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Catch is commissioning artwork for their Safety Net Series, which will consist of ten different pieces to answer to the question, “What does a safety net mean to you?” Artists are encouraged to use their own experience and feelings. 

  • Artwork Concept Summary (200 words max) due to July 6 
  • Once approved, you will be matched with a videographer from Blended Sense that will film a portion of our creation process, a moving portrait of you and an audiogram. You will be able to use these assets once finalized. 
  • We will be scheduling appointments with the videographers (bein cautious of distancing) to film your process between July 3 - 10. 
  • Any medium is welcome, but the piece should be optimized for 12’’x12’’ display.
  • Austin area resident strongly preferred. 
  • Commission for a piece is $100, (plus shipping of piece if required).


Catch provides a safety net for creatives. Automated tax withholding, retirement investment, and health insurance enrollment make it easy to stay on top of the most important benefits and is based in Boston, MA.

Blended Sense is a media-tech company that connects the right creative professionals to the right projects locally, to produce and distribute digital assets quickly and is based in Austin, TX.

It's free to sign-up for Catch if you want to learn more about the app. You can use code ATX2020 for a $25 bonus after saving $100 if interested.


Prize Summary: 
$100/per piece
Prizes Details: 

If you're one of the ten selected you'll recieve $100 after the piece is completed.


Entry Fee:

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