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AUTENTICA UNCONVENTIONAL ART FAIR is the new independent fair of contemporary art which will take place in Verona from the 8th to the 10th of June with the purpose of creating space for artistic and cultural realities  feeding on restless research and experimenting new forms of expression. The fair is born of a careful analysis of the Italian exhibiting scenery and so of the awareness that an independent artistic-cultural “container”(important and international) in Veneto during the month of June has been missing. It is so a well-targeted and no means  random choice, which will give collectors, experts in the field, art and culture  lovers, the chance to experience and share a new artistic, cultural and trade proposal. AUTENTICA UNCONVENTIONAL FAIR desires to become a concrete cultural engine and meeting point with a precise and definite identity without being an empty imitation of independent exhibiting realities in other italian regions.


The exhibition will be hosted in an exceptional location in the historical centre of the city. The Former Arsenal “Franz Josef l” with its surface of 1500 square meters will indeed act as framework and it will grant the right marriage of past, present and future of the art. Furthermore the city of Verona, which is the second art city in Veneto and one of the favorite cultural tourist attraction, will ensure a proper attendance engine.


In addition to the artistic and cultural offers of the exhibitors, nationally and internationally renowned artists, personalities and cultural realities will adorn the event. All of them have been characterized by their wanted and defended artistic research. Through talks, happenings and live shows, they will create a neverending  and captivating iteration with the audience. 



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