Call for International Art Competition. Community Art Channel. Theme: Shapes and Colors 2024.


Call for International Art Competition. 

Community Art Channel. 

Theme: Shapes and Colors 2024.


The theme that we propose in this call for competition, is open to the expression of your creativity through the manifestation of shapes, lines and colors.


Painting, drawing, graphic, digital art, photography.

Submission Deadline: 12/04/2024

Winners announcement: 22/04/2024


First prize: Solo virtual exhibition

Second prize: Solo virtual exhibition



ARTIST OPEN CALL - «COLORS» International Online Exhibition

Calling all Artists, Designers, and Color Enthusiasts,

We are delighted to announce an open call for submissions that celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors that shape our world. Whether you work in traditional mediums, digital art, photography, or any other form of visual expression, we invite you to explore and showcase the power and beauty of colors in your creative work.

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