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Open Call :: SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2022






SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2022

SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2022 is the residency program at Barcelona's Sant Andreu Contemporani, in collaboration with Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació and Institut Ramon Llull, available to international curators. As part of the program, we are announcing an open call for proposals to choose an international curator who will be part of the Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Arts’ jury in 2022, and will later develop a curatorial project with a selection of catalan artists chosen from applicants to the prize. The project must be presented at the country of residence of the curator or in another international venue that she/he decides. The residency covers the expenses of jurying the prize and for the curatorial proposal (1,700 € subject to applicable taxes), for the production of the exhibition (2,000 € subject to applicable taxes), accommodation and travel.

The purpose of the open call is to offer the curator personal knowledge of the art context through involvement in the jury of the Miquel Casablancas Prize, and to foster, in the context of young art talent, future international collaborations between local and foreign cultural actors.


1.- The selected curator will be a member of the 2022 Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Art’s jury. She or he will take also part in the decision process and will develop a curatorial project with a selection of four Catalan artists or linked to the Catalan context, applicants to the prize. An honorary of 1,700 € (subject to applicable taxes) is reserved for this purpose.
2.- The curator will be provided with a working space at Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació the month of April, 2022. Access hours are: Monday to Fridays from 9:00am to 10:00pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The curator can extend her/his stay another month. She/he can continue using the assigned space but will not receive more remuneration than agreed.
3.- The working space is situated on the first floor of Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació and a Wi-Fi connection is fully available.
4.- The curator will have a budget of 1,000 € (subject to applicable taxes) for her/his accommodation expenses for the month of April. In no case, the expenses of public transport (taxi, bus ...) and diets are covered.
5.- The curatorial project must be included in the exhibition program of Sant Andreu Contemporani. For this purpose, the curator will have at her/his disposition a production fund of 2,000 € (subject to applicable taxes).
6.- The curatorial project must be presented in the country of residence of the selected curator or in another country with which she/he has links. To fulfil this requirement is essential that the curator submits documentation about the venue, center or gallery where the works will be later presented, and the agreements reached with the head in charge of the institution. The project must be developed during a month between 06.15.2022 and 12.10.2022.
7.- Depending on the situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the residence, the studio visits with the artists and the formalization of the exhibition may be altered. If the project cannot be presented at the chosen exhibition venue, Sant Andreu Contemporani will provide all the facilities to carry it out electronically.
8.- The production fund will be available only at the starting of the exhibition.
9.- The curator must be available to attend, in her/his work space, those meetings with artists, curators, critics and other relevant figures of the contemporary visual arts that are programed by SAC’s managing team.
10.- Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació shall not be held responsible for any loss of personal property nor be liable to third party damages as consequence of the development of the residency.
11.- All the conditions of the stay, in terms of duration, access and availability of the spaces, may be temporarily altered or interrupted for reasons beyond Fabra i Coats' control, such as force majeure and/or states of health alarm or due to circumstances such as the necessary works for the adaptation of the equipment. In these cases, the period of involvement will be added to the time of the stay in the form of an automatic extension under the same conditions in which the stay had been granted.
12.- It is essential that the curator knows Spanish or Catalan.
13.- The winner must be aware of the fulfillment of the tax obligations and with the Social Security imposed by the current provisions and not have any debt with the Barcelona City Council.


The application process will be all completed through the website:

All interested applicants must fill the submission form available at the website above with the following information:
.- Contact information
.- Cove letter
.- Statement of intent (describing the curator’s interests)
.- Curriculum vitae and portfolio of previous curatorial projects
.- Documentation related to the applicant’s chosen exhibition venue at her or his country of residence
.- Agreements reached with the head in charge of the chosen institution at the applicant’s country of residence, including the dates of the exhibition.

