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Virtual Reality Climate Change Memorial





The ‘Virtual Reality Climate Change Memorial’ is set in a post-2050 future where some of the worst climate predictions have come true. Species going extinct, constant “natural disasters”, extreme weather conditions, cities drowning, millions displaced or homeless, food scarcity, extreme air pollution making it hard to breathe, and more. The memorial is a virtual space to grieve all that has been lost, away from the physical world that is in turmoil. As well as this function, considering the contemporary audience, the space also hopes to inform about climate change using factual evidence and compelling stories based on truth with the intent to ‘move’ the audience emotionally and to action. At its center is a graveyard of 100 entities predicted to be lost by the year 2050, around which is a growing collection of creative responses to the idea detailed above. 

Going forward I would like to open the space up to include creative responses to this idea from artists and creatives worldwide as this is a global issue of which disastrous effects can already be seen around the world. If you are interested in submitting some work for this space please read the details in the link provided and get in touch with any questions.


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DEAR2050: Oceans on the rise





We are pleased to announce our second call for artists and activists in concert with our call for scientific manuscripts. We invite you to join our efforts with this year 2021 call “Oceans on the rise” around the effects of climate change on the oceans.

We welcome art works of all styles, artistic, artivist and activist initiatives, art & science collaborations and everything in between.

Participation offers:

• The opportunity to share your art work with a new, diverse audience

• The presentation of your art work in this year’s DEAR2050 exhibition

• The sale of prints of your art work in our online shop

• The chance to have an impact on the public discourse about the climate challenge.

• The chance to win exciting prizes (jury selection)


The deadline for finalizing works is 31 August 2021.

Please notify us of your intention to participate with your proposal as soon as possible but no later than 25 March 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Prize summary: 
Win 1000 CHF
Prizes Details: 


1. First prize: CHF 1000

2. Second prize: CHF 500

3. Third prize: CHF 500


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Człowiek! Tu byłem!





Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu announces an international open call for our first exhibition “Człowiek! Tu byłem!” (eng. Human was here!)

From November 26 – December 20, 2020 we invite artists — regardless of background, education and nationality to submit works to our inaugural exhibition.

“Człowiek! Tu byłem!” is a visual and conceptual exploration of the Anthropocene - the era of the human, its complexities and contradictions. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it look and taste like? Engage your senses and dive into what it means to live in and experience the Antropocene.

All visual, literary, and sound works are welcome.


Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu (eng. Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene) is the first of its kind fully virtual cultural institution examining and documenting the nuances of the human era - the Anthropocene. We reflect upon and examine the environmental changes triggered by human activity as well as the relationship between humans, nature and technology. The interdisciplinary approach is at the core of our work, allowing us to combine the freedom of creative expression with the scientific and technological innovations and breakthroughs in our explorations.


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1.5 degrees





Exhibition 15.1.2021 – 12.3.2021

The 1.5-degree target is understood to mean the goal of limiting the man-made global temperature increase due to the greenhouse effect to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100 from the level before the start of industrialization. Almost all the states of the world have signed a treaty with the Paris Convention, according to which they intend to make efforts to achieve the 1.5 degree target. Climate researchers doubt that we will reach this goal, we would already be at 2 degrees. There is a lack of political will. Fridays for Future are fighting to keep the contract.

What has to change to reach the goal? Researchers have developed scenarios that show ways. For example, the price of CO2 increases to 100€/ton. Renewable energies like wind power, solar energy are used instead of fossil fuels. We humans live well and in a climate-friendly way.

Which pictures do artists create on this topic? We are looking forward to your exciting submissions!

Open call
In a public call for entries, we invite artists to submit contributions for the above described theme for a group exhibition in our exhibition spaces.
Disciplines: object, sculpture, installation, photo, painting, drawing, printmaking, video with credits, sound is possible. A performative contribution such as performance, VJ or similar for vernissage, artist talk or finissage is welcome.

Since the Coronakrise still requires restrictions, we will adapt the exhibition organization and the program accordingly. We plan analog and digital.

Individual artists or existing artist groups can apply online.
Click here for the online application form:
Presence: Presence for regional artists is desired for the vernissage and the artist talk, as well as the supervision on a date of the exhibition.
Application deadline 4.12.2021

We offer exhibition space with equipment, bar, advertising by mail and various websites and social media and web and print flyers, organization of the work texts, the lecture, the documentation.
We do not charge a fee for application, exhibition etc. We are a free, self-organized project space and work voluntarily. For works sent to us, we ask that the senders enclose the return postage. Unfortunately there is no budget for production, further technical equipment, transport and insurance (the room is technically secured). We expect good cooperation and agree on rules (gg3 rules regulate 2020) of cooperation.

