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The third ESC open call and its challenge for wave #2031 Spring-Summer is here!

Thinking of the contemporary immersed in the digitalization world, once again VVOVVA asks artists to ‘Create art as you would do in 10 years in the future’.

In particular, we aim to share works that explore the relations of nature and technology; and seek answers to questions that research the bond of the two.

For example: What is to come? Will technology help nature to survive? Can those two exist in harmony? Do we do enough to preserve natural resources?

This time the contemporary art gallery JOEY RAMONE → (located in Rotterdam, Netherlands) will shape the future of the ESC and select the most interesting works in collaboration with VVOVVA.

Founded in 2012 by Greek artist Kiki Petratou & Dutch collector Hans Bakker, JOEY RAMONE can also be described as a ‘half-artist run gallery’. Right from the start, the gallery worked with international artists who use a diverse range of media to explore contemporary socio-political, cultural, and technological themes. The main objective of JOEY RAMONE is to provide a platform for contemporary art and discourse — an open communication or debate.

ESC Wave #2031, SS is curated by JOEY RAMONE & VVOVVA.

The submission period starts on April 19 and ends on August 15. The selected artists will be notified by email and published in an online exhibition on the VVOVVA blog on September 6.


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Butterbiggens Prize in Painting





The Butterbiggens Prize is an experiment to see if an art foundation can be productive on a micro scale. We provide tiny grants for artists in the form of fast food gift certificates.

A showcase for contemporary emerging artists, Every month a UK painter will be nominated, and receive a small bursary as well as an online interview and profile. Micro Fellowship fo UK painters, juried by a group of Scottish Art Students.

To submit please send a portfolio and CV to

Please also indicate where you saw this listing.There is no fee to submit.

To see profiles of previous winners, please visit us on

Prize summary: 
small cash prize and online sumary

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Open Call for Submissions for the Collective Marvelous Artists Book Series No: 2



Marvelous Art Gallery is proudly presenting a selection of their work. They are widely recognized for a unique artistic process and have traveled all over the world to create original, innovative fine art. Owing to unforgettable cultural encounters, great teachers and personal ambition, these talented artists seek to spread artistry on an international scale. 

We have an Art Gallery, Art Magazine and Art Book. We are now accepting art submissions for our Collective Art Book Series No:2 of our Book "Marvelous Artists". We have free entry but only participation artists will pay a small participation fee. We are giving 4 pages to each artist. This book will be open for Worldwide Shipping through Amazon. You can see our Marvelous Artist's Book Collective Art Book Series No.1 from here: 

Artists are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital art. 

Visual Art Guidelines: We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats. Artwork must be 300 dpi colorful or black and white. All artwork must be at least 8.5’’ x 11’’. 
Written Guidelines: We accept submissions in DOC, DOCX, and RTF formats. For poetry, up to four poems, one per page. 
Prize Details: Submissions are free. But if our Jury selects your works, then we have a small participation price. 

You can find the application form in our website :


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When Words Fail





Hi there!


My name is Victoria and I’m the founder of Visionary Art Collective, an online art platform for artists and educators. We have a Call For Art and I'm wondering if your community would be interested in this opportunity. If so, please feel free to share this Call For Art listing! We are inviting artists to submit their work for our online exhibit, titled “When Words Fail” Please see our poster attached and information below. Thank you!


✨ About the Exhibit: How do we communicate when we cannot find the words? To verbalize a thought or feeling is an attempt to be understood, either by one’s self or by another. But some experiences seem to go beyond language. They are simply too big to be fully expressed in words. Or perhaps the words themselves are too difficult to speak out loud, so we create an alternative language – a visual language – to do the talking for us. For this upcoming exhibition, we are seeking work that represents these personal languages, the attempts to communicate and be understood without or beyond the need for words.


✨Deadline: April 10th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST


✨ About our Guest Curator: Grace Lang is a multimedia artist based in upstate New York, where she creates both two and three-dimensional work to tell stories of triumph. Continually preoccupied with the concept of personal “demons,” her work reflects the internal struggles that plague us all, creating visual expressions of those dark little thoughts that are at once frightening and sort of funny. Much of her work stems from the belief that these personal demons are not necessarily enemies but, rather, aspects of ourselves that can be utilized for good. This attitude informs her goals as an art educator, as she deeply trusts the transformative power a creative outlet can serve to help us express and communicate complicated experiences. 


