call for performance artists

Baroque Blue Art Residency 2023

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency

(Visual Arts & Performing Arts)

“A sensory journey in the past and return to future”

Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce), Italy 

From 14 to 26 July 2023

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

Management: Primo Piano LivinGallery




a project by Centrale Fies

deadline 30th April 2020

curated by Barbara Boninsegna and Simone Frangi
with Mentor 2020 Krystel Khoury


Since its creation, Live Works has been conceived as a gathering of living bodies as well as a moment of strong proximity allowing forms of collective intelligence and commons of competences to emerge.

The current sanitary crisis imposes physical distancing upon us and creates deep uncertainty in how to imagine our futures together and the shape this togetherness could eventually take. 

Calling For Performance Artists And Musicians To Crypton International Art Festival In Barcelona

Artness System invites you to burn your lights faster as an international performance artists and musicians ! Your lights depicts to rising creativity in the each artists' approach from all over. Let's imagine our future through art in all techniques. We can shape the future with each burning lights... Raise your hand and let's move together ! You will find the application form to join us for the exciting art festival between 18-23 December !
Application is free and participant artist will be had some opportunities by Artness Group :

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