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Open Call Green Hill Gallery, EXHIBITION MAY 2022






Green Hill Gallery is pleased to announce the open call for the new exhibition on the topic of the Notion of Normalcy, which will take place between 20.05.2022 to 19.08.2022.

The exhibition seeks to explore what normalcy means to us nowadays, as we experience unprecedented times to a whole new degree. We seek to investigate the positive and negative aspects of what people deem to be “normal” and how our fabrication of this concept can help and hurt us. As we reach a crossroads in history, we must now consider in which direction we would like to push ourselves as a society.

We invite emerging and established artists working in any medium from Berlin and all over the world to participate in this call, as long as the topic is explored through the artwork. Please be aware that, since the Green Hill Gallery is run by the non-profit organization Kulturschöpfer e.V., accepted artists living outside Berlin will have to take care of the transportation of their artworks.



Topic: The Notion of Normalcy

No matter who you are or where you are from, it is likely that the events of the last two years have drastically challenged your perception of what is normal. Our grasp on what is “normal” is becoming evermore tenuous. Just as we seem to be heading towards a renewed sense of familiarity, under the context of Covid, something else seems to be thrown at us, such as the war in Ukraine. What even is normal anymore, in this strangely uncertain, absurdly inconceivable world?

The notion of normalcy has a myriad of varied connotations associated with it. In some contexts, normalcy is how one conducts their day through routines and systems. However, what is normal for me is likely not normal for you. The normal we experience in the city of Berlin – a hotspot and breeding ground for alternative cultures and communities – certainly shows its contrasts against a city such as Paris or London. That being said, when the world fixates on the notion of “returning to normal” in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does that mean? Is normal something that even exists universally? Perhaps it is just something we have fabricated for the sake of providing comfort and a sense of control over our existence.

More importantly, we must ask ourselves if this nostalgia for “normal” is even a good thing. Do we even want to go back to the way things were? These last two years have exposed the open wounds of our societies. Black Lives Matter and global climate strikes forced the world to reckon with our role on this planet. However, equally pressing issues such as the famine in Yemen and the economic crisis in Lebanon – as well as many others – have been overlooked by many and under-considered in regards to their impact on the world. These issues have forced us to consider what kind of world we want to be living in.

Furthermore, achieving “normal” can be dangerous. When catastrophic events are eventually regarded as normal – think, the war in Afghanistan, extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa – people become desensitized and possibly stop caring. So how can we hearken upon the positive aspects of normalcy while also dispelling the negative ones that hold us back from our greatest potential?


Questions we want to explore through this exhibition:

  • What can be achieved if we let go of the construct of “normal”?
  • To what extent is normalcy something we should be trying to achieve or how do we need to let go of our aspirations for going “back to normal,” given what we have seen in the last two years?
  • During these turbulent and transformative times, our vulnerabilities in society have been exposed. How can we take advantage of this changed perspective to redefine what is normal and change the trajectory of our future?
  • Does the construct of “normalcy” inform us and help us understand where we stand in society in a healthy way? Or does it hold us back from greater potential?

If you are ready to reflect these questions through your art, read more and apply here: 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
10 Euro
Contact & Links: 

Green Hill Gallery, Exhibition GENERATION P3 2022





Maybe you heard of generation X,Y or Z  but have you heard of Generation P3? Do you know where they live, how they live? It is not a generation of the past and not of the future but rather a timeless one. It is a generation that is inclusive and not based on age, gender, culture, religion or any possible dividing factor that humans created. It’s a generation that believes in prosperity not only in the financial sense but in all possible aspects of life. It’s a generation that is in harmony and in a reciprocal relationship with planet earth beyond just consuming. 

It’s a generation that shares a common purpose and shared values of the 3Ps: People, Prosperity and Planet.

We invite the artists of different medium to participate in Open Call of group exhibition Generation P3. 

Group exhibition Generation P3 will take place in Green Hill Gallery (Grünberger Straße, 13, Berlin 10243) from January. 14 till March. 5, 2022. 

Application is open till November. 25, 2021 23:59. 

  • What is possible if we expand the definition of sustainability to include people, prosperity and planet? How will this impact our day to day life, actions, decisions and attitude towards the future? 
  • What is our relationship with the future and how do we see our role in shaping it?
  • How do we create communities where we can all belong?
  • What does growth mean?  How are we growing in ways that benefit life and humanity?
  • How can we all live in harmony with the earth and one another and create more reciprocal relationships beyond just consuming?
  • How do we want the future generations to tell our stories? What kind of “ancestors” do we want to be?

If you are ready to reflect these questions through your art read more and apply here:

We are looking forward to meet you! 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
10.00 Euro
Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Disabled / Chronically ill artists!






