Creative workshop

Screen Printed Fabrics

A full day workshop on how to create your very own screen printed fabrics and turn them into a festive Christmas stocking.

The morning will be spent with Sarah practicing the art of paper stencil screen printing onto fabrics. After a well earned lunch break James will show you how to take your new fabrics and turn them into a Christmas stocking.

All materials will be provided, but please bring an apron! The inks don't come out of clothes.

Please follow this link for an idea of what we will be creating on the day!


Workshop- Paper Cutting and Crafting at The Ugly Bread Bakery

Ever wondered how to create those complex designs by Rob Ryan, or those gorgeous multi layered greetings cards? Now you can! I will teach you how to design for paper cutting, how to cut and how to create a three dimensional greetings card or art work to show off to your friends and family! Using established techniques in paper craft I will take your designs and ideas to the next level! Come and join me for an morning of tranquility in the delicate world of paper cutting. 

All the materials are provided but if you would like to bring a design or idea please feel free! If you would like better idea of what we will be creating I have a Pinterest board full of images and ideas for the workshop:

Matriarchal Meet Up!

A safe space for the women of Greater Manchester to meet and discuss all things female!

Ahead of our show 'MOTHERLOGUES', we want to collate the stories of the women of Manchester in order to create the show. This session will be an opportunity for local women to meet, discuss, share, laugh, cry, empathise, learn, engage with other women from all walks of life as we delve into the Matriarchy of Manchester!

Its completely free to attend and you can share as much or as little as you'd like! There is no obligation to "entertain" - please just come, sit and be.

And if you have a babe in arms, please do bring them along! Although be aware that some topics of conversation are not suitable for young audiences.

Lino Cutting- A Creative Workshop

Artist and printmaker Sarah Holden will take you on an introductory tour of Lino cutting. Beginning with designing and then how to cut and print a single colour image. This workshop is designed to give you the skills to make and create your own print making project at home, or to build the foundations of your wonderful journey into the world of print making.

Sarah will provide all materials needed, you just need to bring some inspiration and an apron!

The class will be held at Ten2 Art Gallery and Cafe in Hinkley 26/5/2018 from 1:30-3:30pm

For more information please visit:

Introduction to Print Making- A 6 week Course

This is a 6 week set of classes that will will cover four different variations on basic print making. Mono printing, screen printing, collagraph printing and lino cutting. These skills can then be expanded and developed on at home or in future classes. In these classes we will explore colour, textures and technique so each participant can produce a final A4 print of their chosen medium in the final week.

There is no previous experience of print making needed and all the materials will be provided. However, we do recommend you bring an apron!

These classes will begin 27/4/2018 and will run for 6 weeks. They will be held at Ten2 Art Gallery and Cafe in Hinkley.

For more information please visit:

D.I.Y Screen Printing, Creative Workshop

D.I.Y Screen Printing is an afternoon course  designed to help you master this diverse and exciting form of print making. Artist Sarah Holden will take you on a step by step tour of how to build your own screen from inexpensive or found materials, create paper stencils and use them to print on your very own card and tote bags!

This workshop is aimed to provide you with all the skills and knowledge to print make simply and easily in the comfort of your own home, with no previous experience or skills needed. Sarah will provide all of the materials needed, you just need to bring an apron and some inspiration.


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