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Open Call for Artist Round 49 October – December 2021







PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig / Germany

ROUND49 October – December 2021


"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Germany's new art capital Leipzig. The independent project is run by artists to support and empower artists.


The project invites within the “International Residency Program” selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m², fully remodeled space for three months, with 24h studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind that represents our unpaid working hours. We maintain engagements with several partners and introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around twelve international artists together with two local artists participating in our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital in fostering an independent position in one's work, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over. 

The Program activities are:

  • studio visits and open studio if the group is interested 
  • contact to the local art scene, 
  • organized museum tours, 
  • scheduled art critiques, 
  • published artists spotlight on each artist
  • professional install and exhibition pictures
  • two group exhibitions in interesting venues.

 The Studio space consists of:

  • one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, underfloor heating, energy, kitchen, toilet, etc.)
  • desk, little storage space
  • depends on the work of the artists, but two walls to work on
  • large windows 
  • approximately twelve artists per month working in the space 
  • furnished shared tea kitchen with fridge, microwave, hotplate
  • Common area
  • basic tools, more are available

Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters. We’re looking for artists to participate in our program in the 49th round from October – December 2021

TERM:  October – December 2021

DEADLINE: 10.06.21


We are an independent, artist–run residency program with the aim to support artists and connect them to the city in a way that is unique to each artist. For to cover our expenses and to enable us to work, we have to charge a fee for participation.  


costs / participation fee: 

 1900 EUR* / 3 months


we ask participants to transfer a prior payment of 540 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program, due 14 days after receiving the official invitation letter. Refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts)

The remaining 1360€ for participating in the program is due 28 days before the program starts. The fee covers the studio & the participation costs,

travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 


*The fee includes the partial-stipend in kind of 1400,00 EUR from “PILOTENKUECHE”, which represents our unpaid working hours. This directly subsidizes the full program fee of 3200,00 EUR.

Living costs and accommodation are additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 



Participating artists are expected to participate in the program objectives, contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to working with others.

We organize two exhibitions in interesting venues, which are non-obligatory, but they increase the artist's visibility, would be sad not to take advantage of it. 


Who can apply?

Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, video art, sculpture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, net art, etc.) are invited to send us an application.

Contact & Links: 

Contemporary Guides in the city of ROMA for





Looking for local based in ROMA to perform contemporary art guide conference on art galleries, arts & crafts tours 

to join guides crew starting to be build out.... Whatever your age or degree, be Local loving your city, having a good knowledge in the Roma contemporary art scene, arts and crafts, let's get in touch to meet soon and see if you can join the team. Important : The guide activity is based on donation. The content is built already to deploy the major guidelines, the follow up in the city and contribute on later developments.

More about us



Contact & Links: 






FROM 15 TO 30 JUNE 2021

The soul of our civilization depends on the civilization of our soul. The imagination of our culture requires a culture of imagination

Each of us is a Changemaker. This year we were, in spite of ourselves, witnesses of an already present future: in a very short time we had to imagine and find solutions to face a new reality, to the challenge that covid-19 has imposed on our society, but also to change perspective, experimenting solutions to various environmental and technological problems.

INTRA MUNDI is a research project that aims to enhance, identify and define the key values ​​of health and well-being of the terrestrial ecosystem, also with eco-sustainable solutions, to improve the relationship between man, nature, urban place and the environment.

Paraphrasing the theories of contemporary philosophers such as James Hillman, it is our duty to reflect on the clichés of Western culture and on the evils that afflict the world, to find - through our imagination - a new consciousness in the sacredness of things, in the reality that transcends this reality, in that natural magic that can help create positive change. Free interpretation.


