ArtMill Residency

Beginning in 2005, with the acclaimed american artist/activist Kim Abeles as our first artist-in-residence, ArtMill has hosted artists each season to come and have the luxury of time and space away from urban life to focus on their projects. Generally, the theme is related to an aspect of ArtDialog's general mission or current programming. 

Our residency program is open to artists in the broad sense of the word: poets, scientists, writers, dancers, musicians, thinkers, creators, farmers, builders, performers or painters of the future. 

Residencies are a week to a few months in duration and encompass the artist becoming a member of our community and network, whether that be helping out in the gardens, cooking farm-to-table meals, or building a new woodshed. 

Call for all disciplines, 2025

RaumArs A-i-R is one of the oldest residencies in Finland and artists from different fields carry out community and participatory art projects, workshops, events and performances. RaumArs cooperates extensively with local schools, museums, art institutions, art schools, music colleges, dance schools, various associations and festivals, as well as municipalities throughout the Satakunta region.

Cherrylawn/Littlefield Street Mural and Curb Extension Project

City Walls and Department of Public Works - Complete Streets are partnering with residents to create a safer and more connected route for kids walking/biking to Noble Elementary. This includes traffic calming features like curb extensions and street art! We're looking for artists to help design the art and paint the art with the Noble Elementary teachers and students. Let's make Cherrylawn a space that fosters a sense of community and reflects the school and neighborhood character, all while protecting the children on their way to school! This project is all about creating a connected, safe, and inclusive community.



We’re looking for ten film-makers with personal connections to the North of Manchester to submit their work. Films should respond to the theme ‘Your Voice: Speak Up, Share Your Story, Address Local Matters.’   

You’re encouraged to express yourself, narrate your experiences, or shed light on community issues. Whether in documentary or fictional form, the creative direction is entirely up to you, allowing your imagination to take the lead.  

Each film should be a maximum of 15 minutes in length.   


The Wabash College Art Department seeks artists with demonstrated experience in and a commitment to socially engaged art practice and/or community-based art projects to apply for our Restoring Hope, Restoring Trust Artist-in-Residence position for Spring 2025. The Artist-in-Residence will be a mentor for undergraduate students and engage in creative collaborations that involve students/campus community and local community partners in Crawfordsville/Montgomery County. 

Restoring Hope/Restoring Trust Artist-in-Residence Expectations

Call For Submissions To Queer/Trans Magic Magazine

Astral Cherry Healing Arts is announcing the call for submissions for the second issue of the Queer/Trans Magic Magazine! The zine is a growing collection of creative works that explore, honor, and transform lineages of queer magic & resilience.

The theme is Luxuria (Desire/Lust/Luxury/Excess). This edition asks: how do we nourish ourselves with reckless abandon? How do we reclaim and reintegrate our desire from suppression? How do we lavish in pleasure and play? How can we uproot and transform shameful and oppressive relationships to desire, lust, luxury, and excess into something completely new?


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