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The BETA PUBLICA Choreographic Showcase is a well stablished event in the contemporary dance landscape of Madrid (Spain).
Since 2014 the BETA PUBLICA Association drives this anual event to connect new and stablished choreographers, willing to test their new works, with a very involved audience.
The Showcase is open to the participation of Creators from any country in the world. Like previous editions, the organization will provide an small stipend to all choreographers selected and also some financial assistance for travel and accommodation of participantes non- resident in the Autonomous Community of Madrid .
The choreographies presented can be final or work in process, originals or reviews of previous works. They have to be contemporary pieces adapted for presentation in a conventional stage space with multimedia resources. One the works selected will perform in the Theater Entrance Hall (“The Lobby”) as the first piece of the show.
The works must be no longer than 15 minutes and may be fragments of longer pieces. Pieces exceeding 15 minutes will not be accepted.
There are no limits in the number of performers.
BETA PÚBLICA is not a contest, but an integrated project to support the choreography creation. Therefore there are not awards.
Among all the nominations registered, the Association will select a maximum of 7 works. Of these works: One (1) is automatically selected by the online vote of the users in the Association´s Instagram profile ((, provided the proposal meets the artistic criteria of BETA PUBLICA. The rest, including a work of the new PRO.BETA initiative, will be selected by the Association based on; their creative strength, originality and/or the maturity of the choreographic work. The Showcase will take place in Madrid (Spain), if no other changes, in June 6th nad 7th 2020.


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