  • CATALOG: Printed A5 paper catalog with elegant graphic layout, publication of all the works with caption list, critical review in Italian and English language on the authors and works, artist profile photos with short bio and website links (no. 5-10 copies for each artist) and pdf version to be published on PPLG sites, to be download and shared with friends and social networks and to send our mailings collectors list and journalists.
  • ADVERTISING: newspapers, magazines, social networks and press releases, mailing lists (over 450,000 contacts ) in Italy and abroad.
  • ARTWORKS FOR SALE: In situ and by e-commerce
  • KIT PRESS : press review report of all publications sent via email.
  • EXHIBITION & OPENING DAY: In the Renaissance venue of Palmieri's Foundation in old city of Lecce, Italy, curated by art critic and advisor Dores Sacquegna with presentation of the works by artists in situ.
  • EQUIPMENTS & MANAGEMENT: audio and video equipments; panels, forniture, set up and dismantling show with packaging and more..


Prize summary: 
Group shows, Interview, art residency
Prizes Details: 

AWARD: Among artists, PPLG will choose the most innovatve works that will be awarded with group exhibition, interview, art residency  in Italy or abroad. All artists  will receive the Participation Certificate, printed on parchment paper, signed by curator and Primo Piano LivinGallery's owner


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
ask for info
Contact & Links: 

ArtConnect | Artists to Watch 2021




This past year has challenged us in ways we didn't know were possible, and the art sector has been put under extreme pressure. Despite this, artists have risen to meet the challenge and continuously brought their creativity, innovation, and strength to the world.

To celebrate this and highlight the talent in our community, we are calling to find the Artists to Watch 2021!

The winners will be featured in ArtConnect Magazine, promoted extensively worldwide and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects of ArtConnect. The selected works will be seen by more than 90,000 art lovers around the world.


Disciplines: All disciplines
Location: Worldwide

Prize summary: 
Promotion, features, recognition, curatorial opportunities
Prizes Details: 


Selected artists will be featured in a digital showcase published in January 2021 and kept on display for future reference.

The artists will be promoted extensively on ArtConnect and prominently displayed on the Discover page, where collectors, curators, and art lovers alike come to find new talents.

A dedicated newsletter announcing the winners and linking their profiles will be sent to our audience of devoted art professionals and enthusiastic art lovers.

Each artist will have one of their projects shared on ArtConnect’s Instagram & Facebook, reaching an international community of people interested in and inspired by art.

The artists will be automatically considered for future projects by ArtConnect’s curatorial team, including the first to know about possible opportunities to exhibit, publish, or sell their artworks in cooperation with ArtConnect


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
8 euros
Contact & Links: 

Al-Tiba9 ISSUE07 | Established Contemporary Art Magazine





Sign up your submission for Al-Tiba9 Magazine ISSUE07.

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an internationally established publication that showcases experimental contemporary art, reflects modern society and its environment through a diversity of mediums in Digital Arts, photography, painting, architecture, sculpture & installations, Film & Video Art, fashion design, interior design , and performance.

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine features selected artists, architects and designers from around the globe with a high focus on contemporary art and those holding a detailed vision of the future. The magazine is a unique space where individual architects and designers can freely express their artistic vision and - in effect - become the original media themselves. The featured artists benefit from international exposure to our art network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the world. They are engaged with our readers and followers every day through our social media, website, print, and digital issues.

Al-Tiba9 is a cultural partner of one of the most influential Contemporary Art Fair in the world, ARCOmadrid and ARCOlisboa. ISSUE07 will be showcased as a limited edition ArtBook in ArtsLibris Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and distributed worldwide.


- Artists are welcome to submit their work. All techniques are welcome.

- Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.

- Artists featured in the past Issues can submit new works.

• Al-Tiba9 Magazine showcases 120 high level designed pages, printed in high museum quality paper.

If you are experiencing troubles with your application, please contact us at

Good Luck
Al-Tiba9 Team.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2021






SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2021

SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2021 is the residency program at Barcelona's Sant Andreu Contemporani, in collaboration with Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació and Institut Ramon Llull, available to international curators. As part of the program, we are announcing an open call for proposals to choose an international curator who will be part of the Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Arts’ jury in 2021, and will later develop a curatorial project with a selection of catalan artists chosen from applicants to the prize. The project must be presented at the country of residence of the curator or in another international venue that she/he decides. The residency covers the expenses of jurying the prize and for the curatorial proposal (1,700 € subject to applicable taxes), for the production of the exhibition (2,000 € subject to applicable taxes), accommodation and travel.

