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OPEN CALL - Exgirlfriend Gallery Exhibition Opportunity




Exgirlfriend​ is now accepting proposals for our 2019 exhibition cycle

Submissions will be accepted from October 2nd, 2018 until December 10th, 2018. No late proposals will be accepted. All proposals should be submitted digitally in PDF format to

Exgirlfriend is a contemporary gallery and artist studio space located in the Steglitz neighborhood of Berlin. Founded and curated by Elena Feijoo, we are devoted to exhibiting artists from all backgrounds, generations, dispositions and disciplines. We focus on bodies of work that are traditionally not found in commercial spaces, blurring the line between project space and gallery. We host seven exhibitions a year, each coming from our open call. We believe the format of the open call is a great equalizer which benefits our space as much as it gives new opportunities to a much larger scope of artists. Our goal is to support artists by presenting high quality and daring exhibitions and through marketing, promoting, and selling their work. For more information on our exhibiting artists and our previous programmes, please see

The space contains one large exhibition space, a medium sized storage space/kitchen and three studio spaces. At this time, all studio spaces are full. We also host a series of artist presentations, visits, talks, and curated events which can coincide with our main exhibitions.


Exhibitions run for 3 weeks unless otherwise specified and agreed. The reviewing process will start in December at the end of the open call and the announcements on exhibition decisions will be made in January. Our first exhibition will begin in March 2019. Last year we did not contact those that did not receive an exhibition in our schedule which we will rectify this year. Everyone will receive a decision by the end of January.

If your proposal is in the final round of considerations, you will receive an email from our staff asking to organize a meeting either in person or via Skype. If selected, we will contact you to welcome you to the 2019 year with a package of information and details regarding your potential exhibition and to determine a time slot.

Once Exgirlfriend accepts a proposal, we put much of the decision making into the hands of the artists, giving artists and curators the freedom to actualize their ideas in a physical space. Our managing director will work one on one with each group or artist to execute the exhibition in the best way possible. Although we are a commercial gallery (we do suggest applicants take that into account) we have always exhibited typically non-commercial presentations such as installations and site specific works.


Proposals should clearly articulate and present (1) an exhibition idea which strongly considers the gallery’s aesthetic focus and physical space and (2) the current work of the artist/s. It should ​not​ focus on artist’s past work or experience, although a CV is required.

Specificity and clarity are key (!)

All artists involved must provide a website with up to date examples of their current work.

Proposals will be judged on quality/feasibility of exhibition proposal and quality of artist’s recent work.

Please specify in headline of email along with desired time of year(Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter 2019 etc) whether you are applying for a:

- Solo exhibit
- Two person exhibit - Curatorial project
- other

If an artist would like to submit their portfolio or a certain body of work for consideration to be curated into a show arranged by the Exgirlfriend curatorial board, this is also accepted. Proposal focus should then be on specific project or body of work.

Format of Proposals

Exgirlfriend accepts all types of proposals, there are no guidelines or restrictions on length, image size, quantity etc. the ONLY requirement is that they are submitted as one PDF file with the following elements included:

1)Title page/introduction/overview
2)Proposal (or images of work)
3)Artist CV(for each artist) including website
3)Fee Receipt
Specific images of the proposed work, even in progress, are encouraged.

If proposal is a video format, a link can be accepted.


A 30 euro proposal fee is required to complete an application submission. This helps provide small grants for production as well as help cover other costs that directly affect our ability to create an experimental space and not just a commercially focused gallery. Please include a receipt of transfer in your PDF packet. The fee must be received before December 10th for all applications or application will not be considered. Please email us directly for information on where to submit the fee. 

For any and all other questions, please email us at ​​. We look forward to reviewing your proposals and wish you the best of luck.

All the best,

Elena Feijoo

Managing Director


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