The Crow Show 2021

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THE CROW SHOW 2021 is the seventh national annual exhibition of visual arts running from April 3 - 24, 2021 produced by The Studio Door. 

Lucky number seven.  This exhibition is our most popular visual arts exhibit bringing artists from across the nation to celebrate the Crow.  Having taken on mythological importance, Crows appear in all parts of the world.  In folklore, they may foreshadow tragedy or usher in good news.  The reality is a highly intelligent bird capable of social interactions.  In recent years, the crow has become a muse to many artists.  This annual exhibition seeks to represent the many faces of the Crow in reality and fantasy.  Show us what the Crow means to you  [Creative interpretations of all black birds, ravens and other Corvus species are acceptable].

JUROR - Andrew Utt, Executive Director of Lux Art Institute - Encinitas, California

Artwork Detail: Raven of Misty Mountain by Christina Schulz

Prize Summary: 
Top Three: Juror's Award certificate / check for $100 USD
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A Juror's Award certificate and a check for $100 will be presented to three works that express the most imaginative interpretation of the theme.


Entry Fee:

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$35 USD per initial entry and $5 USD for per additional media
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