DANCE and Disability

POC - Chronically ill / Disabled-Bodied Performers


Casting chronically ill/ disabled-bodied movers of Latino, Asian or African origin/nationality/migration for a new choreographic work.


Please contact for further details.

Videos, CV and any personal information you’d like to share is very welcome!


Project Rehearsal Dates: July -September 2021 in Berlin

Application Deadline: June 19th 2021

in collaboration with Making a Difference/ Berlin,Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Green Hill Gallery EXHIBITION SPRING 2021





Green Hill Gallery is pleased to announce the open call for the new exhibition on the topic of identity, connectivity and community. This exhibition wants to be a journey in the discovery of what identity means nowadays and how it can be influenced by changes, as well as by the way one connects with oneself, others and the outside world. It challenges artists to explore the confrontation between showing oneself to oneself and showing oneself to others.

We invite emerging and established artists working in any medium from Berlin and from all over the world to participate in this call, as long as the topic is explored through the artwork. Please be aware that, since the Green Hill Gallery is run by the non-profit organization Kulturschöpfer e.V., accepted artists living outside Berlin will have to take care of the transportation of their artworks.

The exhibition will be displayed in our Green Hill Gallery and will be part of our diverse identity project. The project will entail additional events to explore the concept of identity and connectivity from different perspectives (online and/or offline, depending on the Coronavirus regulations).


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Beuys for Future





International Exhibition

26.3.2021 – 4.6.2021

The German artist Joseph Beuys, important today for sustainable art, would have celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2021. Our project “Group Global 3000” is an embodiment his concept of the “social sculpture”. With the art we exhibit, its worldwide appeal, our togetherness and our ecological and economic practice, we want to stimulate the discourse for a sustainable world.

For Documenta 7, Joseph Beuys planted a total of 7,000 oak trees in Kassel, Germany, between 1982 and 1987. Commenting on his ecological artwork “Art-Nature-Culture” planned for Hamburg during this time, Beuys said, “The destruction is there, it has already progressed so far that it seems to many scientists to be irreparable.” Today, the Fridays For Future movement urges us to take scientists seriously.

We see his phrase “Everyone is an artist” as empowering people to create their future in a sustainable way. The power of Beuys can help us today to solve our global, existential climate crisis: We are inspired by his credibility, his interest in ecology, and his political society-changing action art.

We call on artists to join his perspective and submit works that address the climate crisis and the Sustainable Goals of the UN in the spirit of Joseph Beuys and address a sustainable future.

Open Call

Application deadline 14.2.2021

In an open call, we invite artists world-wide to submit contributions to the theme described above for a group exhibition in our exhibition space.

Disciplines: Object, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, video, sound is also possible. A performative contribution such as performance, VJ or similar for the vernissage, artist talk or finissage is desired.

Since the Corona crisis still requires restrictions, we will adjust the exhibition organization and program accordingly. We are planning analog and digitally, with a commented video tour, an online gallery, open video events.

Artists whose works do not conceptually address the announced theme will not be considered.

International works: We gladly accept letters and videos. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept packages from abroad. The processing effort, shipping costs, transit times and the difficulty of timely delivery in Berlin are simply too great.

We offer: Exhibition space with equipment, bar, advertising by e-mail, various websites and social media as well as web and print flyers, presentation of work texts, the lecture, and documentation.

We do not take any fee for application, exhibition, etc. We are an independent, self-organized artist-run space and work on a voluntary basis. For artworks sent by post, we ask that senders include the return postage. Unfortunately, there is no budget for production, further technical equipment, transport or insurance (the room is lockable). We look forward to a good working relationship and agreement to the rules (gg3 rules regeln 2020) of cooperation.

Individual artists or artist groups can apply online.

Presence: The presence of regional artists is desired for the vernissage and the artist talk as is hosting the gallery during opening hours on one day during the exhibition. (Due to COVID-restrictions, this is currently not applicable.)

Click here for the online application form

Q and A Calls for applications GG3

Q: Is there a way to review my submission to confirm that it was submitted correctly?
A: This is not necessary if the submission was accepted and you received a confirmation email.

Q: Would you recommend submitting only new artwork applications, and if so, will this affect my application?
A: No, it doesn’t matter. What matters is a strong connection to the announced theme and artistic quality.

Q: I am unable to upload the CV and exhibition list.
A: Only pdf and doc formats are accepted, max 10 MB. No docx or odt!

Q: I made a mistake, can I correct my application?
A: No problem, we will make correction for all works accepted.

Q: How do I submit multiple works?
A: Close the first application and reopen the form.

Q: Is it still possible to send you an application by e-mail?
A: It is no longer possible to send an application by e-mail due to the workload of the jury.