The Selection Committee:

A selection committee comprised of an Institut Ramon Llull’s representative, a Fàbrica de Creació - Centre d'Art Contemporani Fabra i Coats’ representative and the full managing team of Sant Andreu Contemporani (Jordi Pino, director; and Zaida Trallero and Pablo G. Polite, curators) will choose a curator among all the applicants. If any member of the committee can not attend the deliberation, she/he must delegate the vote to someone else who represents her/him.

Evaluation criteria:

.- Innovation and originality both in the conceptual approach and in the formalization of the project.
.- Quality and creativity of the project.
.- Professional career of the curator.
.- Project viability.
.- Relevance of the exhibition venue receiving the project (art center, hall, gallery, museum …).

The commission may declare the open call void if considers that none of the projects presented has the characteristics or sufficient means to enjoy the residence and make the exhibition.

Application Deadline:

The registration period to send the application is going to be from October 1st, 2021, to February 1st, 2022. The submission form will be available at the website until midnight, February 1st, 2022. No applications will be accepted after this time. In case of incidents with the online registration, the required documents should then be sent by mail before midnight, February 1st, 2022.

The selected applicant will be announced on the website ( on February 10th, 2022.

Submitting the application implies the acceptance of these requirements.

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Baroque Blue - Ionian SeArt Residency





BAROQUE BLUE: Ionian SeArt Residency

A sensory journey in the past and return to future

From 20 August to 02 SEPTEMBER 2022

Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce, Italy)

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

Management: Primo Piano LivinGallery

With this project Primo Piano LivinGallery, is investigating various fields of exploration, which conceive exhibition and creative planning as a device capable of triggering short circuits, involving communities and artists, activating virtuous relationships between disciplines and knowledge. The art project philosophy engaging in loose reflections ranging from a symbiotic human being-nature relationship to the respect for biodiversity, to the concept of travel as an experience and union of styles, cultures, tradition and visions.

SPIRIT OF THE EVENT: Primo Piano Art Residency constitute an alternative educational program for independent artists to work in a community of peers who share a unique and rich in history environment. Our goal is to provide artists with a variety of stimulating experiences with which they can conceive new projects or deepen established creative practices.

EGIBILITY AND PURPOSE: Artists working with any media are welcome.  We look for works with an organic and plural aesthetics identity which tell a story of quality, reviling portions of nature, through reinterpreting and regenerating with the concept and expressive style of the artists. By tapping into the intrinsic intelligence, design and beauty of nature, artists return home as stewards of ecology, stimulated to protect and educate others with their work.

DATES: The month of August is the best time to live in deep contact with nature in one of the magical and seductive places of Salento: Santa Caterina. The fresh spring waters that join the sea make these places as natural spas to strengthen the body and mind. The residency art program has a total duration of 14 days (13 nights).

WHERE: Santa Caterina di Nardò, it is an Ionian seaside place in the province of Lecce.  It was born as a defensive outpost against Saracen attacks. The coast is jagged with stretches of rock and sand. The sea is blue flag in the Southern of Italy.

HOUSING IN THE VILLA: Participants will have the opportunity to live in the same villa and each in their own apartment (110 square meters). Each housing has a private entrance and all are equipped with kitchenette, living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms (one double and one twin). The villa will be equipped with all the necessary supplies for a pleasant stay and Free Wi-Fi.

WORKS IN SITU: Each day artists will work in a different landscape and they will have enough time to get involved with each scenario.  Beaches, pine forests, rocks, towers, ancient hypogea and sunsets over the sea, offer moments to relax, to meditate and experience a deep contact with yourself. Past and future will be mixed as pigments of a visionary picture to drawing every day.

VISITING CURATOR: BAROQUE BLUE, hosts the curator Dores Sacquegna, whose her role is to help the artists in their sensory experience of the environment. Each one will have individual feedback and all together will participate in round tables.

PICTURE & SHARING – All the works created during the residency will be photographed and posted on Primo Piano web channels, with a description and photos of the artist (including videos and other multimedia materials).

