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Hello, fellow creatives! My name is Nora Novak and I’m a video editor by day and DIY filmmaker, writer, and artist by night. I’ve recently completed a passion project, the writing of a short story called “Beautiful Foot" that I’m ready to turn into a picture book! After exploring avenues of publication, I’ve decided to self-publish. While I love art and have a few of my own skills, the idea of illustrating an entire book does not bring me joy. What WOULD bring me joy is to collaborate with other artists to help bring the story to life. 

I’m looking for around 20 artists to illustrate one scene each, with all collaborators receiving credit in the book. Since I’m just one person and not independently wealthy, my desire is to find artists willing to donate their work. However, I understand the value of time, energy, and talent, so I’ve scraped together a budget that would allow me to pay a modest $50 flat fee per artist. Whether you choose to donate your work or to accept the commission, my biggest hope is that the story speaks to you and inspires you in some way.

“Beautiful Foot” is a fable about an innocent foot who is plucked from the countryside and whisked to the city to become a star and the tragic consequences that follow. I wrote it for adults, but I’ve been told it can serve as a children’s book. (I say it depends on the child, as the theme is a bit dark. But you may judge for yourself.)

I’m accepting submissions through June 25, 2020. Please send me your online portfolio or photos of your pieces along with a short statement about yourself and what draws you to this project. You don’t have to be an established artist or even very experienced. I just want to know a little about you, your aesthetic, and that you can deliver high-quality digital files of your finished work. There is no limit to what media you use; paint, ink, digital, collage, diorama, whatever—they’re all exciting to me.

If you are selected, I’ll send you the story and indicate which scene I’d like you to illustrate along with applicable specs and requirements. You will have four weeks to complete your artwork and will be paid upon delivery (unless, of course, you choose to donate).

Thanks so much for reading. I’m very excited about sharing my story and your art with the world and I look forward to seeing your submissions!



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