“Nature’s Palette” Juried Exhibition

“Nature’s Palette” Juried Exhibition

The City of Santa Clarita (City) is inviting artists to submit artwork for consideration for our upcoming “Nature’s Palette” juried exhibition, which will be on view at the First Floor Gallery located in Santa Clarita City Hall. We are seeking original artwork in any medium that captures the essence of the natural world around us. Artwork should highlight the intricate hues, textures, and forms that define our planets landscapes and ecosystems. 

"Earth's tranquility disrupted, chaos ensues, balance trembles, turmoil unfolds."

A tranquil harmony blankets the Earth as vibrant and colorful children joyfully paint the canvas of existence. Laughter echoes through sunlit meadows, creating a symphony of innocence. Each child, a palette of diversity, embodies the promise of unity. Their radiant spirits illuminate the world with hope, erasing borders and fostering understanding. Together, they weave a tapestry of shared dreams, where differences are celebrated and kindness is the universal language. In this idyllic landscape, the future is painted with hues of compassion, acceptance, and boundless possibilities, promising a world where the vibrant colors of humanity create a masterpiece of enduring peace.

NYC4PA Colors of the Commonplace

The word “commonplace” suggests things we see without really noticing them.     Some synonyms are vanilla, customary, every day, mundane, with examples like doors, buildings, benches, cars, teacups, glasses that you come across everyday while out walking, on the train, in the car, at the supermarket, or even in your own house. The challenge for this call is in creating images where the “COLORS of the Commonplace” creates an image with impact and makes it pop.

Show us how you choose to meet this challenge. As with all NYC4PA calls for entry all 2d photographs are welcome.

AAP Magazine #35 Colors

Life is a stream of colors. Red, blue, yellow, and all the possible combinations in between these primary colors without forgetting black and white surround us everywhere.

Send us your images - preferably a cohesive body of work or portfolio - both where colors may not just influence the pictures, but where it may also be the subject solely. The contest is open to any color photography interpretation, from photojournalism, street photography, artistic photography, portrait, nude, landscapes, nature, wildlife, urban, architecture, fashion, fine art or documentary photography.

Winners will receive $1,000 in cash awards, their winning image(s) or full portfolio published in AAP Magazine #35, extensive press coverage and global recognition.

Gallery 44 Open Call: Hue:


HUE. Open Call Group Exhibition


The Healing Power of Color

The Healing Power of Color Online Exhibition May 8 - July 8, 2023

About The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS and Our Mission
The Healing Power of ART & ARTIST is an initiative of Manhattan Arts International, based in NYC, NY. We believe ART has the power to heal, inspire, provoke, and challenge. We raise awareness about how art is a catalyst for positive change and enhances the well-being of individuals, society and the environment through our artist membership gallery, online art exhibitions and articles.


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