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MiXER 2019 - collaboration based residency - LAST MINUTE CALL




MiXER is a cross-disciplinary collaborative “playground” / experiment where artists from different art-forms and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to engage, share methodologies and inspire each other. With the task of working together artists are given the opportunity to regenerate their creative dynamism, exchange and develop new ideas. Experiment with no fear of failure and thus assess their own artistic processes – learning valuable insights from other art forms.

MiXER is a independent and flexible 3 weeks programme with a structured outcome. The selected artists from diverse artistic disciplines are paired up to work collaboratively on a new body of work. Furthermore their task is to assemble an ARTISTS’ BOOK covering the leading aspects of their collaboration.

Participants enjoy a dynamic and vibrant period of work in which they have a studio at their disposal in order to complete their set collaborative project.

The residency ends with a PUBLIC PRESENTATION of the completed project. 
The designed ARTIST’S BOOK is published,  
The published book remains a gift to the participating artists. 


- (meet & greet) artist talk  
- a critique evening : an opportunity for artists to present their ongoing / in progress / work and get a firs handed respond from the public as well as invited art professionals. 



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Other Lands Other Sounds 2019





CALL FOR ARTISTS (Visual arts and Music)

Other Lands, Other Sounds 2019

A Residential Course for Collaborative Arts Practice in Góis, Portugal
August 28 - September 09, 2019


An intensive residential course bringing together visual artists and musicians to work collaboratively over ten days, creating new works combining photography, moving image, music, and sound art. Surrounded by the beautiful mountainside scenery of Gois, Portugal, Other Lands, Other Sounds 2019 offers a supportive environment for advanced practitioners (professionals, amateurs, students) who want to develop their practice through cross-arts experimentation and collaboration. Musicians will work closely with composer Filipe Sousa, exploring devised composition, improvisation, and collaborative music-making processes. Visual artists will work with Beatriz Martinez, exploring photography and video, and how to merge aesthetics and concept into multi-disciplinary projects. Intensive work sessions will be balanced with nature hikes, local sightseeing, swimming in the river, visiting local cafes and enjoying the relaxed pace of rural Portuguese life.

“The Other Lands, Other Sounds programme is fantastic – a great opportunity to explore composition and improvisation processes and approaches in a beautiful and supportive environment. The town of Gois is an ideal location for exploring creativity and artistry. I am very pleased to have chosen this programme and the support I received has really helped my work." (Other Lands, Other Sounds 2017 Testimonial)

€850 fee, €250 deposit (includes room and board, and tuition, does not include travel to Góis)Spaces limited


This project is delivered in partnership with RAIZVANGUARDA - Associação Cultural.


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Art and Conservation, call for participants



Calling paticipants for a collaborative residency between Sail Britain's creative programme and artist and conservationist Jazz Austin.

With the health of our oceans in the spotlight, this residency opportunity will be a chance to examine what part artists can play in protecting and celebrating an increasingly threatened natural environment, and to learn more about the wildlife and ecosystems of the Scottish coastline.

The programme is open to all, both professional and amateur artists, and Jazz will be running workshops in different creative techniques throughout the week. We hope to create space in which to experiment and produce work inspired by the ocean and dramatic coastal landscapes we engage with while sailing in the islands. The sailing boat is a very special social space where resident artists can engage with each other to develop and exchange ideas. It also allows time to observe, to listen and to engage with an inaccessible environment in an intimate way.

No previous painting/drawing or sailing experience is required – just an enthusiasm to get involved!

Dates: 15-22nd June 2019

Location: Mallaig, Western Isles, sailing north to Raasay, Rona, Skye and the sea lochs.

For more information please visit the webpage and feel free to drop us a line with any questions, we're always happy to say hello!

Please note that although the deadline is the day before the residency starts, places will be allocated to suitable applicants on a first come basis.


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BARTR artist-in-residence





BARTR is an annual interdisciplinary residency run by an independent collective in Budapest. It is an urban based, open plan program that focuses on underground artistic and cultural movements significant to Hungary and the Central European Area. Each session is 11 weeks long and hosts 10–15 residents at one time.
The program is characterized by an open, decentralized structure. Studios are located in different spaces through the central districts of the city, the exhibition takes place in more than one venue, and collaboration with other artists, studios, and civil organisations is encouraged and facilitated, for those residents who are interested. 
In addition to residents’ self-directed work, a program of workshops aims to encourage collaboration, extend artistic practice and work towards a series of pieces to be exhibited during the final show. The workshops are focussed on two movements central to underground cultural expression: print/zine culture, and experimental and DIY audio and sound.


Artists are expected to participate in the workshops, weekly studio visits, and exhibit their works in the final exhibition. Residents that choose to take part in the print focused workshops will participate in a collaborative printed publication in addition to the exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Residents will be accommodated in central, flat-share style apartments with private rooms, self-catering facilities, shared bathrooms and fast wifi access. Each flat will host 2–4 artists.

