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INVENTORY | 2021 International Art Book of Contemporary Artists

How important is ti for an artist to have published an art catalog? The answer is simple: so much, maybe too much!

INVENTORY is a large luxury museum-quality publication with ISBN code for unpublished projects and is a promotional tool aiming at advertising the artists in it.  With the unprecedented epidemic raging worldwide, there are significantly fewer ways artists can showcase their work. There is one avenue however, which has always existed, but which now has become much more important: PUBBLICATION.                               

In a complex market such as that of contemporary art, it is necessary to have the right tools to differentiate yourself. Publishing an art anthology means investing in one's own artistic activity. Believing in a project that can aspire to become something more than just a passion. INVENTORY is not a simple contemporary art catalog. It is a high quality, annual, juried art book including remarkable art by established and up-and-coming artists. For this title, we select the best works and projects with free theme, that a contemporary artist would like to see displayed in a large museum or in an art collection.

 A MUST with a limited and numbered edition, with a COOL COLLECTION of artworks, which becomes an added value for collectors interested in new works, for galleries that want to know new artists, for artists who want to publish their creative work.

To whorm it is addressed – The call is addressed to visual artists and performers in any degree of their career. All genres of contemporary art are included, and every medium that can be depicted on a printed page: painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, digital art, installations, collage, and many others. All works and projects must be of high quality and they have never been published in catalogs or exhibit

Where it will be advertised:  INVENTORY is A4 format and is printed on Fine Art paper –museum quality.The books are distributed in many of them at major venue and where we exhibit. It will also be advertised through immediate releases to magazines, newspaper,  social art networks,  journalists, curators, galleries, museums, collectors, art school, audience.

Deadline:Best before of 20 OCTOBER 2020.  The Art Book takes over a year to be produced. Each image is carefully selected. Please send your application at least one month before the deadline, to secure your page in the book.                                         

What make us different: Over the world there are many publishing houses that publish qualitative art books at expensive prices. We were not born as publishers, but we are curators, collectors, gallery owners and art consultants, so our vision is to appreciate the differences and select best emerging and mid-carrier artists and to encourage dialogue with recognized artists.  Our mission is to give the right visibility at low prices. Inventory is given for free to selected recipients, so nobody makes money from sales. We try to achieve the largest possible distribution to a professional audience.

About us – Primo Piano Edition is a cultural collaboration and innovation management that strengthens transnational connections among civil society actors in Europe and beyond. PPLG offers a space to build real, meaningful and sustainable relationships that can grow through shared social interests, enthusiasm for creative discovery and the joy of making new things happen together. At the Primo Piano LivinGallery, we believe that these new initiatives are important creators of social good. Our reputation in the care and organization event is appreciated internationally, thanks to partnerships with Cultural Institutions as Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, Union of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Turkey, Saatchi & Saatchi Foundation in New York, US, National Museum in Beijing, China; CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporanea in Barcelona, Spain, Venice Biennale in Italy and more.


Prize summary: 
Exhibition in Italy and more
Prizes Details: 

To promote your work and enrich your art experience, we will give you a Certificate Award signed by scientific committee. On additional for best projects / works the following prizes: 

  • INTERVIEW  Discover Art Journal
  • PAGE Primo Piano Special Projects

Entry Fee:

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ask for info
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The Wilds of Venice: Study Contemporary Art + Creative Entrepreneurship at the European Cultural Academy with the Jealous Curator





Education Opportunity for Artists: the 'Wilds of Venice'

Certificate Course in 'Creative Entrepreneurship + Contemporary Art' 

With The Jealous Curator at the European Cultural Academy in Venice, Italy  

July 15-27, 2019

For two wild weeks this July, The Wild Residency invites you to Italy to study contemporary art, creative entrepreneurship, curatorial studies, and the Venice Biennalé at the European Cultural Academy in collaboration with The Jealous Curator!   Artists, curators, and creatives from all fields and backgrounds have the opportunity for a unique insider's education behind the scenes of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fair, while intimately collaborating with leading experts in the heart of the rapidly changing art world. 

In the spirit of giving back and building community in the arts through this amazing program where The Wild Residency got its start, eight admission placements are being saved for the Wild Residency community (if you’re reading this, it could be you!).    

This fun and intensive two week certificate course is in collaboration with Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator: world renowned art writer, curator, artist, and author of four best selling books on contemporary art and creativity including "A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!)".  This program is an accelerated learning experience set within the context of the 58th Biennalé Arté, with one of the most beautiful cities in the world as your classroom.  This year's 58th Biennalé, "May You Live In Interesting Times" curated by Ralph Rugoff, marks the first time that 50% of exhibiting artists are female.  During this landmark year Canada will be represented by Indigenous Inuit artists for the first time at our Canada's National Pavilion.  In this unique historic context and world class setting, study strategies and approaches unique to your creative endeavours, while connecting with a supportive network of international peers and leading curators in making our wildest creative dreams a reality. 

Wilds of Venice x ECA Student Travel Scholarship: 

The Wild Residency is proud to present one successful applicant who is a student (enrolled at a college or university) with the 'Wilds of Venice X ECA' Student Travel Scholarship: up to €1000 euros in travel support funding to be used towards airfare and / or train tickets.  To apply for this scholarship, simply register with the Academy for the course with tuition deposit and provide a letter from your educational institution stating why this program would be a benefit to your studies.  The Wild Residency can also provide you with a formal Letter of Invitation to support any further funding endeavours for this tuition course abroad.

Fee Detail: 
Application is free for this tuition course. A tuition deposit of €350 is all that is required to hold your place, the tuition fee remainder of €1300 is not due until a week before the course.
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