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MASK Prize Creativity Competition for Young People Living in Africa




MASK Prize is creativity and innovation competition with prizes for schools and young people living in Africa. 

Strengthen your creativity for a better future. Enter your creative and innovative artworks or entrepreneurial ideas in any medium, on any subject in 3 categories: Schools, Under 15 years old, or Under 25 years old.


1. Anyone who is 25 or younger living anywhere in Africa
2. Any school, college, or university (whether state or private)


Paintings, drawings, collages, prints
Graffiti art
Installations, sculptures
Digital/computer art, animations
Photographs, photo-journalism
Architectural drawings/models
Videos/films of you singing, dancing, performing, reading poetry
Entrepreneurial ideas 

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“To be in a room of women and to feel nothing but support is so rare. I found parts of myself that I thought had been lost forever. Magic is what the WWC have created with their events.” - Brighton event attendee

Join an intimate group of just 12 women and reconnect with creativity in your business. A holistic approach to business coaching working with you as a whole and nurturing inside and out. An event for women in business at any point in your self-employed career journey!

An exciting mix of self-care, business tools, coaching, plant propagation, hypnotherapy, leadership training and image making. Empowering you to do business differently!

book before June 11th and receive a professional headshot taken on the day!



You will leave this weekend...

  • Feeling empowered to take action with a clear set of goals for the next 90 days

  • Reconnected with hands-on creative activities in our image making/journalling session to unlock the imagination and inspire your business with a renewed sense of clarity!

  • Having learned a set of relaxation and anchoring skills to help keep anxiety at bay in a variety of work/life scenarios

  • Gaining magical coaching expertise from Els Courtney in a session focusing on Life Leadership

  • With your social media and marketing plans on point ready to take on the web!

  • Feeling connected with a group of inspiring women who share your passion for creativity and business

  • Knowing how to propagate houseplants to energise your workspace and purify the air

  • With a goody bag full of BONUS courses and worksheets from our coaches + treats to keep you nourished and inspired

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Early Bird Tickets £270 (close June 24th)

Standard Tickets £299 (close August 6th)

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What's included in the ticket price?

A 1.5 hour session WWC founder Amy Phipps all about tapping into your creativity - Image making and creative journalling session with + Coloured aura self-portrait exercise

A 2 Hour session with creative business coach El's Courtneyfocusing on Life Leadership

A 2 hour Session with well-being coach, hypnotherapist and photographer Claire Culley working on managing anxiety related to running a business, relaxation, and setting anchors

A 2 hour social media and marketing session with coach and podcast host Debbie Clarke aka debbiedooodah learning how to use your social media to create a sustainable/profitable business

A 1-hour intro to plant propagation with Amy Phipps

*Professional portrait for those booking before June 11th!

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All tutor specific items such as journals, plants and stationery included

A delicious Veggie/Vegan brunch + Refreshments

Goody bag of treats and creative business tools!

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"Amy and her Team make you feel like you are the most important people in the room at all times and magic is created." Bristol attendee


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Want more specifics? Book a no obligation clarity call via Skype with Amy to discuss how our event will inspire amazing things in your business this year!


What is not included



One to one coaching sessions


Women Age 18+ only

T&C's apply

Symposium on creativity and education



Symposium on Creativity and Education
Wednesday 6th June 2018 at Z-arts
10.00am to 4.30pm 

The symposium will give national and personal perspectives on creativity and education with insights from:

Caz Brader, Deputy CEO & Director Of Cultural Programmes, Curious Minds
Emma Degg, CEO of the North West Business Leadership Team
Jane Beardsworth, Director North, Arts Council England
Jeremy Jackson, Principal, Webster Primary School accompanied by his pupils
Nicky Morgan, Special Projects Director, Arts Council England
Prof Jude Robinson, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool, Suzanne Smith, Jana Kennedy & Ali Gadema, Z-arts Associate Artists

The symposium will be a platform for discussion and dissemination around the importance of collaboration and cooperation between the education, creative and cultural sectors.  Nationally recognised educators and creative experts will present the latest innovative ideas, practices and research in creativity and education. 

