EXPERIMENT A - Open call for scientists & choreographers

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EXPERIMENT A – Artistic Residency

Open call for scientists & choreographers

September - November 2022

Flux Laboratory Athens launches a new residency program aimed at choreographers and scientists-researchers with an interest in exploring the creative collaboration between artistic practice & scientific research. The theme is open and the primary aim is to synthesize a distinctive blend of research interests and people that leaves room for exchange, dialogue, inspiration and co-creation developing on the fringes of the respective disciplines.

One choreographer and one scientist will be selected for the Fall 22’ session September 15th - November 15th in order to collaborate intensely over a condensed time frame. Through their personal methodologies and interests they will seek a common ground,  so as to transform their joint research into a choreographic outcome. The mission of Flux Laboratory Athens is to function as a unique incubator of synergies that will gradually evolve outside its walls, providing experimentation time and resources.

The residency process will be followed and recorded by transdisciplinary researcher, curator and program engagement specialist for the international organization Leonardo/ISAST, Christiana Kazakou, who will act as a mentor, external observer and connetcting link between disciplines.


The Residency

Duration: 2 months (15 September - 15 November) 

Fee: 1200€ per participant 

Additional fee for production costs: 2000€ 

Final outcomes: 2 presentations of the research in progress & 1 workshop open to the public

*Please note: Flux Laboratory Athens doesn’t cover travel & accommodation costs.

Prize Summary: 
Fee: 1200€ per participant
Prizes Details: 

Fee: 1200€ per participant 

Additional fee for production costs: 2000€ 

Flux Laboratory Athens (Geronta 12, Plaka) & in various spaces after consultation with the selected scientist.

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Ageing from Existence




projektado collective is opening for video contributions to its latest project ‘Ageing from existence’. Open to everyone, professional or amateur, and driven by an experimental and collaborative approach to audiovisual communication, this project is an opportunity to delve into a shared and unpredictable process.

All video submissions will be used in the final piece, as long as they don’t infringe any of our platform’s guidelines* and relate to the topic explored in this open call.

‘Ageing from existence’ is not a project about death, or the idea of material transformation in time. Instead, our attention is on what is thrown away too soon; on people, practices and ideas that have been consumed by the aura of perceived obsolescence too often placed on socially significant parts of our lives. With the aim of shedding light on what, even when still living, active, meaningful, useful, is ignored from existence.

We see this in people and social activities, in the lack of intergenerational spaces and practices, in the segregation of the ageing population, in the inadequate support systems available to this demographic group that is rapidly growing but is still treated as a minority, in a longevity revolution that is happening but is not recognised.

We also experience these phenomena in the material world around us, with more and more of it falling into disuse due to external factors, rather than its intrinsic ability to last and function: technologies made ‘obsolete’ by an ever changing market obsessed with novelty and ‘innovation’; clothing, music, art, systems of communication that remain associated and relegated to socio-cultural contexts of the past; contents and media that are rapidly buried under the incessant production of more things to read, see, hear, know, experience; ideas, cultures, heritages that struggle to be heard in the chaotic and forgetful world of today.

This project aims to explore this urgent topic through storytelling. We will adopt an experimental and collaborative approach to content curation and visual communication to tell the stories of things, bodies and notions from an array of geographical and historical contexts. We are embarking on a challenge to assemble stories told through diverse perspectives and formats, and transform them into a coherent narrative.

We are asking for video submissions, of any format, length (min. 5 seconds), quality, or style. Submissions can be film, animation, phone videos, or any other media that can be displayed in video format.

Contributions should be made with the consideration of the collaborative and experimental nature of the project. To create a unique storytelling experience, an incremental curating process will be undertaken by the collective, where videos will be cut, edited and combined with each other, towards a unified whole.


*You may not submit content that: infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights; is pornographic or promotes a sexual service; promotes or supports defamation, harassment or abuse; promotes or supports hateful or discriminatory practices; exploits or endangers minors; promotes or encourages self-harm or suicide; depicts unlawful real-world acts of extreme violence and brutality, sexualized violence, including rape, torture, and humiliation, or extreme violence towards animals; promotes unlawful or dubious money-making schemes, proposes an unlawful transaction, or uses deceptive marketing practices; conveys misleading information about socially and historically significant events, or false claims about public-health.


