for those already in Lisbon, a studio residency.


We offer residents the possibility to explore techniques, concepts, ideas, and collaborations, to develop a final project.


Throughout, you will receive curatorial guidance and support from our welcoming community.


I AM HERE - a partnership, Studio Montclair and OutMontclair

Studio Montclair seeks entries for I AM HERE - a collaboration with OutMontclair
at the Studio Montclair Gallery located in the heart of Montclair from September
15 – October 20, 2023.
The exhibition, I AM HERE, is seeking submissions from artists whose work reflects
what it means to be queer and be ourselves. This theme can take many forms and is
open to interpretation! In the face of all the emotions we contend with, this showcase of
artwork is an opportunity to be heard about your anger, your hopes, your fears, and
your dreams! The title of the show expresses the joy and power queer communities feel
as they take up space, gather together, making themselves known to be heard and

Open Call for Research Projects - Fully Funded Residency in Madrid

Medialab is calling for three research projects to be developed, during a maximum period of one year, within the framework of the themes proposed by Medialab, and in dialogue with the activities of Medialab's annual program and the communities linked to it.

Medialab is a space for innovation and research that welcomes projects that are too exceptional to fit into the strict lines of academic research, often incapable of bringing together and intertwining diverse disciplines or intermediate positions between thought and practice. Medialab's mission is to solve as much as possible this institutional vacuum, welcoming and promoting ideas and projects that, despite their brilliance and transformative capacity, do not find their place in the more disciplinary public programs.

2023 Brendan Gill Prize

In 2022, what creative works inspired you and made you feel more connected to New York City? Are you an artist who made a piece in 2022 that represents the city's culture, history, and excitement? 

MAS invites members of the public, artists, producers, writers, and other creatives to submit nominations for the 2023 Brendan Gill Prize. Click here to submit a nomination today: 

The Gill Prize is given each year to the creator of a specific work; a book, essay, musical composition, play, painting, sculpture, film, or choreographic piece, that best captures the spirit and energy of New York City. The 2023 Gill Prize will be awarded to an honoree who created an exceptional work in 2022.

Palm Springs Iconic ARTS Iconic

ARTS ICONIC is thrilled to announce the official launch of the groundbreaking Palm Springs Iconic Artist Marketplace.

 This first Annual Artist Marketplace will be held at the Camelot Theatres, 2300 E. Baristo Road, Palm Springs, CA., benefitting Palm Springs Cultural Center.

  The Arts Iconic brand allows artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, and collectors the opportunity to buy directly from the artist.

  Fifty artists will be selected by jury to participate in this three-day event, scheduled for March 10-12, 2023. Jurors to be announced.

   March 10, 4-7pm: Opening Night MEET THE ARTISTS Reception. *ticketed event

   March 11 & 12, 9am-3pm: Open to the Public *free admission


Canto Cutie is looking for art and literature for Volume 5

Canto Cutie is an art and literature zine that features the work of the Cantonese diaspora. Artists and writers who identify as Cantonese can submit their work at We are looking for visual arts, photography, short stories, poetry, and more. Submissions about the protests in Hong Kong can be kept anonymous. We publish for a bilingual English and Cantonese speaking audience. Free to submit. Deadline: June 1, 2022.


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