Contemporary | 5th Edition | Call For Artists

Have you ever wondered if your art is good enough? 


There is no secret that most of the artists have this inner dialogue where they ask questions and compare their work with those of their idols and this brings a lot of confusion and anxiety- “Is My Work Good Enough, Is It Contemporary”?


Well- any work of art in any style has the potential to become great even a simple line on a piece of paper and even the great artists that are now Legends had the same questions during their life. 


The purpose of this exhibition is to create a dialogue between artists, artworks and the audience and to demonstrate that any form of art in any style can be successful. 


Superpresent Spring Issue

The theme for the Spring issue is Spectacle and Speculation.
We are seeking poetry, short stories, essays, experimental art, video, sound art, all forms of visual art as well as asemic writing,

New Art, New Wave | Call For Artists

What makes it New, what makes it Contemporary? 


While there is tendency for new and unexplored themes and techniques in contemporary art we can also notice that classic works like a landscape or a realistic portrait have come back into the high street galleries and so we ask ourselves, what is the New Wave? 


Is it digital, classical, a balance between craft and ideas or a mix of them all? 


This exhibition is meant to promote and support  contemporary artists with the aim of promoting excellence in the field of art and also to explore the New Wave in contemporary art through the eyes of the artists. 


This Exhibition Will Take Place At Our Gallery Space In Tower Bridge Area, London Uk. 


February PleinAir Salon $33,000 Online Art Competition

The PleinAir Salon $33,000 Art Competition is a monthly online competition consisting of 19 categories. We award over $33,000 each year for this competition. The Annual Grand Prize winner receives a check for $15,000 and is featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine. We award an additional $6,500 to the annual winners and award $1,100 monthly to the top three winners of each competition as well as a People’s Choice Award. Each of the 23 monthly winners will be automatically entered into the Annual Competition. The annual awards are presented live at the Plein Air Convention & Expo each spring.


Nature's Endurance | Call For Artists

We are now open for submissions for our upcoming exhibition: Nature’s Endurance.

Held as part of Artworks's The Joys of Nature 2023 events season, this exhibition is designed to create space for taking notice of the natural world around us, and considering our impact upon it.

Organised by two students from the University of York, Ellie Yang and Rachael Chadwick, we welcome submissions from all of artworks that take notice of the natural world and consider the impact of humans upon it.

Submissions of artwork should respond to the state of nature around us and the ways in which it endures. We are looking for works which explore (but are not limited to) the themes of:

101 contemporary artists an more.../ Book Edition

Collect Art continues publishing books of '101 contemporary artists and more...', which include painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, textile, illustration, collage, digital art, installation, architecture, and in addition literature, researched-based texts, fictional and non-fictional stories, poems and short stories.

Eligibility: Open to all nationalities and to any aged 18 and above, artists working in different media, and writers/researchers.

There is no theme.


All published artists and writers will receive a complimentary digital issue of the book which will be promoted on our website/social media.

In addition, each of them will receive the link for ordering the hard copy of the Book.



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