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Free Collaboration with CultTech Accelerator Startups




This Open Call is led by CultTech Accelerator, the first accelerator for startups in culture.

Its first Batch with eight CultTech startups kicked off in late April 2022.

The Accelerator team strives to nurture and support a sustainable CultTech movement from the very beginning. This is why they are launching a collaboration project for Batch #1 startups and creative minds (artists, producers, cultural entrepreneurs and institutions).

The organizers believe that CultTech startups’ actions should bring as much impact as possible to cultural players around the world.


Free and fully managed cooperation for selected candidates with one of the eight Batch#1 startups.

  • Open Call deadline: May 22, 2022 23:59 CET
  • Collaboration dates: June 1-July 12, 2022
  • Format: online
  • Language: English
  • Results will be presented on July 13 during CultTech Accelerator Batch#1 Demo Day in Vienna.
  • The organizers will cover travel expenses for selected creative partners whose presence at the Demo Day in Vienna will be required for the presentation.

Here are the tech solutions proposed by Batch #1 startups.

  1. Artano
    Sustainable NFT marketplace for fine art and fashion.
  2. Wiser Media
    A social curation platform for all types of creative content (video/ audio/ texts).
  3. Enote
    An online library and editor for interactive sheet music.
  4. Embodme
    A new musical instrument based on an easy-to-customize touchscreen.
  5. Kunsttell
    A marketplace for prints of artists from non-European countries.
  6. Wail
    A social marketplace for live events.
  7. Kloov
    NFT marketplace for music and new models of royalty connected.
  8. Ornamika
    An AI-based design tool for cultural heritage ornaments and patterns.


  1. Network
    By collaborating with a startup, partners join the CultTech ecosystem with other creatives, startups, investors and institutions.
    Even if they apply and do not participate in this collaboration, they still become part of the community. The Accelerator team works with various CultTech companies and Accelerator Batch#2 is already planned, so they will be able to offer new opportunities in the future.
  2. Organized collaboration for the future
    The Accelerator team fully undertakes the management of the collaboration during the Accelerator program, but it can be only the beginning of a long-term cooperation beyond it.
  3. New market and publicity
    The Accelerator is based in Vienna, Austria, and the participating startups come from France, Germany, Spain, Estonia and Sweden.
  4. Innovative models of monetization
    Startups' tech can help find new ways to monetize creative projects.

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Call for Entry: Southwest Contemporary Vol. 5 — Collectivity + Collaboration.



Southwest Contemporary Vol. 5 — Collectivity + Collaboration.

Guest juror: Darren Jones, U.S. editor-at-large for New Art Examiner and a frequent contributor to Artforum.

Deadline: December 10, 2021, 11:59 pm MT.

Published: March 2022.

Submission Fee: $15.

In SWC’s Spring-Summer 2022 issue, we will look at collectivity and collaboration in art throughout the Southwest, encompassing artists collaborating with other artists, interdisciplinary teams, and artists who work closely with communities, landscapes, materials, or media.

Collectives, collaborations, couples—artistic practice can be a team effort. The worlds of dance, theater, music, and film offer a paradigm of collaborative production with many players in different roles. Established artist studios employ teams of assistants, while young artists band together as collectives and reject hierarchy.

Themes that may come up in collaboration span utopianism, individualism, shared identities, new modes of creation, social structures, and more. In this issue, we will explore the benefits and pitfalls of working together toward common goals.

Who should apply

SWC invites artist collectives, artist couples, performing arts companies, artists involved with interdisciplinary teams, artists with collaborative projects, artists who collaborate with other artists, artists who collaborate with communities, environment, or material to submit work in any media or discipline related to the theme “Collectivity + Collaboration.”

Artists are encouraged to think broadly about the concepts of collaborative and collective modes of work.


Artists (18+), collectives, and organizations residing and working in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Northern Mexico, Texas, or Utah.

Juror: Darren Jones

This call will be juried by Darren Jones, an art critic, editor, and educator.

Jones is a Scottish-American art critic based in Fire Island Pines, New York and Key West, Florida. He is the U.S. editor-at-large for New Art Examiner and a frequent contributor to Artforum. He is the recipient of a Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. Darren teaches Curatorial Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.

