Enterprise Works - Social Enterprise Training for Artists

Enterprise Works is a unique and practical business programme with a focus on Social Enterprise aimed at socially engaged artists and creatives who are looking to make social impact within their practice.

Led by Creativity Works and the University of Bath, it explores an array of ideas and tools that will enable you to be sustainable and effective as an artist, and to thrive as a social entrepreneur.

We believe that having a thorough grasp of business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy can futureproof your career and be the springboard for increasing your income, making more social impact, and establishing a network of employment opportunities.




 The World is a Hologram

Dating back to antiquity, theories which want us living in a hologram, apart from science fiction can also be endorsed by scientific data. Those who believe in the holographic theory of the universe, support that everything we know in our world are three dimensional depictions of data, stored in a two-dimensional form somewhere at the edge of our universe. This automatically means that we are all closely bonded with everything around us, as part of one large unity where the present, past, and future coexist simultaneously.

Seeking Featured Panelists / Guests / Participants for our Online Artistic Inspirational Programming

Artists and Creatives to serve as Featured Panelists for our Supportive Online Roundtables, as Featured Guest on the Love City Arts TV Show / Podcast, and to participate in the #ShareMyLoveThroughArt Photo Project.

We are an emerging and supportive Arts Encouragement Platform that centers #CommunityOverCompetiton!

For additional details and to sign-up, log-on to website and click the "Submissons" link on the Main Site.

If you have additional questions, chat with us via our Live Chat on our site.

***Share this with other artists/creatives that would be interested in participating.***

Call for Artists - The Sun - Wake up screaming #12

This solstice month, as the evening stretches out and nearly touches the morning, we are dedicating our pages to the exploration of The Sun. 

Are you an artist working with The Sun? Do you work with astrology? Perhaps you dedicate all of your art to a particular planet in our solar system? Maybe you worship the sun as your primary deity? Or perhaps you just enjoy sitting in the sun and watching the light it throws through the branches and leaves.

Callout for Artists - All in the Mind Festival


All in the Mind is an arts festival aimed at raising the conversation around mental health. 

We are officially now open to ideas. Do you you have a burning idea you can’t wait to bring to life at this year’s All in the Mind festival? Take a look at our artist callout on our website to see what we are looking for this year.

NOW OPEN… Closing date for applications is April 6th 2018, but don’t hesitate to apply.

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Is Accepting Entries!

An Excellent Opportunity for Artists at Any Stage of Their Career


February 6, 2018


The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (CIFAC) opens February 6th.


For the past 33 years, the CIFAC has provided artists with an invaluable opportunity to present their art in New York City and gain critical exposure in the international art world.


With awards valued at $70,000 — including cash prizes, magazine profiles, PR opportunities, and an exhibition in New York City’s famed Chelsea art district— the CIFAC is one of the best resources available for artists looking for a way to take their career to the next level.



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