Understanding the link between creative expression and identity development informs Grace’s work crafting art-making workshops for children and young teens, often with a focus on exploring personal narratives. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration, as well as Lang College with a BA in Literary Studies.  She has participated in artist residencies in China, Germany, and the United States and is an active member of the Young Professionals Leadership Group at the Art Therapy Project in NYC. She is currently on the education team at Art Omi Sculpture Park in Ghent, NY, and is working towards a Masters in Educational Psychology at St. Rose College.


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CAHIER d'images




CAHIER d'images publishes booklets by contemporary artists.
For this open call edition, the guest curator is Eliana Morte, an argentine photographer.

Media accepted: photography (black and white only)
No fees. Open to international artists.
Deadline to apply is May 2nd, 2021.
The selected artists will be informed by end of May, 2020. Only selected artists will be asked to send their images.

LINK >>>

contact insta gram @cahierdimages

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Festival Opera Prima: call for entries 2021





Selection of performances for Opera Prima Festival XVII Rovigo, 05 / 12 september 2021


The call is opened to single artists or emerging and independent professional companies that work with professional purposes in the field of contemporary theatre, dance and performing arts.



In 2018, nine years after its last edition, Opera Prima Festival was realized once again in Rovigo.
The Festival is organized by Association Festival Opera Prima ets in collaboration with Teatro del Lemming and the Culture Department of the Municipality of Rovigo and with the support of Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo Foundation and of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Born in Rovigo in 1994 under the artistic direction of Teatro del Lemming, Festival Opera Prima became immediately an event able to lead to critical attention a new theatrical generation that, in the 90s, was completely excluded from the Italian theatre scene. OPERA PRIMA became an "home" and a reference point for this generation, that soon proclaimed itself “Generation of the Invisible Theatres”. The Festival was really important to support those artists stand out. In recognition of this activity, in 1996 the Festival was the winner of the UBU "Giuseppe Bartolucci" prize, awarded by a jury led by the critic Franco Quadri.
Coherently with its history, this new edition of Opera Prima wants to host and enhance the multiplicity of trends and researches in the contemporary theatre scene.
It also wants to become a bridge between different theatrical generations: in addition to the performances selected by this call, every year there will be four important artists or European historical theatre groups, that have to invited to the festival an unknown young artist or an unknown young group.


This call for entries is opened to national and international groups or artists that practice experimental theatre.
EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE is the proposal of a work that really experiments with the dramaturgy (interpreted as scenic composition), the actor, the spectator and the scenic space.
In other words, experimental theatre is all that unconventional theatre pursuing:
the autonomy of scenic language from a written play; the redefinition of the scenic space; the reformulation of the role and the gaze of the spectator; an original actors' training; a link that connects the actors to the project of the company.


The call is opened to Italian and international individuals or groups of professional theatre and performing arts, structured in any legal form that allows them to fulfill the administrative and bureaucratic practices necessary to realize their performance.
Only artistic projects that realize an experimentation with scenic languages, according to the points mentioned above, are eligible for selection. Amateur works, drama theater and performances of entertainment won’t be selected.

The Festival commission selects both original works that have not been yet performed, as well as works that have already debut, but which have not had an adequate circulation and / or visibility. It is advisable to submit works no longer than 60 minutes.


The selected performances are going to be included in the 2021 edition of Festival Opera Prima.
All expenses and practices concerning organization, communication, staff, promotion of the event will be in charge of the organization of the Festival.
At each selected company will be paid, after the presentation of an invoice, a fee that has to be agreed and will be guaranteed the possibility of lodging at an affiliated guest house (just for the people working in the performance).


All the performances are going to be realized in Rovigo inside the venues used by the Festival from the 05th to the 12th September 2021. It is possible to realize performances also in unconventional locations and outdoor. The artistic direction can ask to the selected company to realize more replies of the performance.


Selected candidates commit to:

• support the promotion of FESTIVAL OPERA PRIMA throughout their channels (web site, social, press office...);
• respect Festival praxis regarding set-up times and rules;
• perform the selected work on the agreed day or days.
•comply with the mesaures prescribed for the containment of Covid-19 infection, in force during the company’s stay at the festival.
Participation in the announcement implies full acceptance of this regulation.
The organization reserves the right to decide on issues not expected by this regulation.


Entry Fee:

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