Program: Vernissage 15.1.2021, Artist talk 29.1.21, Lecture ca. 12.2.21, Finissage 12.3.21

52nd exhibition, Place: 10999 Berlin, Leuschnerdamm 19, Jury and curators: Team GG3


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The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change MUSIC VIDEO





Deadline: 30 November, 2020

Call for Videos: The Right to a Future: Fighting Climate Change Music Video

Learn more here:

Sea levels are rising! Ice sheets are melting faster than ever! There are too many greenhouse gases! The Earth is on fire! Global temperatures are increasing rapidly! Weather patterns are out of control! Forests are being destructed! Animals are dying! People are dying!

What does the future hold? What will life be like for our young people, our communities and future generations? Will there even be a future? And if so, what kind of future will it be?

The year 2020 saw continued tremendous change with youth activists, school pupils and communities coming together across the planet to protest against the lack of climate leadership from world leaders and to underscore the sense of urgency of the severe climate crisis we are facing.

And this youth movement must continue in 2021 and beyond to keep pressure on all world leaders that can help reverse the detrimental effects of climate change.

New York City and Berlin-based record label BB3 Dynamics Records is going to create an educational music video called “The Right to a Future” to the accompanying music written by Berlin-based composer Bates Belk which is aimed at helping raise awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment now and in the future. To help us create “The Right to a Future” music video, we are asking people of all ages and languages from across the planet to send us their own videos of anything that they have filmed and recorded that shows their contribution and views on the importance of helping protect the Earth’s environment. Examples of videos that can be sent for this music video to help educate and raise awareness can be filmed recordings from people in countries all over the world of:

--powerful and emotional images filmed by you from climate strike protests

--active destruction images filmed by you of human beings destroying forests and oceans

--Factories emitting chemicals, smoke, toxic waste in the air and on the ground

--people enjoying parks, gardens, forests, mountains, beaches, lakes, oceans, deserts, farms, their own backyards

--people coming together to help save plants, land and animals from human destruction

--anything you have personally experienced and filmed wherever you are in the world that you feel demonstrates your part in climate protection no matter how big or small

--abstract and realistic visual art (photography, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, drawings etc.) created by you that reflects your climate protection vision and message

There is no right or wrong video to enter for this. It is your viewpoint wherever you are on the planet with whatever you have recorded and filmed. It is your experience and we want to share your unique experience, creativity views and visions in the music video that will then be distributed globally. You can be as creative and “out-of-the-box” as you want! We want you to! Do not hold back! Go for it!

Videos that get selected will then be edited together in Berlin, Germany to the song “The Right to a Future” written specifically for this project by composer Bates Belk that you can hear here ( with the goal of raising awareness and educating current and future generations about the importance of protecting the Earth’s environment. You have a message and we want to share your message! We want you to be part of this!

The final music video in early 2021 will then be:

--globally distributed via VEVO YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Vimeo and Tidal with much coverage in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia

--have specific distribution in Africa and South America

--sent to classrooms and educational facilities in countries and communities across the planet for inclusion in future environmental protection lessons for our youth

***Conditions of Submission of Your Video***

--Deadline for submission is 30 November 2020.

--There is NO entry fee.

--Videos can be any length you so choose…however just know that we will be editing many videos down to fit a short timeline for a cohesive storyline with the accompanying Bates Belk music. So, any video filmed by you between .10 seconds and 2 or 3 minutes should be fine. Again, any video that gets sent in will be edited down to fit the music and other videos sent in.

--If your video is selected, you will have your name in the “credits” section at the end of the video.

--There is a “Video Release Form” that you need to fill out and sign here. This is to ensure that BB3 Dynamics Records has the formal approval by you to use your video in “The Right to a Future” music video, but please note that you still own your video and that you may still use your video you have recorded and sent to BB3 Dynamics Records for other projects you so choose. The video you send in is a “non-exclusive” right and you still own your video.


--We will let you know in December 2020 if your video has been selected and will share the final edited music video with you in early 2021.

--Send (1) your video and (2) the filled out and signed “Video Release Form” to


Help us spread the word within your communities, with your friends, with your families, your colleagues and associates where you work, in your schools and your classrooms!

DOWNLOAD “The Right to a Future Fighting Climate Change” One Sheet Description to share in your communities


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A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace)




Climate Art and Bridgepoint Rye, in collaboration with Sussex Wildlife Trust, are delighted to announce a call for applications from artists, creative practitioners, and environmental researchers to work on a site-responsive project during a three-month residency at Bridgepoint Creative Centre in Rye, East Sussex.Participants are invited to respond to the residency’s theme of transience, outlined below. Each applicant should clearly indicate how, during the three months of the programme, they will engage with the local community and connect with the ecological landscape of Rye.