Z-arts will be sharing the independent evaluation by The University of Liverpool of My Planet: An opportunity for children to shine at the Symposium on Creativity and Education

We will also be welcoming Jeremy Jackson, Principal and the children and staff from Webster Primary School who supported the My Planet project, who will be give the perspective from the classroom, whilst artists will be sharing some of the innovative ways of teaching they developed for the My Planet programme.

Z-arts are pleased to welcome Nicky Morgan and Jane Beardsworth, ACE who will give an insight into The Durham Commission and present the national perspective on Creativity and Education. The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education is a collaboration between Arts Council England and Durham University that aims to identify ways in which creativity, and specifically creative thinking, can play a larger part in the lives of young people from birth to the age of 25, both within and beyond the current education system.

Emma Degg, CEO of the North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT) will be starting the programme and discussing the Skills and Education Charter published by the Business Leadership team that aims to stimulate new discussions with key partners, locally, regionally and nationally as to how business can better support, influence and resource the vital skills and education agenda.

In 2017 the NWBLT awarded Z-arts, Manchester’s venue for children the families the prestigious Lever Prize. The prize was awarded to Z-arts to develop MY PLANET, a programme to stimulate a child’s desire to learn across the curriculum through arts, creativity and culture.

Further contributors will include Curious Minds, The North West Bridge Organisation and other national organisation who are at the forefront of promoting creativity and education with more speakers to be announced soon.

If you are a creative, educator, staff or student within Higher Education or strategist then join us at the Symposium to discuss the future of education and the role creative education has to play.

The cost of the Symposium of £25 includes refreshments, lunch and networking drinks.

Bursaries are available for artists and students. Please contact to request a bursary by providing details of your current employment or education status and the reason you wish to attend.  

Book now:

Youth can channel creativity, explore artistic potential at DCAD this summer



Olivia Kwiatkowski of Smyrna will always remember the week she spent in Delaware College of Art and Design’s Pre-College Program the summer before her senior year at Caravel Academy. After all, it’s hard to forget something that changed your life.

“One week,” she says, “showed me the potential I had.”

Olivia went on to enroll at DCAD as an undergraduate the following year and complete her associate’s degree in graphic design at the College in 2017. She performed outstandingly in her studies, completed two paid professional internships and represented her class as valedictorian before transferring to Pratt Institute in New York to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

Olivia had attended DCAD’s 2014 Pre-College session with a goal of creating high-quality work that would strengthen the portfolio she would submit as part of her college applications and to get a taste of college life, both inside and outside the studio. Other students have attended over the years not because they plan to pursue art or design as a profession, but because creating is the extracurricular activity they’re most enthusiastic about. Still others have come to try their hand at art or design while having some summer fun.

To serve more of these young people – no matter which category they fall into – DCAD is adding two additional Pre-College sessions, all of which will now serve rising high school sophomores along with rising high school juniors and seniors. The College also is launching a summer camp schedule for youths aged 13 (seventh grade) through 15 (ninth grade) for the first time.

DCAD Summer Camp will take place in June and offer activities around a different theme each week: June 11 to 15, “Tour de Art,” will focus on art appreciation; June 18 to 22, “Up, Up and Away,” will focus on animation; and June 25 to 29, “Print It,” will focus on printmaking. Campers can attend one, two or all three weeks from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, and before-care (8:30 to 9 a.m.) and after-care (3 to 5 p.m.) are available. Campers must bring their own lunch each day. Cost for DCAD Summer Camp is $250 per week. The before-care/after-care fee is $50. Enrollment deadline is June 1.

DCAD Pre-College weeks are scheduled July 9 to 13, July 16 to 20 and July 23 to 27 and offer foundation courses and specializations in animation, fine arts, graphic design, illustration or photography, with different classes available each week. Pre-College classes run 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and students may enroll for one, two or all three weeks on a day (commuting) or residential (sleepover) basis. Enrollees also may choose to earn college credit for the work they complete. Lunches and afternoon snacks are included for all students, and resident students also have breakfasts and dinners included. Field trips will enrich the in-class experiences. Cost for DCAD Pre-College varies, depending on residency selection and number of weeks selected, ranging from $650 to $2,425. Those enrolling for two weeks of Pre-College will receive a discount of 10 percent. Those enrolling for all three weeks of Pre-College will receive a discount of 15 percent. Scholarships to Pre-College may be awarded to qualified students who apply by the April 30 deadline. Enrollment deadline is June 15.

