The MindAIness performance art open call explores the intersection of art, technology, and ethics, with a focus on the mindful consideration of AI in society. The event aims to spark conversations about the ethical considerations surrounding AI development and use, highlighting the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI. 

Performances will explore themes such as the relationship between AI and human emotions and experiences, the impact of AI on society and the environment, and gendered power dynamics in AI's impacts. 

A sense of place - take part in PEP's group exhibition in Berlin

The selected artists will take part in a group show at B-Part Exhibition, the gallery of B-Part Am Gleisdreieck in Berlin in April 2023.


Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence Berlin

Scope BLN – Artists-in-Residence (AiR) program is announcing an open call to artists working in all fields of contemporary arts.

Deadline – October 7th (Friday), 2022

The start of the program is in the second half of March / first half of April, 2023.

What does Scope BLN AiR offer?

- A single fully furnished room with bathroom

- Shared kitchen (with one other artist)
- A working studio
- Guidance in exploring Berlin and its art scene - Co-working sessions with the AiR director

- Possibility of presentations, short-term projects and implementation of workshops in Scope BLN Cinema Room

Open Call Green Hill Gallery, EXHIBITION MAY 2022

Green Hill Gallery is pleased to announce the open call for the new exhibition on the topic of the Notion of Normalcy, which will take place between 20.05.2022 to 19.08.2022.

The exhibition seeks to explore what normalcy means to us nowadays, as we experience unprecedented times to a whole new degree. We seek to investigate the positive and negative aspects of what people deem to be “normal” and how our fabrication of this concept can help and hurt us. As we reach a crossroads in history, we must now consider in which direction we would like to push ourselves as a society.

Green Hill Gallery, Exhibition GENERATION P3 2022

Maybe you heard of generation X,Y or Z  but have you heard of Generation P3? Do you know where they live, how they live? It is not a generation of the past and not of the future but rather a timeless one. It is a generation that is inclusive and not based on age, gender, culture, religion or any possible dividing factor that humans created. It’s a generation that believes in prosperity not only in the financial sense but in all possible aspects of life. It’s a generation that is in harmony and in a reciprocal relationship with planet earth beyond just consuming. 

It’s a generation that shares a common purpose and shared values of the 3Ps: People, Prosperity and Planet.

Open Call for Disabled / Chronically ill artists!


DANCE and Disability

POC - Chronically ill / Disabled-Bodied Performers


Casting chronically ill/ disabled-bodied movers of Latino, Asian or African origin/nationality/migration for a new choreographic work.


Please contact for further details.

Videos, CV and any personal information you’d like to share is very welcome!


Project Rehearsal Dates: July -September 2021 in Berlin

Application Deadline: June 19th 2021

in collaboration with Making a Difference/ Berlin,Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.


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