The opportunity is open to 3 UK-based practitioners, with one space reserved for a Sussex-based participant. The residents will be provided with subsidised accommodation and studio space for the duration of the residency. Each participant will receive a monthly stipend of £500 and a production budget of £2,000. The residency will take place in January – March 2021. The deadline for applications is 8 November 2020 at 23:59. The programme – A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace) –   has been generously supported by Bridgepoint Rye and the Kowitz Family Foundation.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of all residents, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. We shall therefore be keeping the programme dates and format under constant review, in line with the latest governmental guidance. At the same time, we believe that now, as never before, the need for the exchange of ideas and community-focused projects is of paramount importance.



The picturesque ruin of Camber Castle lies peacefully amid stretches of marshland over 1.5 km from the coast. It seems hard to believe that the splashing of the sea was once a constant sound here, rather than the bleating of sheep. Built on a shingle spit during Henry VIII’s rule, Camber Castle used to be an elaborate artillery fortification designed to defend the harbour and the towns of Rye and Winchelsea. Less than a hundred years after its completion, however, it was decommissioned – the receding sea left the castle inland, stranded and useless. 

During the residency, participants are invited to explore the broad themes of transience, ephemerality and perishability. From species extinction and habitat destruction to the impermanence of our familiar way of life, the discussion of these subjects has already become a part of our everyday conversations as we reflect on the changes forced upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic. Is a more nuanced understanding of transience a cause for resignation or an invitation to transform the relationship between human beings and other species? 

The programme – A Vanished Sea (Without a Trace) – will see 3 UK-based practitioners (with one place reserved for a Sussex-based participant) develop their site-responsive projects during a three-month residency at Bridgepoint Creative Centre located in Rye, East Sussex. Residents will also have access to Sussex Wildlife Trust’s sites located in Rye and an opportunity to work with the organisation’s staff and volunteers. Climate Art is a space for resident groups, artists and scientists to come together. Our practice stems from the understanding of public art as a form of meaningful engagement with diverse publics. That is why, at the application stage, all entrants are required to demonstrate a commitment to engagement with the local community, the ecological landscape of the town and its harbour.  

Applications are invited from practitioners working in any creative discipline (including, but not limited to, visual arts, architecture, design, performance art, film, dance, music, creative writing and others), as well as environmental-change researchers. Proposals may vary from detailed projects to preliminary ideas. Successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate clearly how they intend to develop their creative or academic work in response to the residency’s theme. While hoping that the three residents will find it inspiring to work alongside each other, Climate Art does not require a collaborative project to be the outcome of the residency.

The residency will run from mid-January to mid-March 2021 (exact dates TBC). Residents will benefit from subsidised accommodation and individual studio space for the duration of the residency. Each artist will receive a monthly stipend of £500 and a production budget of £2,000.We want the participants to make the most of the residency opportunity. It is understood that they may need to continue with some work or study commitments during the programme. We are happy to consider flexible arrangements, hoping that the residents will be in Rye for much of the working week and will take part in open studios and other events as part of the programme.



Dzmitry Suslau, Founding Director & Curator, Climate Art

Jevgenija Ravcova, Managing Director, Climate Art

David Kowitz, Founder, Bridgepoint Rye

Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, Curator, Architecture Programme, The Royal Academy

Tim Redfern, Artist and Community Activist 



Climate Art is an interdisciplinary public art platform focused on climate change. Our site-responsive projects facilitate active cooperation between communities, artists, and scientists. 

At Climate Art, we encourage long-term, sustainable transformation through participatory public art that motivates us all to make positive adjustments to our daily lives. Our practice stems from the understanding of public art as a form of meaningful engagement with diverse groups of people rather than art located out-of-doors. Climate Art is a space for resident groups, creative practitioners and environmentalists to come together. 



Bridgepoint is a new arts complex located in Rye. It is set in the context of a regeneration project, being undertaken by Martello Developments, which aims to convert a disused industrial part of the historic town into a vibrant campus, including an arts complex as well as housing and commercial activity. It is intended that the 20,000-square-foot Bridgepoint arts building will encompass artists’ studios, a large performance and rehearsal space, a commercial gallery, as well as other internal and external exhibition spaces.

The primary mission of the project is to provide a well-equipped and safe space for artists in an array of disciplines to contemplate and create, hopefully drawing inspiration from the area’s exceptional history and natural beauty.



Sussex Wildlife Trust is a conservation charity for everyone who cares about nature in Sussex. We focus on protecting the wonderfully rich natural life that is found across our towns, countryside and coast.

By working alongside local people, we create opportunities for us all to connect with nature, and for nature to thrive in even the most unlikely places. Together we can make sure that future generations living in Sussex will be able to enjoy the sense of wonder and well-being that nature offers. Sussex Wildlife Trust manages 465-hectare Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, which includes Camber Castle and Castle Water. 

Prize summary: 
£500 monthly stipend; £2,000 production budget; contribution towards travel costs

Entry Fee:

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