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Art Competition & Solo Exhibition | $1,700 Cash Prizes to 28 Winning Artists Each Month | $22,500 Annually




Art Show International, a leading voice in the art community and one of the world's fastest growing art galleries invites all visual artists to Art Competitions & Solo Exhibitions to get global recognition and win cash prizes. Every one of our 2020 and 2021 art competitions has been a resounding success. In the last month alone, $1,700 in cash prizes were given out to 28 talented artists. There were several other gifted artists who were also quite deserving of the prize money and could have as easily won the competition.

Art Show International is aware of artists' needs and preferences during these unprecedented times. We strive to distribute prize money equitably to help out a maximum number of artists in our community. Winners receive exceptional recognition in their fields. All cash prize awards are unrestricted and given with no strings attached. Two art competitions are held each month. Long term and permanent residency with our gallery is available where we represent you and your art and promote you in our newsletters and social media. We pride ourselves as having the best services for all visual artists. We will help you out in any way we can. Each month, 16 artists are awarded cash prizes in multiple categories.

Copyright Policy: Artists always retain all rights to their artworks.

Artists may submit all types of art media, including both 2D and 3D works, digital, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, fiber, graphic, mixed media, as well as experimental and installation works. All our competitions and exhibitions are juried and open to artists internationally. Winners will get widespread worldwide recognition.


​The current themes include:













Artists can apply their own interpretation in representing the overall theme. Representational as well as abstract concepts related to these themes will be considered. Additional themes will be announced.


Each theme has the following three categories:

1. Painting

2. Photography & Digital

3. Sculpture & 3D Installation


Deadlines are usually every 15 days. Please refer to details on the website.

Prize summary: 
$1,700 cash prizes to 28 artists every month.
Prizes Details: 

Cash prizes over $22,500 annually will be given out to winners. The grant money will be unrestricted and may be used in any manner by the recipient artist. Depending on the number and quality of artworks applicable to each theme, the following prizes maybe considered for each competition:

First Prize Award (Overall) $150-$300

Runner-Up Prize Award (Overall) $150-$250

Merit Prize Award (Painting & Mixed Media) $100-$200

Merit Prize Award (Photography & Digital) $100-$200

Merit Prize Award (Sculpture & 3D Installation) $100-$200

Talent Prize Award $50-$100

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

Every artist will receive an Award Certificate.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Mediterranean contemporary art prize




The Mediterranean contemporary art prize is the biennial prize conceived by the Porta Coeli Foundation to produce systematic and substantial solicitations in contemporary art, promoting the development of an environment that encourages the creation of relations with those many specificities of territories and society that characterise Italy. In order to produce frictions, encounters and exchanges of collective and mutual interest, the Foundation creates the conditions for the connection of an international artistic community with instances and roots of
geographical, cultural and anthropological contexts of high value and certain peculiarities.

The prize is held in high standing venues that are historically tended towards multicultural integration due to its central position in the Mediterranean area. Here dominations, encounters and clashes between peoples have produced an extraordinary mix that emerges and reveals itself in the urban forms, in the lexicon, in the gastronomy, in the social and symbolic structures used by the people to produce a mental image of the world. The Mediterranean becomes the conceptual representation of a border that is not a line but space, not the place of a contrast between two opposing voices but the place of a plural conversation. It is a space in which peoples lookout in search of mutual osmotic relationships, projection and aspiration. This idea inspires the Mediterranean contemporary art prize. 

Therefore, the founding concept of the prize is the multicultural thought of Frederick II, Duke of Swabia, who has left numerous castles and territorial garrisons in Basilicata. From here, he governed his empire through the promulgation of the Constitutions of Melfi (Potenza), the most significant code of law in the Middle Ages. Emperor Frederick II, nicknamed Stupor Mundi (Wonder of the world), had intuited and promoted the concept of the universality of human knowledge. He was the spiritual father of a different idea of Europe with its centre in the Mediterranean sea. He found a strong representation of multiculturalism as a political method in an architecture capable of merging the Arab world with northern Europe, the Romanesque consistency with the dematerialisation of Byzantine mosaics. 

The prize chooses for this year castle of Norman-Swabian ancestry: The Castle of Monteserico, in the Genzano di Lucania area (Potenza).
The Mediterranean contemporary art prize application is open to all artists, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or any other qualification. Indeed, the main purpose of the prize is to build a plural and inclusive event.  

There are four categories of the prize in the 2021 edition:
— painting
— sculpture and installation
— photography and video art
— graphics and illustration
Each artist can participate in the selection phase by filling the form

Prize summary: 
5000 euros in cash prizes, an exhibition in a European city and 4 artist residency awards
Prizes Details: 

Mediterranean contemporary art prize will be conferred to the artworks that, among the finalists, will be classified from 1st to 3rd place in each category. The Jury may award ex-æquo prizes in the event of evaluation equivalent. 

Mediterranean contemporary art prize 2021
Prize for 1st place in each of the four categories
— € 1,000.00;
— medal and certificate of the Jury with the prize motivation;
— participation in the collective exhibition of the winners in a European city during the year 2022. 

Mediterranean contemporary art prize 2021
Prize for the 2nd place in each of the four categories
— € 250.00;
— medal and certificate of the Jury with the prize motivation;
— participation in the group exhibition of the winners in a European city during the year 2022.

Mediterranean contemporary art prize 2021
Prize for 3rd place in each of the four categories
— medal and certification by the Jury with the prize motivation;

The President of the Porta Coeli Foundation has the faculty bestowed a special mention to the artist who will distinguish himself/herself by the best expression of the theme.

Mediterranean contemporary art prize
Locus Solacii Art Residence Prize
Locus Solacii is the formula used in Frederick’s era to denote those secluded strips of land, away from the traffic, considered precious, to be preserved because they were charming to relief from the hardships of everyday life, of war, of politics. Mediterranean contemporary art prize borrows the formula to name the programme that is the subject of the four artist residencies up for grabs for the 2021 edition.
The artist residencies will be awarded to the artists who, in the artworks selected as finalists and in their artistic production, proposes artistic attitudes that are considered favourable to
a discourse of penetration into the structures of the Lucanian territory and for a site-specific production. 
The purpose of the prize is to provide the artist with space and time in which to live the experience of production and artistic research in contact with the local reality through guided tours and meetings with local communities. Artist in residency prizes can be awarded independently of the belong artistic category. The artist residencies, compatibly with the development of the pandemic situation, will be carried out at the artist’s choice in
2022. The artist residency award includes:

— board and lodging;
— working space;
— materials;
— logistical assistance;
— lecture and possible public presentation of results.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€ 50.00 for the first artwork — € 25.00 for the second artwork; — € 15.00 for each artwork after the second
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It is time for NYC4PA to revisit one of our favorite themes, Black and White.  It is our homage to the beginnings of photography before the dramatic change that came about when color film was introduced.

Send us your monochrome images where all the emotion, texture and beauty are expressed in shades from white to dark. No matter if your original image was shot with tri x, a digital SLR, or your phone, if the end product is a terrific Black and White, it fits the call.  Sepia will be accepted.

As with all NYC4PA calls all 2D photo mediums are welcome.

Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 






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