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2023 ACT|inspired Exhibition


Through the ingenuity of artists and passion of environmental leaders, the Act Inspired Exhibition aims to spark new ideas, share fresh perspectives and develop solutions for positive change. 

Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to consider the environment around you. As you walk the well-worn paths of your daily life, what habitats do you exist within? Have you noticed any changes? Whether this be a city sidewalk or acres of open space, we can all be stewards of the landscape we are a part of. 

The ACT|inspired exhibition is now accepting submissions for the virtual exhibition of this hybrid event. All mediums are welcome and we look forward to seeing your creations around this essential topic! 

Please send all entries to with the following information: 

  • Name:
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  • Artist statement (100 - 150 words):
  • Images (3 max):
  • Title(s): 
  •  Please answer the following question (answer may be used for promotional material): 
    • How do you think artists’ can be a voice for environmental change?
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“Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition





Organised by Fingertips Company Limited and sponsored by Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Art on Climate” is an international illustration competition held right across the world that aims to bring greater visibility to the issue of action against climate change.

The competition was first launched in Spain in 2019, and extended its footprint to the Asia-Pacific region in 2021, attracting over 1,300 artworks from more than 1,000 illustrators. In 2022, the competition’s footprint has been expanded to cover more regions, including various European countries, the US and more countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The competition provides a platform for illustrators and students to showcase their talents and skills.

Prize summary: 
Win a cash prize up to Euro 2,000
Prizes Details: 

Total cash awards of EUR 12,000:

Champion (one): e-certificate and prize of EUR 2,000

1st runner-up (one): e-certificate and prize of EUR 1,500

2nd runner-up (one): e-certificate and prize of EUR 1,000

Merit (fifty): e-certificate and prize of EUR 150


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KlimaatExpo '22




ClimateExpo ’22

ClimateExpo ’22 is a sales exhibition about climate change via open registration, which can be seen from 17 September to 4 December 2022 at various locations of Museum de Fundatie. Artists like you can determine what ClimateExpo ’22 will look like in the future. Are you in?

Climate. There is no more urgent subject. Global warming, caused by, among other things, the use of fossil fuels, large-scale logging and livestock farming, has major consequences. Plants and animal species are dying out, ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. Heavy rains, flooding, tropical temperatures and climate refugees are the news of the day. Climate change affects people, nature and the environment. How do we deal with it?

Artists on the move, the unimaginable visible
ClimateExpo ’22 is the first national exhibition with open registration in which artists are asked to portray their vision of the climate crisis. Art is an indispensable tool in the battle. Climate change is bigger than our imagination. We need stories. Art can visualize the unimaginable.

Artists are taking up the gauntlet and are playing an important role in conveying the relationship between man and nature. They express their concern about its preservation in various ways, such as the impressive work Plant by singer Nynke Laverman, a whisper-soft beautiful, penetrating musical trip that transports you into the calmness of the existence of a plant. So too, the monumental tapestry Guernica de la Ecologia by the world-famous visual artist and activist Claudy Jongstra, offers an impressive tribute in wool to craft and nature.

The collectie ZomerExpo also shows that nature and climate have occupied artists for quite some time. See for example the above fragment of the photo Happy Holidays (The Battle of ..) by Daniëlle van Hilten (Europa ZomerExpo 2019), with a poignant reflection on modern holidays. Or, take the work of Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift). In 2011, they won the public award at ZomerExpo 2011 with the light installationFragile Future 3.5 . The work consists of LEDs and real dandelions. Their work is an ode to the ingenuity and beauty of nature.

Exhibition at different locations
The 250 selected works can be seen in the autumn of 2022 at various locations of Museum de Fundatie. For the occasion, the Academy House Grote Kerk Zwolle will serve as an extra annex of the museum and offers space for a number of works by Climate Expo ’22. In addition, works can be seen in the museum on the Blijmarkt and the Nijenhuis Castle, the Garden house and the sculpture garden in Heino/Wijhe.

Online selection
Artists can be selected for the exhibition in one step. Anyone can register their work of art for selection up until 15 June 2022 (inclusive). The selection process is digital. A large mixed jury of young and old: museum employees, gallery owners, artists, writers, scientists, people from healthcare, construction, hairdressers, students, schoolchildren and many others, makes a choice for the exhibition on the basis of the submitted images. As usual, completely anonymous. The work counts!