ART PROGRAM: BAROQUE BLUE is mainly based on supporting and stimulating creative processes through a full immersion program in nature and art, a seductive isolation from contemporary frenzy. The artists will be able to conceive and create their works freely (with free theme) and site specific in the natural environment as Land Art projects or opein-air works  open to the local community. During the days of art residency and work, we will make excursion and visit tours to get to know the wonders of Santa Caterina and villages in the surrounding area (archeological, cultural sites and places of contemporary art  galleries and museums).

Apply early as places are limited. To learn more, contact us to or   

Prizes Details: 
  • Certificate of Participation signed by curator and Primo Piano’s Scientific Committee.
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URBAN JUNGLE: Art Residency and Exhibition





URBAN JUNGLE: Urban Art Project & Pop Cultures (Lecce, Italy 2021 November - December)


Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to announce the new contemporary art project titled: “URBAN UNGLE" curated by Dores Sacquegna. The jungle as a mirror and alter ego of the city. A relationship made up of contrasts and strong similarities, which leads to various interpretations of style between urban life and cultural identities. All cities have a voice: beauty, architecture, history, art and other urban curiosities. The project aims to create a collaborative storytelling experiment between local inhabitants and foreign artists residents, to build a hypothetical map of the city, through storytelling, photographic explorations to drawn and shared ideas. An urban safari centered in the old city and in the suburb, in order to obtain important food for thought and materials which will be exhibited in the final exhibition.

The project is divided into three different sessions of which:

  1. URBAN SAFARI - Art Residency from 26th November to 5th December - stay of n. 9 nights in the old city of Lecce;
  2. STORYTELLING EXPLORATION -  Art Exhibition from 4 to 17 December  - experimental project with sharing on major platforms such as Google Arts and Cultures;
  3. URBAN TALES - Art exhibition from 4 to 17 December - 14 days on display at the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce

Eligibility and works

We accept individual artists or groups who work with all artistic disciplines and in particular: photography, drawing, video art, urban art, pop cultures, illustrations and more.

Housing: All residents will be guaranteed accommodation complete with kitchenette, and all supplies including TV screen, coffee or tea machine, air conditioner, sheets, towels, Wi-Fi free and more. Apartments/Villas has double bed for single use (queen room) or single bed with private or shared bathroom.

Exhibition: In the URBAN TALES exhibition, both resident artists (who will have to work on a site-specific project designed for the city of Lecce) and artists who decide not to participate in the art residency and who intend to send their works can take part.Catalog ad press kit included.

The Art Curator

Dores Sacquegna is a curator and art director of contemporary art. Since 1994 to date, she has worked and reviewed works by recognized artists such as Christo and Jeanne Claude, Louise Bourgeois, Hermann Nitsch, Matthew Barney among others. She has curated exhibitions in Italy and abroad, collaborating with art galleries, museums, foundation, corporates and collectors.

Lecce an Opein-Air Museum

The city of Lecce is a crossroads of cultures and sedimentations from prehistoric times to today, has seen its splendor in its wonderful Roman, Messapian, Medieval, Renaissance, Liberty, Arab, Spanish and Jewish’s architecture present in the city and small villages around it.  An open-air museum among the most fascinating in Italy, the pearl of Puglia’s region. Scenic and welcoming, Lecce attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

You're welcome!



Prize summary: 
Prize & Award
Prizes Details: 

All artists will receive the certificate of participation on parchment paper and signed by the curator.


Entry Fee:

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Residencies in Latin America (Colombia and Mexico City)






Month-long residencies in Colombia or Mexico City. We offer identical programmes in both countries.

Fully-equipped, private, modern apartment. Separate studio space for production. Gallery space for exhibition of works.

Full artistic and logistical support given to the research and production stages of your work or project.

Full introduction to the local artistic community, if desired.

$1,500 US Dollars per month. This does not include travel or production costs. It does include basic amenities, staple foods and a comfortable, creative environment. Both locations are large enough to accomodate partners and small families.

Bespoke residencies. Programmes are year-round. All disciplines, techniques and media considered.

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