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Clarity Artist Project 


From the 12th to 15th March we will be holding an artist lead project ‘Clarity’ each day artist will respond to a different theme and create work accordingly. At the beginning of the four day period we will give artists a series of words and descriptions revolving around lifestyle and the human experience, you will be asked to create a series of works in response. All artists will be featured in murze Issue Eleven, this issue will take on mental health and wellbeing.  


For this project we are looking for fast paced responses, creating expressive works using any medium you see fit. The idea is by the end of the process we will have a collection of works from a variety of artists that explore the set themes in an individual explorative way. Each day the words will form a starting point for artists to create work, however the word need not be reflected in the outcome, it should be used as a stepping stone to create the piece.


Non-refundable submission fee of £10

The project will run from the 12th - 15th March

Each day artist’s will respond to a different theme 

Deadline for entry is the 10th March 2020

There are no other requirements, this project is open to all 


All artists who enter this project will see their work featured in issue eleven of murze magazine, coming out in April 2020. The project will be featured across our social media platforms and website. The process will give contributing artists a space to explore different processes and directions in their work based on the themes given at the beginning of the four day process.   



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