For more information or to enroll, visit, select “community programs” and then select “young artist programs”; call 302-622-8000, ext. 123; or email

The Art of You



The Art of You!

February Open: The Art of You

Open Call for Submissions

As part of our continued commitment to offering space for unique and diverse forms of cultural expression, we are excited to welcome submissions to an explorative show which will run throughout February. “The Art of You” will look at works, objects, pieces of narrative, multimedia submissions, written statements, objects, journals, sketchbooks and a diverse array of other submitted material that explore the identity of the artist that submits them. This submission is open to any individual who wishes to celebrate their creativity, whether they are a full time professional artist or last did art at school as a child.

This is intended to be a richly personal exhibition that is open to artists, makers and individuals of any level or discipline to submit something which goes to the heart of their creativity. This might be a sketchbook that looks at their practice in its purest form or an object or item of particular relevance to their work. Equally, the submission could take the form of a completed artwork that is in someway uniquely representative of the artists identity.

We hope in this way to produce a show that is in part autobiographical, and where visitors are encouraged to focus on the lives behind the works. Through the collective display of personal items, the opportunity to draw interpretations of where shared aspects of creation lie, and where difference and similitude can be found in the homes of individual muses will be available, with scope to explore the raw and unrefined elements of creative process.

We view this as an extension of the “sketchbook” or “postcard” model of exhibition which looks at either the process behind an artwork, or a small representation, with our version offering a greater degree of flexibility and wider opportunity for individual expression. The exhibition follows on from a number of other shows hosted at the Gallery including the “Postcard Exhibition” which featured as part of the Gallery’s touring London exhibition, and “The Anonymous Artist”, an open show exploring issues of identity in which artworks were hung anonymously.


Selection and Deadlines

There will be no formal selection process, but objects or works will be refused if their display is not practically achievable. The final deadline for completed submissions will be the 31st January. However, if we receive large numbers of submissions in advance of this date, we may close applications early if we consider the exhibition to be full.

Sales, Commissions and Fees

Whilst we are happy for any items to be displayed as for sale, we anticipate that due to the nature of submissions this will primarily be a non-sales exhibition. Therefore, we welcome and encourage supporting prints and browser works to accompany any application. Were works are available to purchase a 30% commission will apply unless otherwise agreed.

With the above in mind, there will only be a low administration fee to cover the cost of entries of £5.

Artizan will be undertaking a number of revenue generating projects in association with this exhibition all of which are explained in full under the individual Submission Type sections.

Additional Requirements

A complete submission consists of a fully completed booking form and the appropriate fee, as well as a signed copy of the terms and conditions. Where necessary, submissions should be submitted with an explanation of their relevance.

Additionally, as part of the record of the exhibition we will be carrying out audio visual documentation which will include a compulsory verbal audio recording from each artist. The content of this can be of your choosing ranging from simply speaking your name, through to a full artist statement or another reading of your choosing. You have the option of recording this yourself and submitting it to us in a suitable format or of recording your piece in the gallery. For those who wish to do their own recording this could be as simple as using a voice recording app on a phone; we recommend “Audio Recorder” for android, or the stock voice memo recorder app on iPhone. Audio recordings must be of an audible volume and as clear of background noise as possible.

Submission Types


When submitting objects, we will ask you to confirm whether your item can be handled by visitors. Where this is not the case, a label stating this will be displayed next to the object. Object submissions can take any form be it artist tool, material or studio item.

Objects not displayed for sale cannot be insured by the gallery and as such all submissions are made in the knowledge that we cannot provide financial compensation in the event an object is damaged or stolen. We recommend that high value objects are not submitted and remind that all objects are provided at the artists own risk. We will of course treat all submissions with the same care and concern that we do are usual artwork submissions.

