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Call For Artists
Future of the world
an international art exhibition
Exhibition - India | December 12, 2020 – March 12, 2021
Deadline: February 28, 2020

Theme: Future of the world
Hashtag Future is a progressive curatorial initiative about making creative knowledge bank for the understanding of future vision regarding ecological sustainability and community livelihood, especially from the perspective of community art and cultural practice. It is a curatorial collaboration between Madhavan Pillai and Kaur Chimuk.

>Who can apply?
1. Artist/scholar/cultural developer, any individual or collective regardless of experience level, background, are invited to apply.
2. Submissions are accepted from the following nation - India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Korea, and Japan.
3. You must be the creator of the artwork and you must have the right to submit them for the exhibition. If someone else is submitting on your behalf (e.g. an agent or a gallery), they must have the right and authorization from you to do so.

>What can I submit?
1. You can submit your conceptual artwork in any experiential/physical form (example - Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Installation art, Mixed Media, Video art, sound art and Drawing as well).
2. We prefer the artwork of any size to be environment-friendly, easy-light weighted, comparative disposable format.

>How many artworks I can submit?
You can submit a maximum of four artworks.

>What is the fee?
Entry to the first stage is free for all the artists however selected artists to have to pay the fees to manage all expenses related to the exhibition ... (i.e. advertising/invitations/catalog printing/hanging fees/shipping/food and drink/interviews/framing, etc., etc.) The entry fee for this exhibition is Rs.2000 for one artwork, Rs.3000 for two artworks, Rs.4000 for three artworks and Rs.5000 for four artworks. The Fee is non-refundable. You will not be refunded the fee if you later decide to withdraw your application for the exhibition.

>How to apply?
Please send the following information along with the artwork to our email address
· Personal Details
· Your Artwork Details
· Your CV and 2 Statements (One about your practice and one about the work you will submit).

If you are curious to know more: “Be the change that we wish to see in the world, the quote by Mahatma Gandhi is an old classic but still very appropriate and important. Because it’s real, practical and an authentic effort to inspire and create change. Artists are the special breed of professionals in society, throughout the history of social movement and social revolt, who raise and react against oppression, violence, injustice, and inequalities without waiting for others. Artists act most of the time independently, open the imaginations & creativity and contribute to the social change by producing knowledge and solidarity or simply raising awareness or record & preserve our human history to tell stories and pass on traditions to the next generations or completely reimagine the future.

With this belief and thoughts Hashtag Future, invite all the artists to rise to the occasion, to explore and understand the current dialogs on climate change, environmental issues and challenges. We invite Artists to reimagine the world and create the New World Order. Hashtag Future is inviting all interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary proposals from practicing artist/scholar/cultural developer (traditional/experimental format - drawings, photos, visual text, moving images, installation/sculpture, performance artworks, etc) to participate in the upcoming “future of the world” initiative, we are primarily interested to observe and connect with your ideas regarding the future model for the world in terms of sustainability and social-environmental changes.​

TAC's future collaboration | 2020


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