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Open Call - share your work, win cash prizes, get featured on ARTCONNECT!

ARTCONNECT and Studio Uncoated join forces to showcase the power of art to relate and reflect on social circumstances by giving creators a chance to share their work and get rewarded through an open call competition on the topic of being “Alone Together”

All submissions will be reviewed by the curator and founder of Studio Uncoated, Josephine de Fijter and three winners will be selected and announced on ARTCONNECT.

Free to Apply + Deadline: April 10, 2020

Social distancing is in place and is probably here for at least a little while as we confront and adapt to the new normal caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But social distancing really means physical distancing, and as social creatures by nature, people are still finding ways to connect.

At times like this, art becomes even more meaningful. It can be a way for us to emotionally connect with a circumstance such as the physical isolation that many of us are in. It can be personal and intimate, political and provocative, or beautiful and inspiring. That is the great thing about art, it can be so many things from so many voices and offer us all something different.

In case you haven’t noticed, ARTCONNECT is back – bigger and better than ever before! As part of ARTCONNECT’s mission to support creatives and provide a platform for artistic expression, we are proud to announce our first Open Call on the topic of Staying Connected. Because, after all, we have a lot going for us in this era of pervasive digital communications and we can use this time to be creative and find new ways to connect as a community.

A word from curator Josephine de Fijter

As a curator, I am extremely excited to participate in this Open Call. I believe the impact of the virus has shocked most of us deeply, but now it is also important to stimulate each other to trust that our creations will have a positive effect during this challenging period. Together we can communicate on a deeper level through the Art that we make.

Being house-bound, we all experience a limitation of our physical freedom. Not being able to touch each other and whilst being outside having to stay at distance apart can feel alienating. How can we as creatives transform the fear of being alone and cut-off from society into one where people feel supported and connected to one and other?


Studio Uncoated is an experience design studio with an extensive network of artists and creatives, together they collaborate on developing unique content and brand activations. The founder of Studio Uncoated, Josephine de Fijter, will be the Curator of this open call.

Artwork in the Open Call image by Beatriz Morales

Prizes Details: 


(1) 3 x cash prizes of 250 euros
(2) each awarded artist will be featured on ARTCONNECT’s social media, website, and magazine
(3) each awarded artist will also receive a one-hour consultation with a curator from Studio Uncoated


Entry Fee:

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Free to apply!
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