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International Film Festival calling for Entries, FFIFA, Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards 福爾摩沙國際電影節徵件




FFIFA, Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards, is a non-profit and non-governmental arts and cultural organization based in Taiwan. Although FFIFA is the beggest international independent film festival in Taiwan, all operations are assisted by sister film festivals, co-screening units, and film exhibition volunteers from all over the world. FFIFA is dedicated to providing filmmakers an international platform for networking, sharing, and exchange for filmmaking resources and experience, focusing on the environment, encouraging various new types of visual creation, connecting independent filmmakers from both Taiwan and the rest of the world. By means of gathering talented filmmakers and showcasing independent films, we hope the filmmakers from all over the world can get to know more about Taiwan and gain more creative inspiration and filmmaking partners by eating, moving, living, networking, and watching films on this beautiful island.

Due to the epidemic, FFIFA will start adding online screenings and other online events such as post-screening panels in 2021, and will focus more on the exchanges between FFIFA and sister film festivals around the world, and strive to spread more filmmakers’ works to the world through the network of sister film festivals. As for the on-site events, FFIFA will no longer pursue luxury and external forms but will seek the personality of FFIFA, and further implement the purpose of film-maker network and communication, strengthen the connection between the film festival and the community, and hope that the film festival can also be moved forward toward the direction of environmentally friendly and placemaking.


At present, FFIFA has cooperative relationships with many film festivals in the world. We recommend film lists to each other for competition categories or non-competitive screening categories and provide each other with discount codes on film festival submissions. The current sister festivals include the NICH (Belize International Film Festival), Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, and the British Beeston Film Festival, Belize International Film Festival, Eurasian Film Festival, Door County Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Fukuoka Independent Film Festival, Kyoto Video Party, Seattle Taiwanese Film Festival, and Everyday Arias Film Festival, etc.


★ 影展簡介(Mandarin)






フォルモサ国際映画祭 (FFIFA) は、台湾を拠点とする非営利、非政府の芸術および文化団体です。すべての運営は、世界中の姉妹映画祭、共同上映ユニット、および映画展のボランティアによって支援されています。FFIFAの目的は、台湾と世界の若い独立したイメージ クリエーターを結び付け、環境保護、エコロジー、地元の文化に注意を払い、新しいスタイルのイメージの作成を奨励​​することです。 FFIFA は、世界中の優れた映画製作者を台湾に集め、さまざまな国の映画監督が相互にコミュニケーションするためのプラットフォームを提供し、台湾の監督と国際的なクリエイターとのつながりを促進し、より大きなクリエイティブ ネットワークを構築することを望んでいます。グローバルな勧誘を開始するだけでなく、フェスティバル期間中のグローバル映画の制作者が、より多くのインスピレーションを得て、より多くのクリエイティブ パートナーを知り、台湾の都市での移動、生活、コミュニケーションの過程で、FFIFA を通じて台湾のより多くの側面を知ることができることを望んでいます。



Prize summary: 
Trophy, Certificates and Laurels
Prizes Details: 

Awards & Prizes

- Premiere Category - 榮譽重點獎

Grand Jury Board Award (評審團大獎)

Special Jury Award(評審團特別獎)


- Main Category - 主要大獎

Best Picture (最佳電影)

Best Short Film(最佳短片)

Best Environmental Friendly & Placemaking Short Film(最佳友善環境與地方創生短片)

Best World Healing against COVID-19 Theme Short Film(最佳疫情相關療癒短片)

Best Smartphone Short Film(最佳手機創作短片)

Best Asian Picture(最佳亞洲電影)

Best Asian Short Film(最佳亞洲短片)

Best Documentary Picture(最佳紀錄片)

Best Documentary Short Film(最佳紀錄短片)

Best Animated Short(最佳動畫短片)

Best Action / Sci-Fi Short(最佳動作科幻短片)

Best Horror / Thriller Short(最佳恐怖驚悚短片)

Best Commercial / Promotional Films(最佳廣告宣傳類短片)

Best Experimental Short(最佳實驗短片)

Best Music Video(最佳音樂錄影帶)


- Technical Category - 個人技術獎

Best Director (最佳導演)

Best Short Film Director (最佳短片導演)

Best Actor (最佳男演員)

Best Actress(最佳女演員)

Best Screenplay(最佳編劇)

Best Cinematography(最佳攝影)

Best Editing(最佳剪輯)

Best Visual Effects(最佳特效)

Best Lighting(最佳燈光)

Best Sound Effects(最佳音效)

Best Film Score(最佳配樂)

Best Original Song(最佳電影原創歌曲)

Best Costume(最佳服裝)

Best Makeup(最佳化妝)

Best Art Direction(最佳美術)


- Honorable Category - 榮譽類別獎

Formosa Award of Special Jury Mention(評審提名獎)

Formosa Award of Excellence(福爾摩沙國際精選獎)


1. 所有受邀出席影展之入選者皆為得獎者,但是部分獎項在頒獎典禮上才會公布

Only winners will accept the invitation mail, in other words, all filmmakers invited to the event are winners, but some final result remains undisclosed until the award ceremony.



2. 所有參賽者皆可以報名數項類型,但是只報名少數類型的作品,將無法參加跨組競賽。

Every submitter can submit your film to multiple categories. But if you only submit to limited categories, there won't be cross-category awards.



3. 所有入選者皆可獲得影展官方入選桂冠電子檔

All selected entries will receive digital Official Selection Laurels.

選択されたすべてのエントリーは、デジタル公式セレクション ローレルを受け取ります。


4. 所有得獎者可獲得影展官方得獎桂冠以及獎狀,榮譽重點獎得主可獲得影展官方得獎桂冠、獎狀以及獎座。

All winners will receive digital Laurel and Certificate while Premiere Category winners will receive digital Laurel and Certificate or Trophy.



5. 所有得獎作品皆有機會獲得放映,但是有鑑於放映場地與場次限制,可能無法於影展期間全數放映,但仍有機會於FFIFA未來相關巡迴活動獲得放映。

All winning works have the opportunity to be screened. However, due to the limitations of the screening venue and the number of screenings, they may not be fully screened during the festival, but there is still a chance to be screened in FFIFA's future related touring events.

入賞作品はすべて上映の機会がありますが、上映会場や数に限りがあるため、フェスティバル期間中に十分に上映されない場合がありますが、今後のFFIFA関連のツアーイベントで上映される可能性はあります。 .


6. 主辦單位保留隨時修改獎項與比賽規則的權利。

The organizer reserves all rights to modify and modify the rule, conditions, and awards, and prizes at any time.



Entry Fee:

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From 10$ to 90$ depending on different categories
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