Sales Exhibition
The works of art are for sale during the exhibition period. ArtWorlds Foundation facilitates and receives 30% commission per work sold. With this commission, the Foundation can help make its projects possible. Museum de Fundatie is not financially involved in the sale procedure.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
15 euros per art work
Contact & Links: 

The Uncook Book









“Science has a communication problem that art can solve.”

Thale Fastvold, Norwegian artist

To mark the exceptionally important COP26, Given, the agency for purpose-driven brands, is inviting artists working in all disciplines and from around the world, to be part of a unique project designed to combat the rhetoric of doom and gloom surrounding climate change. “The Uncook Book: How to Unbake the Planet” will use the artwork of selected artists to decode and communicate science’s most powerful solutions to the climate emergency. – making these scientific concepts accessible, mainstream and inspiring. Artists whose work is selected will not only have the chance to see their work published and be part of a unique change-making community, they will also be using their creativity to bring uplifting and hopeful climate solutions to the wider world in an impactful way. Profits from the sale of “The Uncook Book” will go to a climate positive charity.

“The Uncook Book” is not the answer to the climate crisis, but it is a call to hope for both head and heart. It is a stretched out hand to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the issue, those who want to make a change but don’t know where to start, or for people who simply want to believe that change is possible. That isn’t just optimism, it’s science. Genuine, science-based solutions to fixing the climate crisis do exist but don’t usually make the headlines. Given’s “The Uncook Book” will tap-into those within the scientific community who are championing climate solutions - solutions that are not about tinkering around the edges, but are reimagining our future. A future that means we can all thrive - us, our neighbours and our natural world.

But where science and theory haven’t been able to reach, creativity can. Using artists, “The Uncook Book” will fuse science and storytelling, logic and creative expression to spread real hope and inspiration that change is possible. Artists can use any creative medium they choose and will be tasked to capture 3 key concepts in a simple and inspirational way: unbake how we consume, unbake how we live and unbake what we value. Each concept will describe the problem, the scientific solution and artists will be invited to submit their take on real life examples which put the solution into practice.

Prize Summary: 
Get published in a unique book which fuses science and art, be part of a change-making creative community and help combat climate negativity with your art.
Prizes Details: 

Artists whose work is selected will not only have the chance to see their work published and be part of a unique change-making community, they will also be using their creativity to bring uplifting and hopeful climate solutions to the wider world in an impactful way. Profits from the sale of “The Uncook Book” will go to a climate positive charity.


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3000€ in awards │ Free entry │ NFT Art Competition │ Call for Exhibition

Accepted media: Digital Art, Traditional Art, 3D Animation, Photography, Video, NFTs
Deadline: 28 OCTOBER 2021


The DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition, organized by IAAI GloCha in collaboration with the UN-Habitat youth programme, Unique Network, Social Alpha Foundation, Exquisite Workers and Palette69 wants to inspire and promote climate action through the power of culture and technology and empower the uptake of digital innovation by the creative community in an accessible and meaningful way.


That is why we are inviting digital and traditional artists from all over the world and of different ages to apply to the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition (with the focus on youth), and to win a total of 3000 € in prizes for public voting winners (1 overall winner 1500 €, 500 € for the sub-theme winners), and exhibit in Glasgow in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26).

Regardless of whether you are NFT-savvy, or about to undertake your journey in crypto art space, we are inviting everyone to become a part of our first Competition for climate change-related art and explore the extraordinary potential of the eco-friendly proof-of stake based blockchain technology. All you have to do is to visit the official Submission page, agree on the Art Competition’s Terms and Conditions and to share your creation with us using your favorite medium. 


We welcome you to submit a creation that embodies your personal interpretation of the ’humanity challenged by climate change’ theme and to reimagine the impact creators can have on the world and on healing of our Mother Earth. In terms of visual storytelling we are envisioning 3 sub-themes: Storm, Haven and Angel. 
These are just a few ideas and should in no way limit the artist into how the theme can be represented.


With the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition we aim to identify up to 25 artworks for our DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection, which will be exclusively showcased at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow, UK in November 2021. All applications must be sent through the official Submission form from 12th August 2021 at 8 pm CET until the 28 of October 2021 in order for the application to the Art Competition to be received as valid. Each submission will be scored based on its representation of the theme, originality, and artistic merit and skills. We are excited to announce that the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition will be curated by a panel of internal and external judges from creative industries from all over the world.