The purpose of the open call is to offer the curator personal knowledge of the art context through involvement in the jury of the Miquel Casablancas Prize, and to foster, in the context of young art talent, future international collaborations between local and foreign cultural actors.


1.- The selected curator will be a member of the 2021 Miquel Casablancas Prize for the Visual Art’s jury. She or he will take also part in the decision process and will develop a curatorial project with a selection of four Catalan artists or linked to the Catalan context, applicants to the prize. An honorary of 1,700 € (subject to applicable taxes) is reserved for this purpose.
2.- The curator will be provided with a working space at Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació the month of April, 2021. Access hours are: Monday to Fridays from 9:00am to 10:00pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The curator can extend her/his stay another month. She/he can continue using the assigned space but will not receive more remuneration than agreed.
3.- The working space is situated on the first floor of Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació and a Wi-Fi connection is fully available.
4.- The curator will have a budget of 1,000 € (subject to applicable taxes) for her/his accommodation expenses for the month of April. In no case, the expenses of public transport (taxi, bus ...) and diets are covered.
5.- The curatorial project must be included in the exhibition program of Sant Andreu Contemporani. For this purpose, the curator will have at her/his disposition a production fund of 2,000 € (subject to applicable taxes).
6.- The curatorial project must be presented in the country of residence of the selected curator or in another country with which she/he has links. To fulfil this requirement is essential that the curator submits documentation about the venue, center or gallery where the works will be later presented, and the agreements reached with the head in charge of the institution. The project must be developed during a month between 06.15.2021 and 12.10.2021.
7.- Depending on the situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the residence, the studio visits with the artists and the formalization of the exhibition may be altered. If the project cannot be presented at the chosen exhibition venue, Sant Andreu Contemporani will provide all the facilities to carry it out electronically.
8.- The production fund will be available only at the starting of the exhibition.
9.- The curator must be available to attend, in her/his work space, those meetings with artists, curators, critics and other relevant figures of the contemporary visual arts that are programed by SAC’s managing team.
10.- Fabra i Coats - Fabrica de Creació shall not be held responsible for any loss of personal property nor be liable to third party damages as consequence of the development of the residency.
11.- It is essential that the curator knows Spanish or Catalan.
12.- The winner must be aware of the fulfillment of the tax obligations and with the Social Security imposed by the current provisions and not have any debt with the Barcelona City Council.


The application process will be all completed through the website:

All interested applicants must fill the submission form available at the website above with the following information:
- Contact information
- Cove letter
- Statement of intent (describing the curator’s interests)
- Curriculum vitae and portfolio of previous curatorial projects
- Documentation related to the applicant’s chosen exhibition venue at her or his country of residence
- Agreements reached with the head in charge of the chosen institution at the applicant’s country of residence, including the dates of the exhibition.

The Selection Committee:

A selection committee comprised of Eva Sòria Puig (Institut Ramon Llull), Joana Hurtado Matheu (Fàbrica de Creació - Centre d'Art Contemporani Fabra i Coats) and the full managing team of Sant Andreu Contemporani (Jordi Pino, director; and Zaida Trallero and Pablo G. Polite, curators) will choose a curator among all the applicants. If any member of the committee can not attend the deliberation, she/he must delegate the vote to someone else who represents her/him.

Evaluation criteria:

- Innovation and originality both in the conceptual approach and in the formalization of the project.
- Quality and creativity of the project.
- Professional career of the curator.
- Project viability.
- Relevance of the exhibition venue receiving the project (art center, hall, gallery, museum …).

The commission may declare the open call void if considers that none of the projects presented has the characteristics or sufficient means to enjoy the residence and make the exhibition.

Application Deadline:

The registration period to send the application is going to be from October 1st, 2020, to February 1st, 2021. The submission form will be available at the website until midnight, February 1st, 2021. No applications will be accepted after this time. In case of incidents with the online registration, the required documents should then be sent by mail before midnight, February 1st, 2021.

The selected applicant will be announced on the website ( on February 25th, 2021.

Submitting the application implies the acceptance of these requirements.

Contact & Links: 


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