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Open call for online exhibition "Instructions for action"




From May 12 till June 11, 2021, Novastan and the Capacity Building Foundation (CBF) invite artists, activists, public initiatives, video-makers from Central Asia and Germany to participate in the online exhibition "Instructions for action". Our Open Call invites proposals that critically engage with the situation of being locked in self-isolation and watching the world from the screen (phone, computer), of being faced with the reality of rereading and following lots of behavioral rules and instructions. Artists are encouraged to become the creators of their own creative instructions to follow. There are no limitations of form, anything that can be shown online is acceptable.

The project invites the interested visitor to implement the different artistic instructions into (offline) practice - or to choose not to.

Proposals may connect to larger themes that were caused by the lockdown and opened many discussions and topics in the relevant country or community.

The application deadline is June 11, 2021, at 11:59 pm +6 GMT. Applications should be submitted in English or Russian, using this form.

Please, consider these guidelines and the thematic description before submitting your application.

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