On 1st of November at 8 pm CET starts a 1 week long public voting for the selected 25 pieces of the COP26 collection in order to choose 4 winners. On the 11 November 2021 will happen the winners celebration complemented by the exhibition in the context of the United Nations Climate Conference COP26 in Glasgow, UK and accompanied by satellite events and resource mobilization campaigns, led by local communities and youth groups in different places around the globe.


The DigitalArt4Climate’s features include – based on its use of the Unique Network NFT platform - full proof-of-stake (PoS) infrastructure with Polkadot and Kusama (a sustainable blockchain and approach to NFTs), decentralized media storage, credit-card & crypto payments, automatic collaborator splits and payments on primary and secondary markets, customizable royalties, and the ability to create positive impact and undertake the climate change action.

The selected Artworks which enter the public voting of the Art Competition and the COP26 collection will automatically enter the auction in summer 2022 on the NFT marketplace and will receive a share of 15 % of the net revenues or gross proceeds from the auction (NFT sales) on the primary market if there are any. DigitalArt4Climate will promote the winning Artists’ names. Any remaining proceeds will benefit youth climate action projects as well as global technical and institutional Action for Climate Empowerment support infrastructure development, including World Environment Situation Room Youth engagement programme. Creative direction may be provided to the Artist for final release on the website and the DigitalArt4Climate public voting.

Artists whose artwork will be shortlisted for the Art Competition by the curators, but who do not make it into the initial DigitalArt4Climate COP26 collection, will nevertheless have the opportunity to have prime-access to the DigitalArt4Climate NFT marketplace platform during its first months live (summer 2022).


The Winner will be notified via email by 19th of November, 2021. Please be on the lookout for an email from and check your spam folder as well in case the email ends up there for some reason. Share with other fellow artists to give them the chance to join the Art Competition and win! 

Submissions »
Mind that the artists under 18 years of age at the time of submission must have a legal age representative.

Prize summary: 


Prizes Details: 

We believe in giving back to the DigitalArt4Climate community. In addition to early access to the climate change related NFT platform, you are invited to win a total of 3000 € in prizes for public voting winners (1 overall winner 1500 €, 500 € for the 3 sub-theme winners) and exhibit in Glasgow in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26).

Prize Summary: 
3000 €

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Call for Artists: ‘COP26: Together For Our Planet’



Project Outline

This project is a collaboration between Occhi Arts and Entertainment, a London and New York-based arts, PR & media platform based in London and New York, and Phoenix FTA Limited, a UK-based sustainability strategy consultancy. Inspired by the UK Creative Earth Competition, Occhi Arts and Entertainment and Phoenix FTA Limited are now opening the opportunity to young artists from around the world to creatively engage with key topics of concern at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. This initiative provides a wider audience of young artists with a renewed opportunity to visually express their views to world leaders and community stakeholders by producing 2D artwork (drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and photography) that supports at least one of the following themes:

1. Protect What You Love

Climate Change is giving rise to more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions, and an increase in the number, duration, and intensity of tropical storms. Glaciers are shrinking, plant and animal ranges are shifting or go extinct. Humans could save thousands of species from extinction if they act. ‘Protect What You Love’ encourages participants to express their concerns, highlighting what their hold dearly and want to protect from the effects of climate change.

2. A future beyond neoliberal capitalism?

With our societies forced into a truly deranged economic paradigm, one that landed us amid a terrifying climate emergency, it’s hard to imagine that the future of our human species lies beyond the patent immorality of neoliberal capitalism. A completely new system that puts equity and justice at its core is required. Young artists are invited to creatively express their interpretation of a “post-ecopathic” economic system via the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and photography.

Our Objective

Our objective is to foster and establish an inclusive young artists’ community that feels empowered to engage with global climate change politics by using their creativity, expressing their democratic voice, and participating in this vitally important discourse. We believe the project will help build a noteworthy platform to establish intergenerational collaboration with key stakeholders by raising awareness of COP26 and serve a cross-sectional analysis that will allow deeper insights into how Generations Z and Alpha perceive the severity of climate change. It fosters political engagement, participation in the democratic process, and voices intergenerational concerns.

Prizes Details: 

A final selection of works will be featured online and in a publication, to be produced after and in response to COP26 key outcomes. The featured artists and artworks will be announced approximately two weeks after the official deadline to ensure that our guest curators and editorial team give their full attention to each applicant’s work. Further updates and additional information will be posted on and


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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