Any objects displayed for sale will be subject to a 30% commission fee. Your object may also feature in photography which will form part of a series of prints which will be available to purchase throughout the exhibition.

Performance Pieces and Audio-visual

All visual performance pieces must be submitted in video format and will be displayed via projector or other suitable screens with any audio. For the purpose of display, where required we will add titles and supporting information to these. Any spoken performance pieces can either by submitted in video format or audio only. Audio only submissions will have a title visual attached to them for the purposes of display.

Any other audio-visual pieces such as animation, film or musical production will be exhibited in the same manner. If pieces are available for purchase as digital downloads online you will be required to provide a link to the point of sale and it is expected that any sales during the period of the exhibition will be subject to the Gallery’s 30% commission.

We will produce a compilation of all pieces which will be available to view online and will also be available to purchase as a digital file. All submissions will be required to approve Artizan’s use of a minimum 20 second excerpt of the piece that is representative of the whole work for this purpose.

Books, Long Texts, Journals or Sketchbooks

Journals and sketchbooks form a vital part of many artists’ creative process. The opportunity to explore these is a privilege to any audience. Any submissions of these are subject to the understanding that visitors are permitted to browse the books with care or with the assistance of a gallery steward. Any special handling requirements can be specified, such as the use of gloves.

Long texts are considered to be any text greater than five sides of A4 and should be provided as a digital word document. If you wish to submit a handwritten document this should be provided as an original (not a photocopy) and must be provided with a digital transcript where practical. Long texts might take the form of a narrative, manifesto or autobiographical piece.

Books, unless autobiographical, are not anticipated to have been authored by the applicant, but instead constitute a text that informs or inspires the artist’s work, or is otherwise of personal significance.

Any books, journals or sketchbooks displayed for sale will be subject to a 30% commission fee. Long texts will be included as part of a compilation which will be available to purchase as a digital download and may also be reproduced in print. Books, journals or sketchbooks may also feature in photography which will form part of a series of prints which will be available to purchase throughout the exhibition. Books, journals or sketchbooks will not be replicated in their entirety as part of this process but may have the covers photographed or be pictured open. Handwritten pieces may also feature in photography which will form part of a series of prints which will be available to purchase throughout the exhibition.

Written Pieces, Short Texts or Artist Statements

Any written piece under five sides of A4 will be covered in this category and might take the form of a poem, quote, artist statement or other written piece. They should be submitted as a digital word document or if you wish to submit a handwritten document this should be provided as an original (not a photocopy) and must be provided with a digital transcript where practical.

Written pieces, short texts or artist statements, will be included as part of a compilation which will be available to purchase as a digital download and may also be reproduced in print. Handwritten pieces may also feature in photography which will form part of a series of prints which will be available to purchase throughout the exhibition.

2D/3D Works

2D and 3D works should be of particular significance or relevance to the artist. They might be self-portraiture, an early work integral to the applicant’s development or an unusual deviation from their usual style. Alternatively, the applicant may submit a piece not by themselves if it is of personal relevance.

We are not imposing a size limit on 2D/3D works but due to the nature of this exhibition we do not guarantee to hang works. All works will be displayed safely and available to view throughout the exhibition. Works displayed for sale will be subject to a 30% commission fee.

Call Details

Dates: The exhibition will run from February 6th - March 2nd with an Artist Preview on February 9th 18:00-20:00. Exhibition set-up will take place during February 5th and the final deadline to receive work is 5PM on Saturday 3rd. Exhibition takedown will be on March 2nd and all works must be collected by March 5th 10AM at the latest unless alternative arrangements are made. Application success will be confirmed on a rolling basis as we receive submissions.

Payments: A submission fee of £5.00 will be required with all entries and 30% commission will be taken on all sales made during the course of the exhibition. Fees can be paid by cash in person at Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius Street, Torquay, Devon TQ2 5UW, or by BACS:

Bank: Lloyds

Account: Artizan

Account Number: 38546760

Sort Code: 772918


Fee Detail: 


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