Prize Summary: 
Feature in print and online publication
Prizes Details: 

Twelve artists will be selected. Three selected artists will receive a profile article written by an SWC contributor accompanied by multiple images. Nine artists will receive a two-page spread including two to three images and up to 300 words of text. All selected artists will receive a feature on SWC’s newsletter and social media channels and a complimentary print copy.


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Calling artists, researchers, writers, data analysts, journalists, activists, academics, scientists, community groups, curators, photographers, poets and everyone else to submit to RAKE Community 2021: Practitioners-in-Residence!

RAKE Community is an autonomous platform for practitioners to develop research-based visual enquiries. It aims to build a framework for socially and politically driven projects while promoting accessible exchange outside of traditional routes or institutions.

After an intensive two-month collaboration initiative in 2020 followed by a year of fascinating takeovers on the community Instagram page, we are pleased to launch the second iteration of the programme which will take the form of a series of digital residencies on the platform throughout the rest of 2021.

The selected practitioners will be designated one month to carry out their own solo research on Instagram, where each will be expected to present a series of posts showcasing the development of their research - no formal outcomes are required. Practitioners will be encouraged to communicate, critique and collaborate with one another throughout the entire period, with the support of RAKE members.

Applicants are asked to consider the theme (IN)VISIBILITY - which seeks to capture the duality between the visible and the obscured, wherever it may occur. Encompassing secrecy, in-between spaces, that which is ’hidden in plain sight’, and the visualisation of the unseen.

We are particularly interested in proposals that are of an investigative nature; that are politically-, socially- or data-driven; or that critically utilise new online tools or open-source inquiry techniques and technologies. 

The programme will include regular feedback sessions and communication with RAKE members and fellow selected participants. Practitioners-in-residence will also be invited to join the RAKE Community online workspace for ongoing feedback and support from a growing network of artists, writers and researchers, and will have the opportunity to contribute a piece for RAKE Post during their residencies.

Practitioners/ collectives of all disciplines and at any stage in their careers who want to experiment with new processes of interdisciplinary research and visual expression are invited to apply. Proposals are encouraged from all over the world. We especially welcome submissions from underrepresented voices. Unfortunately, as RAKE Community has no external funding, it's not possible for us to offer funding for practitioners-in-residence (or ourselves as facilitators) during this year’s program.


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Cross-Cultural Collaboration



At we believe in community; we want to start conversations and dialogues. This is why we created this project, Cross-Cultural Collaboration (CCC).

In this collaborative project, our aim is to give two artists at one time the opportunity to create something completely new with someone who is different but somehow similar. This similarity can be on the formal aspects of the artwork, on the conception methods, on the exhibition approach, etc. Our intention is to support artists and create connections and learning opportunities in our shared, safe environment. We will achieve this by preserving and giving a voice to both artists’ perspectives, and at the same time engaging in a global discourse. This might seem like a challenge, but that’s what will drive the interesting results. will mediate and help the artists work through the issues and conflicts that might come from virtual and geographically distant interactions. 

For each open call, we ask for one European artist and one African artist that speak the same language to collaborate. On the first open call we are looking for one Portuguese artist and one Mozambique Artist. They will work together for the period of one month and the outcome of this collaboration could be an online exhibition, a presentation, or wherever the collaboration takes the artwork to. 


-Resident in Portugal or Mozambique 
-No age limit!
-Applicants are asked to join the and set up a meaningful profile to be considered.
-Visual artists, new media artists, multidisciplinary artists, curators, etc
-Each participant receives a stipend of €600 (€300 + €300 KONJ coins worth )
-Each participant is expected to be prepared to dedicate time each day for research and creation. The participants must be in close contact to think and create a project around the artistic aspects and concepts that tied their work.
-There will be meetings with guest faculties and activities
-The participants are asked to submit materials weekly, documenting works in progress for our various social media channels.
-Each participant will be featured in an artist interview feature on the
-Any kind of hate speech and discriminatory content will not be tolerated.
-Access to a computer and internet 

The deadline for applications is August 22nd, 2021. Selected artists will be announced and contacted via email by August 25th, 2021.

The selection committee is comprised of the team.

Prize Summary: 
each participant will receive 600€ (300€ + 300€ KONJ coins worth)
Contact & Links: 


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