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick


Vernissage. 26.3.2021

Artist talk 9.4.

Lecture ca. 23.4.

Workshop 11.5. for artists “Living sustainability in work, material and everyday life” How far do we want and manage to live sustainability?

Finissage 4.6.


53rd exhibition , Curator Tom Albrecht.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Ambactia Memoria





Ambactia Memoria is a group exhibition to be presented at SomoS Art House Berlin between March 2-13 2021, coinciding with the Berlin Travel Festival as an alternative critical venue. Applications are welcome that deconstruct the idea of Hispanicness and/or collectively imagine its transformation. Ambactia Memoria offers artists, critics and activists an open framework to articulate non-normative artistic positions and peripheral perspectives regarding tradition, memory and identities positioned in relation to the Hispanic. 

Curated by Vanesa Peña Alarcón (ES), the exhibition takes as a starting point an institutional critique of the global stereotypical representation of the Hispanic by international diplomatic organizations and cultural institutes. In Peña’s view, this representation of the Hispanic or the concept of Hispanicness, is a form of patronization of people’s history, collective memory and subjectivities, a one-sided perspective that doesn’t allow for a real inclusion of transculturalism.

Contributions may reflect on:

- The international (re)presentation of so-called “Spanish-speaking cultures” and the politics of the Hispanic gaze. Can the Hispanx speak? 

- The rise of national cultural identities vs “Otherness” (racial, gender, sexual, able-bodied, class oligarchies…).

- How can traditions be made anew, moving away from national identity? 

- The interconnection between decolonial perspectives, patriarchy and gender (eg. Cuir Theory as a critical displacement from Queer Theory, trans*feminist imaginary, ecofeminisms, cyberfeminisms, indigenous feminism...).

- The role of (post)memory in visual culture. How can memory be used to deal with (intergenerational) trauma? How can forms of oppression become challenged through the expression of (inter)personal experience? 


Spanish version:

Ambactia Memoria es una exposición colectiva que tendrá lugar en SomoS Art House Berlín entre el 2 y el 13 de marzo de 2021, coincidiendo con el Berlin Travel Festival como un espacio crítico alternativo. El objetivo de dicha exposición es el de invitar a artistas y públicos a deconstruir la idea de la Hispanidad e imaginar colectivamente su transformación. Críticos, activistas y artistas son llamados a articular y explorar lenguajes y prácticas artísticas no normativas con respecto a conceptos como el de tradición, memoria e identidades en relación con lo hispano.

Comisariada por Vanesa Peña Alarcón (ES), Ambactia Memoria toma como punto de partida la crítica institucional hacia la representación estereotipada de lo denominado como hispano por parte de organizaciones diplomáticas internacionales e institutos culturales. Para Peña, esta representación de lo hispano o el concepto mismo de hispanidad, es una forma de administración falaz de la historia, la memoria colectiva y las subjetividades, una perspectiva unilateral que excluye toda reparación y realidad transcultural.

Las contribuciones deben reflexionar sobre:

- La (re)presentación internacional de las denominadas “culturas hispanas” y las políticas de la mirada hispana. ¿Puede hablar el hispanx? 

- El auge de las identidades culturales nacionales frente a “la otredad” (oligarquías raciales, de género, sexuales, de clase, funcionales...).

- ¿Cómo se puede reimaginar el concepto de tradición alejándose de dichas identidades nacionales? ¿Es posible reapropiarse de las propias tradiciones?

- La interrelación entre decolonialidad, patriarcado y género (ej. la Teoría Cuir como desplazamiento crítico desde la Teoría Queer, el imaginario trans*feminista, los ecofeminismos, los ciberfeminismos, el feminismo indígena...).

- El papel de la (post)memoria en la cultura visual. ¿De qué manera puede emplearse la memoria para lidiar con el trauma (intergeneracional)? ¿Cómo pueden desafiarse las formas de opresión mediante el testimonio de la experiencia (inter)personal? 

Prizes Details: 

English version:

SomoS is an artist-run initiative, therefore financial support is limited. While we are working on the funding, the exhibition is not currently subsidized by third parties. In the Berlin area, SomoS can assist with, or arrange transportation and may assist in installing and helping in the creation of new work in the exhibition space according to the artist’s concept. 


Spanish version:

SomoS es una iniciativa dirigida por artistas, por lo tanto el apoyo financiero es limitado. Mientras trabajamos en conseguir formas de financiación, esta exposición no está actualmente subvencionada por terceros. En el área metropolitana de Berlín, SomoS puede ayudar con el transporte de obra, así como con la instalación y creación de obras nuevas en el espacio expositivo de acuerdo con el concepto del artista.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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