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Fantastic Beings: Body Sculpting & Assemblage Workshop





In the Fantastic Beings workshop, Spanish multidisciplinary artist Iria Do Castelo will teach you how to build a human-like sculpture using plaster bandages, homemade paper mache, clay and found objects. The workshop is designed to give an opportunity to participants to improve their creative process and explore new paths of sculpture and assemblage together with an established artist.

The workshop is suitable for anyone, artist or not, from 18 and above. All materials will be provided, but participants are also encouraged to bring along curious objects that they may wish to incorporate into their sculptures. Registration is required.

SomoS presents the Fantastic Beings workshop that is held by Iria do Castelo as a way to highlight the imaginative opportunities that are possible when sculpture, assemblage and the body come together. Inspired by Gothic art, eroticism, dreams and the dark depths of the human psyche, in her own work, do Castelo creates perverse and disruptive settings in which sculpture draws on emotion rather than formal rules. What often emerges from do Castelo’s creative process are fantastical creatures that bear resemblance to human figures. With do Castelo as a guide and teacher, participants of the Fantastic Beings workshop will be led to replicate their own bodies, transforming their moulds into new non-human, biomorphic compositions with the aid of assemblage techniques.
The possibilities are infinite.

Fantastic Beings workshop
Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8, 10am-6pm
60 euros for both days, including material (can bring additional objects)
Language : English

The workshop is open to anyone, artist or not, from 18 years and above. Please register by sending an email to

Deadline December 1st

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Assemblage International Artist Call




Our latest artist call is seeking artists that embrace the use of found objects in their work. Artwork entered to this open call should demonstrate the use found and reclaimed material, creating objects of beauty out of what could be considered junk.

[Assemblage. and Found. Objects. Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-‐dimensional composition is made from putting together found objects. Assemblage, like collage, creates meaning through the association of juxtaposed objects.]

Artists may send in a portfolio of up to six images for consideration. Selected artists will be featured in issue seven, artists will be featured in various categories; half pages and full pages of artwork and text (including full crediting) and a selection of artists will be invited to participate in an interview about their work for a double page spread.  

Non refundable admission fee of £8

Deadlines for entry is the 15th July 2019

There are no other entry requirements, this competition is open to all.

submissions will be reviewed by the Murze team after the deadline on the 15th July, a selection of artists will be featured in the magazine. Selected artists will receive exposure both online and in Issue Seven. All work entered to this project will be featured in an online portfolio on our website after the launch of issue seven.



Entry Fee:

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Jurors John Hundt, Sherry Parker, Cecil Touchon

Today, the mediums of collage and assemblage – deeply rooted in the early 20th century – have spun in a myriad of marvelous directions. We are celebrating this mixed-media evolution with an exhibition of the most outstanding work today from collage and assemblage artists around the world. We encourage you to enter your work in this first major California international exhibition in decades devoted specifically to the medium.  We expect “marvelous” press, attention, and visitors!

- Exhibition Dates: January 6 - February 12, 2017. Opening Reception January 6, 6-7:30 pm
- Deadline Submissions: Wednesday, November 9, 2016
  ONLINE applications ONLY,  via
-  Non-refundable Entry Fees 
   SCA Members $15 per entry or 3 entries for $35 (membership is $40 annually) 
   Non-members $20 per entry or 3 entries for $50
-  At Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S.High Street, Sebastopol CA 95472
-  Open a prospectus with info HERE

Detailed information also on

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3/$35 member, 3/$50 nonmember
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