Studio Information 

Residents have access to well-equipped and spacious shared studios for the duration of the residency. A range of sizes are available. The studios are assigned based on the requirements of each artist, in discussion with the organisers.

Fee Detail: 
It is free to apply
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Call for artists - In My Town - Wake up screaming #10



The next edition of Wake up screaming will continue the outward orientation set by #9, but this month we will venture into the Towns. The U.K. is unique in that it is a densely populated area with clustered towns and cities packed into a relatively small space, but this doesn't stop each town being really unique, with its own livelihood and special characters and creative populations. 

We are asking:

We are inviting people from all over the world to tell us what creative things are happening in your town? What kind of art and music can be found on the streets of your town or neighbourhood? What special gatherings, lectures, seminars, mystical circles are hiding in your town? Do you run an event, art, music, poetry, dream circle, spiritual development group, or other? Is there a unique aspect of your town that you would like to bring to the attention of a wider audience? In addition, what does your town mean to you? Have you never left your town? Do you have an adopted town?

From a personal perspective, this edition is to do with becoming a more sociable being, to get to know some of the creative characters in my adopted town of Glastonbury, to network and learn what secrets are hiding in the little nooks, crannies, alleyways and courtyards. What artists hide among these walls, and what opportunities, potential and magic lies unearthed. 

We are looking for:

The pages of edition #10 will be open to submissions from artists in all forms. We are looking primarily for observations and inspirations from your town, as explained above.  Perhaps send us some images and text (500-600 words) explaining what is happening in your town and why it's important.

We are accepting visual pieces, illustration, painting, drawings, animation, music, sound, photography, video, multimedia, films, installations, movement, dance, noise, soundscapes, songs, collaboration, creative writing, poetry and short articles < 600 words.

Or any combination of the above.

- Note: This is not just an opportunity to plug your events, although we would love to know about them. Sadly we are not accepting press releases or one-off events, we want insightful articles about interesting things and regular gatherings happening in your town -

New work, old work, published or not we are an open space designed for artists to respond honestly to interesting themes. Please view our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting your work. 

Fee Detail: 

DCAD-NextFab partnership will enrich college curricula, city arts district




Delaware College of Art and Design teams with NextFab makerspaces

A recently launched collaboration between the Delaware College of Art and Design and NextFab makerspaces aims to enhance DCAD’s programs of study, increase NextFab’s footprint on the city’s Creative District and further the redevelopment of Wilmington’s downtown.

DCAD (, the Mid-Atlantic Region’s only two-year professional art and design college, offers the associate of fine arts degree in animation, fine arts, graphic design, illustration and photography and has served as an anchor institution in the revitalization of Wilmington since its founding in 1997. NextFab (, which has three locations in the Mid-Atlantic, provides access to tools, technology, training, events, consulting and capital for creatives of any skill level.

The first phase of the partnership, already under way, provides NextFab memberships to all DCAD faculty to help them develop ways of integrating the latest in traditional and digital technology and artistic innovation into DCAD’s curricula while furthering their own development as artists. Subsequent phases will include field trips to NextFab for students to use the state‐of‐the‐art equipment, software and instruction for class assignments and provision of NextFab memberships to all degree-program students for use in completing coursework and for creating extracurricular art and design projects.

DCAD President John Hawkins noted that today’s creatives are highly multi-disciplinary – experts in one or two mediums yet familiar with and possessing a facility with many others. The NextFab collaboration increases DCAD’s ability to further student development in this direction while also giving students the chance to work in an environment characteristic of a contemporary art and design practice; gain exposure to new and evolving mediums and technologies; and connect with a wider network of professional artists and designers.

According to NextFab sales and marketing director Eric Kaplan, the makerspace is eager to play this role.

“Our Wilmington location has been open over six months now, and we’ve been steadily reaching more local creatives,” Kaplan said. “We are incredibly excited to have an official partnership with DCAD that will benefit both students and faculty, and we’re hopeful we can continue to explore ways of integrating technology and innovation into DCAD’s creative curriculum in the future.”

Mayor Michael Purzycki and managing director Carrie W. Gray of the Wilmington Renaissance Corp./Creative District Wilmington recently joined DCAD and NextFab representatives to officially celebrate the launch of the partnership. The event held at NextFab’s Wilmington headquarters including tours of the site and souvenir picture frames designed and crafted by NextFab and filled with artwork created by DCAD students.

“We have the richness of the arts with the richness of technology and the creativity of what is demonstrated right here,” Purzycki said. “I can’t imagine anything better for our city.”

Gray agreed.

“WRC helped drive the founding of DCAD, and we led the recruitment of NextFab to Wilmington,” she said. “So now to have a partnership between these organizations is helping to realize the vision for a robust creative community and economy in Wilmington.”

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